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Dermot to obstruct truth in Brussels on Thursday

A draft European Parliament report into alleged CIA rendition flights has expressed 'serious concerns' over the 147 stopovers made by CIA-operated aircraft at Irish airports.

The report says these aircraft were on many occasions coming from, or en route to, countries linked with 'extraordinary rendition' and the transfer of alleged terrorism suspects or detainees.

It also claims that CIA linked aircraft which had stopped off in Ireland had 'certainly been used for the extraordinary renditions' of nine named individuals.

Working documents on companies involved

Guilty or Innocent Who cares?

Afghanistan, Kabul: 3 flights
N85VM: Kabul- Shannon, 17.12.2003
N85VM: Shannon- Kabul, 13.08.2004
N478GS: Shannon- via Bucharest- Bagram, 04-05.12.2004
Jordan, Amman: 8 flights
N313P: Amman- Shannon, 04.03.2004
N313P: Amman- Shannon, 27.04.2004
N313P: Amman- Shannon, 10.05.2004
N313P: Shannon- Amman, 03.06.2004
N313P: Amman- Shannon, 01.08.2004
N85VM: Shannon- via Larnaca, Cyprus- Amman, 05-06.12.2002
N379P: Amman- Shannon, 01.08.2002
N379P: Amman- Shannon, 09.11.2002
Baku, Azerbaijan: 3 flights
N85VM: Baku- Shannon, 28.04.2004
N85VM: Baku- Shannon, 15.08.2004
N475LC: Baku- Shannon, 11.12.2005
Egypt, Cairo, El Sheikh: 10 flights
N85VM: Cairo- Shannon, 18.02.2003
N85VM: Shannnon- El Sheikh, 26.04.2004
N478GS: Shannon- Cairo, 07.10.2003
N478GS: Cairo- Shannon, 16.10.2003
N478GS: Shannon- Cairo, 22.10.2003
N478GS: Cairo- Shannon, 31.10.2003
N478GS: Luxor- Shannon, 09.12.2003
N478GS: Luxor- Shannon, 21.01.2004
N478GS: Hurghada- Shannon, 07.03.2004
N478GS: Shannon- Hurghada, 19.11.2004
Rabat, Morocco: 2 flights
N379P: Rabbat- Shannon, 22.07.2002
N379P: Rabat- Shannon, 18.09.2002
Baghdad, Iraq: 2 flights
N313P: Baghdad- Shannon, 14.12.2003
N379P: Shannon- via Larnaca, Cyprus- Baghdad, 20-21.01.2004

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