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'Demonstrations Against Demolition of Monuments in Tara Valley Today'

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TaraWatch/Tara Solidarity Vigil Press release

Demonstrations are expected to take place in the vicinity of the Hill of Tara today, protesting against the imminent destruction of monuments while the Minister is deciding whether or not to reroute the M3


16 May 2007

'Demonstrations Against Demolition of Monuments in Tara Valley Today'

Demonstrations are expected to begin early this morning at archaeological sites in the Tara valley, in opposition to plans by the
National Roads Authority (NRA) to demolish them before Minister Roche decides whether or not to reroute the M3 motorway.

TaraWatch is calling on the Environment Committee to intervene in the situation, and halt all works in the Tara valley for two, reasons:

1. The Minister is actively deciding whether or not to re-route the M3, work in the valley is undermining his decision, as the work may need to be reversed.

2. It appears that there are other national monuments in the Tara valley, now facing demolition, that were wrongfully classified. A 2004
chart prepared by the NRA for the Chief State Archaeologist shows the "historical", "architectural" and "cultural" values of all 38 sites in
the Tara valley were said to be "none". In addition, the "Group value/Relationship with other Monuments" was also "none". Then the
chart concludes, for all 38 sites; "On basis of existing evidence, not a national monument."

TaraWatch will join the local Tara Solidarity Vigil in demonstrating this morning, as TaraWatch launches its Tara Protection Pledge drive on the Internet and on city streets in the coming days. Members of the public are being asked to sign an online pledge to come to Tara and demonstrate against any attempt to demolish the newly discovered national monument in Lismullen, should the Minister decide not to reroute the M3.

Members of the media are asked to come to the car park on the Hill of Tara at 7.00 am, Wednesday 16 May. If you are unable to make it that early please call for directions to demonstrations.

Siobhan Rice of TaraWatch said:

"It is utterly disgraceful that the NRA would try to plough ahead with demolition of other sites in the valley while the Minister is actively
deciding whether or not to reroute the M3.

"Considering the damning new evidence we have unearthed about other possible national monuments in the valley, it looks like the NRA are rushing to cover their tracks.





NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FEATURE - Ancient "Royal Temple" Discovered in Path of Ireland Highway

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author by W. Finnerty.publication date Wed May 16, 2007 10:37author address author phone

I'm really delighted, like many others all over the world I suspect, to learn that there are people close-by to keep a very careful watch on things at this EXTREMELY delicate stage in the very long history of the Hill of Tara, and surrounds.

I hope that RTE will include this issue in tonight's General Election 2007 TV debate with the FOUR main opposition leaders (see )

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