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Thursday January 01 1970

Ex Abu Ghraib interrogator and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War[IVAW], Joshua Casteel speaks

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27 July 7:30pm ATGWU on Middle Abbey St.

He will be joined by Hani Lazin, Iraqi Democrats Against the Occupation and Shaho Zamani, Iranian exile.

In May a UN report stated that there were 28,700 detainees in Iraq, 1000s held in US-run prisons like Abu Ghraib. Many have been subjected to 'sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuse,' according to a secret report by US Major Gen. Antonio Taguba. Casteel was so sickened by what went on while he was at Abu Ghraib that he applied for conscientious objector status and now works in the US with IVAW. He will be speaking at meetings around the country for the IAWM.

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