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Owen Rice arrested, held without bail in Castlerea Prison

category national | crime and justice | news report author Thursday August 17, 2006 14:38author by K.G.

was "planning to testify about garda corruption"

Pieces of information are coming out about the arrest Monday of Owen Rice.
We only heard about this an hour ago.
While attending Richmond District court as a witness in another case, said to involve Garda Corruption, Owen Rice was reportedly arrested by 8 Gardai and taken to Castlerea Prison in Roscommon, where he is being held without bail.

It is understood that the justification for arresting him, was said to be a bench warrant from
January 2004, from an incident in Galway city where Owen was arrested while lawfully protesting. [ see ]
Following that arrest, Owen was brought to hospital for injuries to his head which he claims were inflicted by a a group of Gardai kicking and standing on him.

We haven't had any direct contact with Owen, but have heard that following this week's arrest, he requested to see the prison doctor.

You can write to Owen.

Owen Rice
Castlerea Prison
Co. Roscommon

Owen is expected to appear in court in Roscommon tomorrow, Friday. A few people have said that they will go to court to support, and take notes and keep the public informed as to how Owen is being treated.

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