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Press statement from Campaign to Save Tara

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'Call for Immediate Investigation by Environment and Transport Committees, and Appointment of Mediator'

The Campaign to Save Tara is calling for an immediate halt to all construction works, an official investigation by the Environment and
Transport Committees, and the appointment of an independent mediator, in order to prevent an escalation of confrontations.

Heated confrontations have been occurring since pro-Tara demonstrations against current works began last week in the Tara/Skryne Valley, which have included threats of violence and threatening use of machinery by contractors,

Confrontations continue today near Rath Lugh, between demonstrators and tree-felling/earthmoving contractors.

We are objecting to the works because only archaeological works have been approved by Minister Dick Roche, and these are construction works, involving clearings of trees and earth along the proposed pathway of the M3 motorway, between Navan and Dunshaughlin.

Premature construction is occurring and that construction machinery belonging to SIAC construction is being stored in a new depot, south of Dunshaughlin, and is being used to do construction work, despite the fact that the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract has not been signed. SIAC is part of Eurolink Consortium, the 'preferred bidder' for the M3 contract, along with Spanish company Ferrovial Agroman Ireland.

The National Roads Authority is required under the Roads Act to hold a hearing if objections to the tolling scheme, published in 2002, were received. If the public do not approve of two tolls on the M3, then it cannot be a PPP scheme and no contract can be signed.

The M3 route cannot be considered to be legally approved until after the oral hearing for the tolling scheme, to be held in the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan, on Wednesday 17th January at 10.00am. Otherwise the hearing is meaningless.

Demonstrations will continue tomorrow.


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Contact: 085-101-2535

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