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Early Hearing Sought in Hill of Tara / M3 motorway casse

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'Lawyers for Vincent Salafia Will Seek an Early Hearing'

The first appearance before the Supreme Court for the Hill of Tara / M3 motorway case will take place Thursday, 29th June, at 11.00AM.

The case of Vincent Salafia -v- Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government; The Attorney General; Meath County Council and the National Roads Authority is being appealed from the High Court decision of Mr Justice Thomas Smyth, wherein he denied relief to Mr.
Salafia in March 2006.

Mr Salafia is judicially reviewing the Directions given my Minister Dick Roche in May 2005, under the National Monuments Act 2004, in relation to excavation and demolition of 38 archaeological sites, along one of five sections of the M3, between Navan and Dunshaughlin.

Mr Salafia is claiming that the Directions, along with the Act, are unconstitutional and that the M3 motorway passes through the Tara national monument, as well as associated national monuments.

Counsel for the Petitioner, Mr. Salafia; Gerard Hogan, SC; Frank Callanan, SC; and Colm MacEochaidh, BL, will be seeking an early hearing in the case.

Mr Salafia said:

"There has been no delay in the M3 caused by this case, as archaeological works are proceeding as planned and are due to be completed in early 2007.

"We are anxious to have the legality of the works determined as quickly as possible, so as to avoid any unnecessary delays or costs."

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