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Green Party stokes Graffiti hysteria and calls for repressive measures

category national | environment | feature author Friday June 16, 2006 10:49author by Noise Hacker

Justice Minister McDowell: “It seems to be spreading everywhere”

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Is the writing on the wall for Grafiti?

Green Party T.D. John Gormley has called for sweeping measures to stop the “serious problem” of graffiti. Namely:

“If you want to know what is actually occurring inside, underneath, at the center, at any given moment, art is a truer guide than politics, more often than not.” - Percy Windham Lewis (1884-1957)

Deputy Gormley also asked “why have we seen an upsurge in graffiti throughout Dublin? We cannot afford to underestimate the extent of this problem.”

In response to Mr. Gormley, Justice Minister Mr. McDowell (standing in for his colleague the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Deputy Roche) replied, “The constituency Deputy Gormley and I share has been under sustained attack in recent times. It seems to be spreading everywhere.” He also went on to say “Somebody, on doing a little research, should be able to track down where the major sales of spray paint are taking place and to whom it is being sold.”

Transcription of Dail Eireann Speech on Graffiti (8 Jun 2006)

Possession of a spray can could become a criminal offence?
Possession of a spray can could become a criminal offence?

Rewards offered for tip-offs on Taggers. How much is this space worth?
Rewards offered for tip-offs on Taggers. How much is this space worth?

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author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 20:57author address author phone

Below are some images of what’s currently happening on the streets of Kerry. Hope you like them!
I will leave you with this thought…..

“If you want to know what is actually occurring inside, underneath, at the center, at any given moment, art is a truer guide than politics, more often than not.” - Percy Windham Lewis (1884-1957)






author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 21:02author address author phone





author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 21:06author address author phone


Today's Irish Times - Gormley calls for action to tackle graffiti problem
Today's Irish Times - Gormley calls for action to tackle graffiti problem

author by R. Isiblepublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 22:18author address author phone

If McDowell agrees with you then you're doing something wrong.

Is Gormley a member of the Prince Charles school of environmentalism? If so, whose tampon is he? Perhaps a tribunal should be established. Great to see that the greens are living in reality as much as ever.

author by Starchildpublication date Fri Jun 09, 2006 23:33author address author phone

McDowell wants to track down where the major sales of spray paint are. He can't close down the internet can he?

author by Activist - anti-warpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 13:05author address author phone

Let's be clear about the fact that the greens are a law and order party. We've had a member complain vocally to an anti-war demo once because he couldn't get his car out of the Leinster House grounds as the protestors were blocking the gate. You'd think the greens would join the demo, no? actually not this member of the greens - he was more interested in burning some fossil fuels by driving his car home to his leafy suburb.

They are (generally speaking) a bunch of highly privileged establishment people, hungry for power in the same way as the other political parties and like the other political parties it's very often not for the right reasons. Patricia McKenna and one or two councillors are the exception to the general rule.

Also, it is a joke in some activist/left circles that the Greens will run any idiot in the elections as long as that idiot has a remote chance of being elected.

Having said all of this I am slightly surprised at Gormley in that I would see this as more something Sargent or Cuffe would care about deeply. But then again, we can't have Ranelagh (or Ren-eh-leh, as the natives insist it should be pronounced) beset with graffiti, can we? That wouldn't do at all.

A looming oil shortage, torture flights going through Shannon, it all pales in comparison to the abusive and disturbing effect of street art on the natives of dublin's leafy burbs.

author by AudioHeadpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 16:31author address author phone

Art and Activism Caravan 2006
Border crossing project travelling from Greece (early June) via Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the eco-activist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia. Supporting and connecting local youth groups, their actions and campaigns with the power of creative activism.

Pictures of the radical wall art in the Politecnik University in Athens, Greece.

Radical wall art - Politecnik University, Athens
Radical wall art - Politecnik University, Athens

author by iosafpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 16:49author address author phone

I wonder have the Greens given that thought?

