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Vote Save Tara Valley

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Saturday February 03, 2007 01:19author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolauthor email info at druidschool dot com

the Pagans are revolting...

How can we stop our corrupt governance from destroying our unique heritage that is the Gaelic Celtic Royal City of Tara? Nice letters to the corrupt media? Answering Pat Kenny's questions - do you live on Tara? By asking Meath Co Co to stop the NRA? By telling everyone that the forced double troll road will not fix the designed transport problem? Protests? Listening to unqualified sham lawyers? Signing petitions? I dont think so - the corrupt governance of this country is steered by the most devious of them all - bad bertie and he only listens to bad bad bush.

Vote Save Tara Valley

This is easy. Three parties - Labour, the Greens and Sinn Fein have all declared against the double troll road M3 being forced through the sacred valley of the Celtic Royal City of Gaelic Ireland. These three parties wish to save Tara as an almost complete ancient city while finding better solutions to the engineered traffic problems.

Vote Save Tara Valley

This is a slap to the arrogance of the controllers of the Gardaí who battered the peaceful protesters at Rossport. The Irish Government should be afraid of the Irish people and the people should not be afraid of the government. Their trick of governance has been used up. Because people choose to Vote Save Tara Valley - we can displace a self serving power block and the people of Ireland can protect our incredible heritage and culture from Bertie the Vulture

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