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Anti-War Ireland applauds action at Derry Raytheon factory

category national | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Wednesday August 09, 2006 15:55author by Fintan Lane - Anti-War Irelandauthor email info at antiwarireland dot orgauthor phone 087 1258325

A justified protest against a vicious war machine

Anti-war protesters this morning occupied American arms manufacturer Raytheon's Derry office, with nine people barricading themselves into the building and decommissioning vital equipment including computers.

According to the anti-war activists involved, the computer system was "completely disabled". It is understood that thousands of documents and dozens of computers were burned and thrown from windows by members of a group that entered the building at 8a.m. this morning.

Among those in the premises to protest against the world's largest missiles manufacturer was veteran socialist and civil rights campaigner Eamonn McCann.

Anti-War Ireland commends the Derry anti-war activists for their action and believes that it was entirely justified.

Dr Fintan Lane, a spokesperson for Anti-War Ireland, said:

"Raytheon is an integral part of a war machine that is killing innocent men, women and children daily in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The brutality of war has been brought home to us again in the past few weeks by the vicious onslaught by the Israeli military on the Lebanese and Palestinian people."

Lane continued: "Direct action and civil disobedience have always been a part of the anti-war tradition. When human lives are at risk, it is entirely justifiable to take non-violent direct action to protect life. Armed groups in Northern Ireland have been implored to decommission on many occasions and this is a logical extension of that process. Raytheon has been decommissioned and we applaud those who acted in defence of human life."

"Anti-War Ireland believes that mass mobilisations, such as marches, are essential in our efforts to stop the imperial killing machines. However, we also believe in the tactical deployment of direct action and civil disobedience. What happened today was a peaceful act in pursuit of justice."


To contact Anti-War Ireland, phone 087 1258325

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author by cathiepublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 16:03author address author phone

Well done to all involved, absolutely terrific action! let's decommission the biggest warmongers of them all!

author by John Jefferies - AWI Corkpublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 17:05author address author phone

Excellent piece of work lads. The acorn is beginning to sprout buds all over the place!

author by Shane - Human Rights for Changepublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 17:06author address author phone

Just back from the protest outside Raytheon. A good dozen or so people are still at the entrance to the industrial estate with banners and placards. Getting lots of support from the cars passing by. Police presence is quite heavy - a couple of unmarked cars sped past us on our way there. Apparently a professional negotiator has been brought in by the police and about one hour ago, a car and jeep carrying eight police with masks over their faces arrived. Looked pretty ominous. There are a few journalists and a camera man but they are being kept well back from Raytheon itself. Organisers are planning for a big gathering between 5 and 6pm this evening and have asked for the word to be spread...

author by anonpublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 20:44author address author phone

That over 26 billion euros of military related products have been exported to dozens of countries since 1997 exposes the sheer scale of this flourishing industry in Ireland.

Tighter controls 'will not outlaw arms traders'
Mr Ahern insisted Ireland had no arms trade and stressed there was no desire to promote one. e26m

Amnesty International Gives Cautious Welcome to Arms Export Control Legislation
“While we are concerned that it has taken over five years from when we first called for the Irish Government to move on this legislation, we welcome that the wheels are now beginning to turn,” said Seán Love, Executive Director, Amnesty International Irish Section.

“The quote attributed to Minister Ahern that 'Ireland does not have an arms trade' is deeply unfortunate, and quite disingenuous given the legislation he is announcing. Ireland does indeed have an arms trade, and government needs to acknowledge this fact if it is to be serious about controlling it.”

Minister Ahern outlines new legislation to tighten controls on arms exports
Opening Address by Minister Michael Ahern at the Export Control Seminar

Ahern announces signing of Ministerial Order implementing the EU “Torture Regulation”

Yet Laois school class manage to do it.

author by ('',) - AY - pers cap.publication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 20:44author address author phone


author by Dubskypublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 22:27author address author phone

This is wonderful news! I hope everyone is safe and well, and that as much damage as possible was made to the mass murder support infrastructure at Raytheon's Derry factory. This is excellent, excellent news!!

author by Eagerpublication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:14author address author phone

Great news lads. Keep up the good work. Any ideas on how we can decommission some of the troops passing through Shannon?

author by citizenspublication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:31author address author phone

Raytheon derry does civilian projects--specifically radar and shizzle for international airports--Beirut actually amongst them, so while you have targetted the correct company, you have created distress for derry workers on civilian projects and as such i believe you will recieve your just rewards from the judge, maybe you should target the close working partners as well :

University of Ulster Magee Campus and Queen's University on research and development, recruitment and employee development

doubt it ehh...