Since last year in Barcelona we've been battling a load of "civic law" measures which probably translated as "anti-social laws". They were finally adopted on the 23/12/05 but we stopped them being "published" as law for a further month. Basically they overturned the municipal climate which had fostered an "open city" before, (and of course wonderful grafitti and street music). We are still sueing the council over many elements of the package (more to do with street vendors, mendigents, prostitutes &c..,) but it is really interesting to see how much it cost & is continuing to cost the council to clean less than 25% of the city area of grafitti and the recently more popular poster art or sticker combination (such as the image above uses) :- In 6 months the council has spent over 70 million Euros, this includes the cost of creating "anti-grafitti" teams who have used over 80 tonnes of solvent to clean the walls & then paint them all the same colour. I really wonder where the wisdom is in that is, considering that those 80 tonnes of solvent have gone into our drainage system which frankly was under strain before. Its certainly nice to see some people have a job, but they need to mask up and kit up because the solvents are poisonous... I ocassionally write letters wondering if 70,000,000 would have built playgrounds, started art classes or.......... put filtration systems into our drainage.

Oh well.

author by AudioHeadpublication date Sat Jun 10, 2006 18:11author address author phone

Submit Your Graffiti Removal Tender Now!

.....for Dublin South County Council

Information and application form here.

Graffiti Removal Tender
Graffiti Removal Tender

author by Conor J. McGowan - Irish Socialist Network (personal capacity)publication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 12:46author address author phone

I don’t support this measure which will most likely lead to a shut down of any dissenting street art.

Saying that, I wouldn’t take the uncritical view of Graffiti that some posters here would. The vast majority of graffiti is a visual blight. Most of the graffiti I see is as bad – if not worse – than the mass-produced graffiti of the advertising hording. Asinine “tagging” adds nothing to our everyday visual experience. I, for one, prefer the view from the bus window to a messy nametag in black-marker and scratched glass. I don’t think that graffiti is “the voice of the voiceless”.

Some graffiti is humorous, and the better political graffiti I’ve seen on building site hoardings has a strong impact. The green party should be aware that the city council won’t share the sentiment of John Gormley and will use any law as an excuse to lock down on activists and the marginalized. Activists are correct to criticise the Greens, but we should not be uncritical of the blight on our city illustrated by the 3rd image on this page. Most graffiti, is shit – and there is no beauty in that at all.

Related Link:
author by iosafpublication date Sun Jun 11, 2006 18:48author address author phone

Within 15 years of the first excavation of NewGrange graffiti was added, within 5 years of the excavation of Pompeii - the list is endless... It is also very interesting that when trying out a new pen in a pen-shop (once a common enough experience - I hope I don't appear snobby) over 90% of people scribble their name or initials.... Any school teacher will tell you that young to mid adolescents spent an inordinate amount of time writing their own names in a variety of colours, scripts & styles. It may be connected to how they form indentity images, it ought not be surprising therefore that the majority of "name taggers" come from that formative age group.
So I am always a bit bemused when city father types and those who guide the moral well-being of any nation raise graffiti & the deeper social & cultural functions it is associated with, as a "problem which must be tackled". Especially when tackling the scrawls and tags on the wall costs a lot of money & involves ecologically unsound dispersal of solvents. Your example of the scratchings on bus windows reminds me of the incredible outlay by London Underground and other transport systems in the UK on replacing every scratched window. When the infrastructural payments to glaziers exceeds 25% of the budget on the world's oldest but most poorly kept national transport system where fatal error & accidents are commonplace - it really raises questions of "p-r-i-o-r-i-t-y". Something else that has been with us as long as literacy & even further back is:- dog shit. You really know the political classes are inept, ineffectual & lost up their own arses when they start anti-dog-shit campaigns, but at least dog-shit poses a health hazard. Or............ we could talk pigeons. disgusting little creatures........... or THORP.......(too challenging)................or sexual education of the young with emphasis on health, gender awareness, cultural & ethnic differences &...........................

how will we stop the Graffiti menace? Can't we use Sharia law? chop off their little aerosol handies? ban imports of spray?..................................blame the parents.

author by Limerick1919publication date Wed Jun 14, 2006 03:26author address author phone

