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Love Poetry Hate Racism - Dublin

category dublin | arts and media | event notice author Wednesday April 11, 2007 22:33author by mikeigoe - Love Poetry Hate Racismauthor email dublinpoetry at gmail dot comauthor phone 0876143661

An evening of poetry and music at CrawDaddy, Harcourt St.

Love Poetry Hate Racism is an international celebration of diversity through poetry, taking place on the weekend of April 19th to 22nd 2007.

The Dublin event will be taking place in Crawdaddy, Harcourt St., Dublin 2, on the evening of Sunday 22nd April, from 8:00pm to 11:30pm. The packed line will feature a combination of Irish and International poets, rappers, musicians and bands.
Love Poetry Hate Racism - Dublin, April 22nd
Love Poetry Hate Racism - Dublin, April 22nd

At it's heart the event will be a poetry slam, and will highlight some of the most exciting and talented spoken word performers working in Ireland today - from the internationally renowned Belfast Poets Tour Group, to veteran slam poet Marty Mulligan (who has performed at Electric Picnic, Leviathan, Dublin Anti-War Rally 2004 and supported Saul Williams), to the emerging poets and musicians of Dublin's experimental Naked Lunch.

Performers also come from Dublin's other regular poetry night, Write and Recite, and from Monster Truck Poetry (which is pushing the boundaries for spoken word recordings in Dublin) as well as The Winding Stair Café & Bookshop.

MC's on the night will be Dave Lordan (Irish writer, performer, and cultural and political activist) and Naked Lunch (Mike Igoe and Niall O'Brien).

The admission charge for the event is €5.00, and all profits (after venue rental) go to charities, Pavee Point and Cairde.

The line-up of the event is as follows:

20:00 Poetry & Music Slam
21:45 Lauren Guillery & The Claws
22:00 Belfast Poets Tour Group
22:25 Sanzkrit
22:50 Grand Pocket Orchestra
23:15 The Grunts

Gordon Hewitt from the Belfast Poets and Love Poetry Hate Racism said:

"A few months ago we decided that we wanted to play a part in combating racism and racist attacks, something which Belfast had seen a fair bit of in recent years. We put a call to make the event international and the response has been fantastic. Now from our initial call nearly 40 cities are involved and we look like getting many more."

"The reasoning behind the calling of this event was that Belfast in particular and Northern Ireland in general has been described as "the race hate capital of Europe," and it was true that many racist attacks and racist acts have taken place here. But what was also true is that there has been a widespread campaign against racism and that has taken root in many communities."

"Our view is that as poets we should be part of the offensive against the racists given that poetry is practised world-wide and that at its heart is the self expression of people wherever they come from. We also recognise that poetry crosses all manner of boundaries, from language to cultural differences to find common cause."

"When we were touring Australia we performed alongside poets from many different countries and cultural backgrounds and learnt from all of them. We have been affected in the way we approach our writing through that experience."

"Belfast has been known for many things but now we can say that we are putting the fight against racism on the map and encouraging this to be an international struggle."

Chelley Mclear from the Belfast Poets and Love Poetry Hate Racism said:

"The Love Poetry Hate Racism weekend offers the opportunity to poets across the world to join together in an international celebration of the diversity of society and poetic traditions, new and old.

Just as language is constantly evolving in response to an ever changing environment, we are fortunate that poetry is also fed by a rich and varied diet of a multiplicity of cultural traditions and that societal changes enable us to share and enjoy many and varied contributions to this art form. It is not only the words used, or the language or manner in which they are delivered that is important, but the public proclamation around the world that culturally diverse societies can enrich our lives and our arts.

Love Poetry Hate Racism brings together poets of many traditions, genres and styles to share in this celebration of diversity and rejection of racism."

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author by Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky - Irish Haiku Societypublication date Wed Apr 18, 2007 09:17author email ak2004 at planet-save dot comauthor address author phone

Declared anti-racist, this event will be hosted by Dave Lordan, the writer and anti-Israeli campaigner who is currently editing an anthology in support of the cultural boycott of Israel. Although I was invited to read there, I declined the invitation and will boycott the event.
Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky,
Writer and literary translator

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author by petalpublication date Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:17author address author phone

Below is the txt of a letter from the great Israeli Poet Aharan Shabatai, husband of the late Tanya Reinhart, to the organisers of a poetry festival in Jerusalem in early 2006, explaining his reasons for boycotting the festival. The actions of the Israeli state vis a vis the palestinains are racist. Boycotting the institutions of that state is an anti-racist act.

