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Fianna Fail launch election Poster

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Tuesday September 05, 2006 00:24author by ali la pointe

While sticky-handling the little chislers on the champagne trail, Fianna Fail spindoctor Parishpump McClient TD today refused to rule out or rule in coalition with other parties until after the general election. "We like to keep our options open, just like our pockets" he said
"while believeing in neither left nor right we are at the same time the only real socialist party in Ireland and the only party that makes sense for our beloved business community. We stand for Irish neutrality and sovereignty. At the same time we suck up to the yanks and want to beef up Fortress Europe. We are the Karma Chameleons of Neoliberal Populism."
We can wear any colour shirt we like
We can wear any colour shirt we like


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