Interesting point by Iosef. There used to be a small museum in Bruree county limerick devoted to DE Valera, it was, where he grew up. One of the chief exhibits was a school desk where he had carved his name.
Always thought it amusing as I was led in there on a primary school trip where we would get severly punished for any such vandalism on our own school desks.

author by crayonpublication date Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:36author address author phone

Have seen some extremely badly drawn tags on the sides of houses. It is in no way artistic and is merely an ego thing for the scribbler. In this instance cutting off their hands maybe worthwhile approach.

author by dfpublication date Wed Jun 14, 2006 21:06author address author phone

see the link,just found this on IOL Breaking News.

He's cracking down alright, Bray and Dublin City among other places.
R.I.P Art.

Related Link:
author by Noise Whackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:17author address author phone


Barcelona Approach
Barcelona Approach

Hopefully, the first to go...
Hopefully, the first to go...

author by Simon & Garfunkelpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 13:20author address author phone

"The words of a prohet
are scrawled
on the subway wall!"

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 14:50author address author phone

Let the battle begin!

(1st image from North Wall Quay, Dublin - Photo snapped by “DOB”, 2nd image is by redjade)



author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 15:12author address author phone

Labour Party Announce “Six-Point Plan to Tackle the Graffiti Scourge” – June 2006
Quinn presents graffiti plan to Dublin City Council

I find it really funny that the Labour Party have called for the same measures as the Green Party regarding graffiti. They recently used a graffiti image taken from to promote the James Connolly Festival on their own official web site ( & others).

The Labour Party uses graffiti to promote their events
The Labour Party uses graffiti to promote their events

The original Indymedia image
The original Indymedia image

The Labour Party Version!
The Labour Party Version!

author by Alan M.publication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 15:15author address author phone

Does John Gormley have a constituency office? Any chance we could beautify it?

author by Judge Dreddpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 15:23author address author phone

Maybe they will introduce a "zero tolerance" policy like they did in Berlin ?

Residents of Berlin have witnessed an unusual spectacle over the past month. Federal border patrol (BGS) helicopters have conducted low-level flights lasting several hours through different parts of the city, scanning the streets with infrared cameras.

Police back-up units provided the helicopters with ground support and have been involved in violent street chases. On one occasion, a fatal accident occurred when a police wagon responding to a call collided with a motorcycle, killing the rider.

What initially appeared like a scene out of a Hollywood action film involving the hot pursuit of a dangerous criminal was in fact something quite different: the German Interior Minister Otto Schily (German Social Democratic Party-SPD) had ordered a crackdown on graffiti.


The residents of the neighbourhoods in which the operation took place were not informed in advance, because of official concerns that it would spark protests there. After a similar operation was ordered in Cologne over Easter, residents lodged many complaints and the operation had to be called off. According to a representative of the Berlin police, even the authorities had no knowledge of the operation the first night that it occurred.

Sixteen people were arrested at the end of the special operation. Eight were caught red-handed (four of them with the helicopters), and eight more were arrested in the course of “preparing to spray graffiti.” Almost all official political parties called the operation a success and welcomed the Interior Minister’s offensive.

author by redjadepublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 15:23author address author phone

'They recently used a graffiti image taken from to promote the James Connolly Festival on their own official web site ( & others).'

and people wonder why I often copyright my images on Indymedia.

it was never the corporate media I was worried about.

Did Labour credit That was usually my price for using my copyrighted images.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 15:24author address author phone

Progressive Democrats Press Release
- Minister McDowell announces graffiti clean-up pilot projects -

Breaking News – Eircom
McDowell announces project to tackle graffiti

Graffiti in Ireland – web blog page with current street graffiti images

Graffiti & Mural – 4 photos taken in Dublin

T.D. Ciarán Cuffe – Dáil Question to McDowell - Graffiti on Old Building (16th May 2006)

Waterford - “This page is dedicated to those who have time on their hands, in class or exams, and let it form into beauty which often goes unrecognised”.

