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Free Water. Who are they kidding?

category galway | environment | opinion/analysis author Friday April 13, 2007 11:26author by Galway water crisis

Galway City Hall looks after the boys

Galway Spring Water get looked after by Galway City Hall. The people of Galway, having already lost their choice to drink tap water, now told they must drink Galway Spring water if they want to avail of the "buy one, get one free" offer.

The latest is that the City Hall and Galway Spring water have brought in a "buy one, get one free" scheme so people can get subsidised water. What a joke. Talk about looking after the boys. What if someone doesn't want Galway Spring Water? Is the rumour true that the CEO of Galway Spring water used to be a council official? Can anyone clarify this? Seemingly you can only avail of this offer if you buy the water in the supermarkets. How useful is that to people who live miles from their supermarket. Why should the supermarkets benefit and not the already hardpressed local shops?This subsidy should apply across the board. It is unbeliveable how stupid the council think local people are. This is not free water. This is looking after the big supermarkets and one water company. A group of angry Galway residents have come together to form a website for people to air their views. The website,, has reported many hits since setting up last Sunday and are asking people to register with them with a view to forming a critical mass of people to protest. A public meeting will be called soon.

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