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We are now Living in a Police State- Last Night's Dail Vote on Mc Dowell's Law.

category national | crime and justice | news report author Wednesday April 25, 2007 10:43author by C Murray

Criminal Justice Bill Passed.

This has been covered on the Newswire, but I will repeat it with a link Last night Dail Eireann passed the Criminal Justice Bill, which erodes accepted rights of Silence and which barristers objected to on the Basis of civil rights abuses.

FG and Labour abstained.
Sf and Green Voted against.
The vote passed 62/11.

We do not live in a democracy.
Police State
Police State

Last summer The Same Government Passed the Criminal Law (sexual Offences) Bill 2006, which is flawed and open to EHCR challenge.

The 'Opposition" passed it unimpeded through the Dail.

The people who would lead our opposition have presided over the most abusive Government in the History of this state, which has crippled our School system, our health care system, allowed for the run-down and privatisation of our transport sytem and broken the unions.

Michael Mc Dowell has brought an American Model of summary justice to the Irish legal system which will no doubt feed into the US type of Prison system.

The Opposition has failed again and again to support the unions and to take on the issues of health care and education, this is unsurprising really given that Enda Kenny Supports the Boot-camp system of American justice and the racist approach to immigration- indeed with the rainbow lined up for a 17th May election by the Manistream media, we can expect more of the

Someone from the Department of Justice leaked information to the media regarding the family annhilation case which is headling all the papers this morning whilst one of the most appalling laws which give Gardai undue power has made its way virtually unopposed through the Dail.

These laws will be challenged by people who care enough that the state has abdicated power to private enterprise.

The story is on.

The three laws that erode human rights in this state and have been passed through the houses by Michael Mc Dowell:-

1. The Criminal Law (sexual Offences) Bill 2006.[june 2nd in the absence of the Taoiseach]
2.The Strategic Infrastructure Bill (2006) - [June 16th, In the absence of the Taoiseach]
3. The Criminal Justice Bill 2007.

Two Members of the Bar council have informed be that the rights abuses inherent in the first mentioned law would not get past a first year law student.

The Law will go before the Senate on Friday where it is expected to pass all stages. it will then proceed to the President for Signature and seal.

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