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OPW Floodmap website embarrasses Government

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Planning sensibly in a wet country

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There is a big publicity push today for the launch of the new OPW flooding maps website – Minister Tom Parlon on Morning Ireland saying it is intended to inform Planners about areas to avoid etc. and contains all the data on floods in the last 100 years that we need to remember when planning development in the future. Awkwardly for the Government and its buddies in Indaver Ireland the website has the 2004 flood report and photos of the floodwaters by the planned Indaver toxic waste site near Ringaskiddy – log onto and look up Ringaskiddy for the details. Thanks to the OPW for this opportunity to remind the media and public of the craziness of Bord Pleanala in overturning their Inspector who recommended refusal of planning permission on this critical issue. Common sense (not to mention the WHO who should know a bit about hazardous waste risks) tells us not to put a hazardous waste incinerator and huge toxic waste store in a floodplain, but An Bord Pleanala says it knows better – time is continuing to reveal who was right and it wasn’t the Board.

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