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Thursday January 01 1970

RAG magazine launch party

category dublin | gender and sexuality | event notice author Tuesday September 19, 2006 00:38author by sho - RAGauthor email ragdublin at riseup dot net

Scratch us into your diary boys and girls - the RAG magazine is here!
the cover looks somewhat like this
the cover looks somewhat like this

RAG is a collective of anarchafeminists in Dublin who have been meeting for the past year and a half. We have worked together on various projects - while steadily plodding away towards this goal: Issue 1 of the RAG magazine!!

A fabulous launch party will take place on Saturday the 7th of October. Entrance is a measely 5 on the door which will include a shiny new magazine for your mits and a plate of food for your belly. All welcome. More details to follow here shortly.

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