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Thursday January 01 1970

Introduction to Anarchism Meeting - Wexford Town.

category wexford | anti-capitalism | event notice author Wednesday April 11, 2007 14:34author by WSM - Workers Solidarity Movement

What is Anarchism?

An introduction to Anarchism by members of the Workers Solidarity Movement, followed by discussion.


Saturday, April 14th

(Upstairs) @ St. Joseph's Community Centre

Wexford Town

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author by Marypublication date Wed Apr 11, 2007 15:15author address author phone

Is this still part of the same speaking tour as the Waterford meeting a while back

author by May 1st - WSMpublication date Wed Apr 11, 2007 16:04author address author phone

Though it is an introduction to anarchism meeting by the WSM, its not in the same 'tour' as the Waterford talk.

The talk down in Wexford on Saturday is being organised as a result of a number of indivduals in contact with the WSM over having such a meeting down there.

All the best.

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