'Thank you for the invitation to participate in the International Poetry Festival in Jerusalem, 2006, and for the details. I ask that you remove my name from the list of participants. I read nowadays of the barbarism of the Qalandiah check-point. I object to an international poets festival in a city where the Arab inhabitants are systematically and brutally oppressed, imprisoned between walls, being robbed of their rights and their livelihood, humiliated in check-points, and international laws are trampled. I think that even poets were not allowed in the past, and are not allowed in the present, to ignore persecution and discrimination on a racist and nationalist background'

Yours, Aharon Shabtai
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author by Carolynpublication date Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:04author address author phone

I'm sure our Haiku friend and his bag of moans won't be missed. Well done Dave - good causes and looks like it'll be a good night. I'll definately be there.

Carolyn (a fellow anti-Israeli-barbarism campaigner!)

author by Behaviouristpublication date Thu May 03, 2007 03:08author address author phone

"The great Israeli poet Aharan Shabatai"?????? Who ever heard of him? Try to google his name - and you'll get NOTHING. Zilch. Or is he great merely because of having been married to the late Taliban Tanya?

I am glad that somebody had balls to boycott you, "anti-racists". The next logical step for you will be to get a BNP member to host your events. They are anti-Israel too, you know.

author by raymond deanepublication date Thu May 03, 2007 14:20author address author phone

If "Behaviourist" used the correct spelling of Aharon Shabtai, he/she would come up with 38.300 entries.

You're wrong about the BNP too: I believe they're anti-Semitic, but pro-Israel. In other words, they hate Jews, but they love the militaristic racist untra-nationalist apartheid state of Israel. I've no doubt you do too.

author by Behaviouristpublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 06:20author address author phone

Still don't see what Mr Shabtai has to do with that Dublin poetry reading. Some folks seem to think it the right forum for any anti-Israeli posts, no matter appropriate or not. Didn't the organizers of LPHR tell us to "join together in an international celebration of the diversity of society"? (No Israelis allowed, of course)

Maybe you're right about BNP, you probably know more about them than I do. What about our Irish boycott-mongers, are they anti-Israeli, but fostering Judophile sentiments deep in their hearts? Just like the notorious "Judophile" Francis Stuart?

author by Eamonpublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 13:51author address author phone

The gist of the Zionist argument here is that boycotting Israel (and may I say, well done to the UCU) is by its very nature racist, but it is not, and in fact is no more racist than the successful boycott of the Apartheid regime in South Africa (you know, the same regime that Israel helped to arm, in contravention of an international embargo)

author by Behaviouristpublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 15:15author address author phone

At long last! We were awaiting a racist comment here - just to know what those anti-racist events are for - and here it comes!

"Zionism is an international political movement that supports a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel." [Wikipedia]

What's wrong with that? Will you boycott Ireland because it supports and provides a homeland for the Irish people (and the Irish descendants) in Ireland?

Just found a nice picture for ya.
Here's the link:
Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, speaks at a rally in favour of the boycott of Jewish-owned shops. Berlin, Germany, April 1, 1933.

If you want to criticize the Israeli government (or British, Irish, etc.), go ahead. But any boycott of any nation is a racist thing.

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author by Eamonpublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 16:52author address author phone

It is nonsense to state that all boycotts are racist. To put what I said before slightly differently, does that mean that the boycott of the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa was actually a racist act itself.? What rubbish

The whole problem with the Zionist movement is that it sought to establish a nation state for people of a particular religion, irrespective of nationality, and of course without any consideration for the people who were actually living on the land that they claimed. In the Zionist mindset, wealthy American or British jews have the right to boot Arabs out of their homes and off their lands. The Zionist state of Israel is an aggressive, imperialist state, that has systematically brutalised a virtually defenceless Palestinian people, all in the name of its supposed 'historic rights', given to it, supposedly by 'god'.

I see that you also stoop to the low of introducing the Nazi Holocaust into the debate. I did not lose any member of my family to that slaughter, but if I had I would actually be insulted and appalled that in the here and now, Israeli politicans and apologists for ethnic cleansing and mass murder try to silence both any exposure of their own war crimes, or legitimate campaigns against them by implying somehow that we are all Holocaust deniers or anti-semites.

author by Stickeypublication date Wed Jun 06, 2007 19:45author address author phone

"The fact that Israel is the least segregated society in the region, and that Israeli Arabs enjoy more freedom than their counterparts in other, Arab-run, countries is something that tends to be conveniently forgotten."

Ian O'Doherty, Evening Herald

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author by Eamonpublication date Thu Jun 07, 2007 08:44author address author phone

Doherty is talking nonsense. Palestinians living in Israel are subject to discrimination in all spheres of life, including the right to travel. Someone should also ask him about the Bantustanisation of the occupied territories, a policy that bears a remarkable resemblance to that which the white South African government adopted in the past.

Maintain the boycott.

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