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Gender Inequalities in Community Media Urged to be Stopped

category international | gender and sexuality | other press author Monday April 30, 2007 20:15author by C Murray

Link to UK Site.

" If we are to equate Community media and women's media with women's
progress , we need to go out of our way and take extra effort so that
community media will truly become an instrument that allows, encourages
and empowers women to speak in their own authentic voice."
Iranian Gender Equality Logo.
Iranian Gender Equality Logo.

There was a international meeting of media-makers in Sydney, Mavic Carbera -Balleza of the
World assoc. of Community Radio Broadcasters-Women's International Network gave
a panel discussion on community media with emphasis on a study on IMC's
(((i))) media centres- (what this site is).

The remedies for creating and sustaining true equality in male-dominated
cyber -environments are discussed at:-

The above graphic accompanied a report/article on women's labour
and global inequality as well as a link to a press-pack for May third
Global Press Freedom day. it was hidden or deleted this morning.

*Marginalisation of women in community media:-

Acknowledge existent hierarchies, rather than trying to deny them,
they should be seen as an opportunity to disect them and move on.

You can read the rest yourself.

I would appreciate the 'Global employment trends for women 2007'
ILO ink being returned.
Debt and women:-

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