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Shell to Sea Protest in Tallaght

category dublin | anti-capitalism | news report author Saturday October 07, 2006 20:03author by Cormac Ryan

"We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland..." ~ 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic

Over a dozen protesters gathered at the Shell garage on the Tallaght by-pass yesterday evening as other protests were taking place simultaneously at other locations across the country. The numbers present were made up of members of éirígí, WSM, as well as individuals who wished to lend their support. The protest succeeded in effectively closing the garage during the rush-hour period with only a handful of motorists choosing to enter.

Public response to the protest was extremely positive with many motorists conveying their support as they passed by. This reflects the fact that the government is not acting in the interests of the people of Ireland. Irish natural resources should benefit the people and not serve to boost the profits of multinational oil companies.

The protest also received the attention of a large number of both uniformed Gardaí and Special Branch. During the protest, a number of Special Branch cars, Garda cars and riot vans were present. The harassment continued after the protest was concluded with most of the protesters being stopped and questioned by members of the Special Branch after they returned to their cars.

The lines have been clearly drawn, with the forces of the state supporting the interests of the multinationals over the interests of the people. It is clear that the positive response from the public needs to be built on in order to show that the people of Ireland demand ownership and control of their natural resources.


Empty forecourt...except for the Special Branch car!
Empty forecourt...except for the Special Branch car!



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author by Coilínpublication date Sun Oct 08, 2006 17:50author address author phone

If you are approached by anybody who says he/she is a member of the Garda Síochána, you are entitled to demand identification and you are entitled to make a written note of his/her details, or to enter them into your mobile phone. (Flashing an ID card in such a way that you can't read it doesn't count.)

If an alleged Garda fails to identify him/herself, then you are entitled to tell him/her to go away and stop harrassing you, as you might do with any unidentified stranger, particularly a stalker impersonating a Garda. If an unidentified stranger continues to follow you or otherwise pester you after you have demanded that he/she go away, then he/she may be guilty of assault. If he/she lays a hand on you, then he/she may be guilty of battery.

If you are alone, shout GO AWAY! and call for help. If necessary, run to get help from strangers, e.g. at the cash desk or on the road. Or use your mobile phone to call for help.

Complaints re persons impersonating Gardaí may be made to your local Garda Síochána. (Submit photographs if possible.) And complaints about Gardaí who refuse to identify themselves may be made to the Garda Complaints Tribunal.

In the case where a uniformed or plainclothes Garda shows you his/her ID card, you are not obliged to answer any questions apart from your name and address.

If a Garda insists on asking further questions, you may counter with questions of your own, e.g.
"Do you suspect me of committing a crime, Garda Sheehan?" (If not, then all else is small talk.)
"And what are you doing here, number 189?"
"Where are you from yourself, Mick?"
"Do you come here often?"

Or, assuming you are not being arrested, you may choose to walk away, or to stand gazing with deep affection into the Garda's eyes.

With thanks to Conor and Tim of the Shannon Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.


author by cool jpublication date Mon Oct 09, 2006 01:45author address author phone

All peoples efforts in this regard are very much appreciated by my community fighting Shell in Erris. We had a big meeting last night and many people spoke about how heartened they were with the response from all over the country with acts of solidarity like what we see above from our friends in Tallaght!! - Interesting times ahead guaranteed good people;).

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