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author by wowpublication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:38author address author phone

Raytheon Derry systems currently keep the planes with aid flying into Beirut. Without that system no aid can fly into Beirut airport.

Well done!

author by Josef L.publication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 15:40author address author phone

Hang on a second...

Which airport are the magic aid planes supposed to be flying into? Beirut airpot? The one with no runways or fuel tanks because of Israeli bombing, right?

author by coalerpublication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 21:30author address author phone

Raytheon operates civilian radar, well, heavens above... Mussolini was good with trains. Raytheon missiles and the damage and death they have brought, means that on balance, Raytheon products are most certainly not welcome in a civilised world.

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author by anonpublication date Thu Aug 10, 2006 23:59author address author phone

Raytheon was giving the chace to explain themselves and there ATC projects before the Derry City Council and refused the invitation. What are they hiding.

author by Common Sense - Common Sensepublication date Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:53author address author phone

Good job, think of all the Irish workers that will be unemployed when Raytheon shuts that facility down. What is McCann going to storm to find those people new jobs.

author by Bryan Law - Christians Against ALL Terrorismpublication date Sat Aug 12, 2006 13:08author address author phone

Common sense, I'm surprised you think that a job which requires the mass murder of innocents is worth having.

Raytheon is a major arms dealer.

I once saw a poster which said "Stalin loves Children and Animals". I suppose on that basis you can say "Raytheon supports the Irish".

author by Aaron Aaronspublication date Mon Aug 14, 2006 02:14author address author phone

I hear that Raytheon is planning to help Lebanon recover after the "war" by building a factory to make bombs to drop on Ireland.

Sounds like a Common Sense way to deal with unemployment in Lebanon, doesn't it?

author by GH - Derry Anti War Coalitionpublication date Mon Aug 14, 2006 08:39author address author phone

"Commonsense" may be interested to hear that, in the course of the bail hearing for the 8 released of the Raytheon 9, it was revealed that there are 44 employees on the books of the Derry Raytheon facility. Since all the best paying jobs are kept for those coming from [and, I'm told often actually based in] its Boston HQ, the closure of the Derry plant is hardly going to lead to mass unemployment. In fact, McCann, DAWC and FEIC [the Foyle Ethicial Investment Campaign] have all pointed out that the amount of money that the taxpayer puts into Raytheon would create FAR MORE jobs for nurses, teachers etc. Precisely how many jobs could be created with the amount that goes to Raytheon is currently being pursued through FOI requests etc. Which would you prefer in your town? 100 or more nurses or 44 or fewer jobs making superprofits for the company responsible for the bomb that killed 62 people in the marketplace in Baghdad in April 2003, or a similar number of people in Qana in August 2006?

messages of support to the Raytheon 9 to

author by MichaelY - iawmpublication date Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:34author address author phone

Just read an excellent piece by Anthony McIntyre on the Derry siege. (

As it comes from an activist who has crossed swords a number of times with Eamonn McCann and his politics, it articulates clearly the kind of positive unity that is developing in the anti-war movement nationally.

Well done Anthony.

author by Xemployeepublication date Wed Aug 16, 2006 16:06author address author phone

No-one can deny the horror of modern day conflict and terrorism that is perpetrated across the globe. No-one denies the tragedy and suffering of innocents killed or maimed due to the same.

It seems that the violence of groups like the PLO, Hamas, and Hizbullah have gone unnoticed in McCanns' camp. Is ALL violence to be condemned or is this the politics of discrimination? Any right thinking human being will condemn violence from ALL sides of any conflict.

The recent publicity stunt at the Raytheon software offices demonstrates a kind of discrimination :- If McCann and his associates are to gain any credibility, outside of their own clique, they must not be seen to pick on one company whilst letting other known companies operate without even a mention.

Why aren't they protesting at the doors of other defence suppliers within Northern Ireland (never mind the rest of Ireland)? To name a few: Shorts (Bombardier) - Belfast, Shorts Missile Systems - Castlereagh, Maydown Precision Engineering - Derry, Invista/DuPont - Derry, Creative Composites - Lisburn, Superseal International LTD - Portadown.

Is it because the offices of a local software house is an easy target?

Better yet, Why not go to army barracks still located within Northern Ireland and confront an 'imperial killing machine' directly?

Is this a stand for real principles or is this the 'pic and mix' politics we have come to expect from the local socialist scene (DWAC, FEIC, SEA, "whatever-the-name-its-the-same-game")?
"Socialist" - but I don't hear of such groups fighting with a similar gusto for real change on local "social" issues like unemployment, anti-social behaviour, or hate crimes.

"Empty vessels make the most sound".

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