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Anna Politkovskaya- A letter of Protest to President Putin

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IWMF- Text of Letter to Putin.

Anna Politkovskya was founded murdered in her Apartment on October the 7th
2006. She had been shot. She had covered the Chechynan War and exposed Russian and
Chechnyan crimes. She had been poisoned and had vowed to continue her writing.

Today the International Women In Media Foundation which had awarded her a
Courage in Journalism award sent a letter of Protest to Russian President Vladimir

The IWMF today sent a letter to Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, on behalf of Russian
Journalist Anna Politskyaya, Politskaya , a 2002 recipient of of the IWMF 'Courage in Journalism'
award was found murdered in her building on October7th.

"The need to risk is part of the Profession here" she wrote in her 'Courage Award'
acceptance speech, "If you are tired and cannot take the risk anymore , you have to leave.
As for me, I am not tired Yet"

The full text of the protest letter to Vladimir Putin is available at:

RIP Anna Politkovskaya.

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