Confusing Graffiti – Overheard in Dublin

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 16:43author address author phone

Below I have reposted a comment made on the newswire back in 2004. It shows us that Graffiti is inherent in Irish culture.

*Graffiti in Irish Culture
by Jail Bird Tue Jun 22, 2004 18:06

“On a recent tour of Kilmainham Jail I noticed that the jail cells and room of famous Irish historical people were all locked up safely. When I enquired to our tour guide why this was so, the passionate and informative gentleman told me that these cells contain political graffiti from key figures involved in the 1916 Rising and beyond, and that it has to be protected. So, in a historical context, it appears that the Irish have always used graffiti in political causes. The North of Ireland – a case in point. “

“Is today’s graffiti just a continuation of a long held tradition in Irish culture? Like it or Lump it – political graffiti is and always will be part of our culture.”

Kilmainham Gaol – The Graffiti is on the wall – An Image

The comment made above by Limerick1919 “they are all at it” also adds to this viewpoint. Hacker&comment_limit=0&condense_comments=false#comment153701
A posting made on the internet by a Leaving Cert History student after a visit to Kilmainham Gaol

“On the 27th of February 2001
We went to kilmainham gaol
It was a cold snowy day.
The floorboards creaked,
The walls were damp
Graffiti covered the walls
Of the dark, gloomy uncomfortable cells,
Everyone terrified that they were next to go.”

Culture Sand Blasted in the name of the new 'Old Dublin' Look
And they call it a 'vibrant cosmopolitan cultural quarter' (By Rejade)

*Anti-Bush slogans painted on Willie O'Dea's constituency office (June 22, 2004

And in case you forgot, take a look at what they are trying to stop.
Graffiti Archive 2003 / 4 / 5 / 6 / ? / ? / ? / ? /


author by touristpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 17:56author address author phone

If you have seen the state of some buildings in Berlin you may understand the heavy handed approach. Most of its not art just defacement. Special areas should be set aside here for grafitti use (e.g. under the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda which is "art") anyone using other places should have the book thrown at them.

author by Geoffpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 19:36author address author phone

Often the street art posted on this site is quite beautiful and certainly should not be a criminal offence in many contexts. At the other end of the spectrum, the semi neaderathal scrawls we often see at bus stops and toilets is an eyesore and, in my opinion, a form of littering. I'm talking about the likes of 'Johno' or 'IRA' written in tipex or crude permanent marker pen sxcrawls depiting genitalia, etc.

So, having established that there is a diffeence between some of the brilliant stencil work one sees and the latter, how does one legislate for these very diferent forms of expression, the visual equivalents of poetry and dirty limericks respectivly? I'd like to think individual Gardai could be discerning on a case by case basis, as I would the courts. I just don't know.

author by cyclepublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 19:57author address author phone

in much of the usa (chicago's a good example) destrouction of streetart/ graffiti has pushed it to be largely tags and scribblings. of course, some very dedicated artists push further and experiment with new techniques, hitting very difficult to acess spots and taking art to new places.

i feel that whatever antisocial laws are in effect, people will find ways around them and be inspired to create in defiance of laws and while slipping though loopholes, exploring news territory

but the fear of repression fosters an environment that also severly reduces alot of the quality of the street art, creating rushed blanket tagging rather than beautiful pieces.

in cities where beautiful old buildings exist (more of a european thing, swiss sandstone comes to mind) a culture of respect by street artists should be built - dont hit the sandstone, there plenty of ugly ass concrete parking lots and train corridors.

i hope when i take a train through europe sometime it will still be a gallery of huge wildstyle pieces (or something new and mind blowing)

f u n k a l l g o v s

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Fri Jun 16, 2006 23:01author address author phone

Check out some of the creative and artistic Irish graffiti projects happening online.

Irish Graffiti & Street Art Showcase – Issue One
Concrete_Canvas/Surface_Tension/Issue_One - “No Content Copyright – Work Away!” – Over 80 graffiti images mainly from Cork

Art Therapy
“The street is a unique and powerful platform; a frontline on which artists can express themselves, transmitting their personal visions directly to the public at the same level as official messages.”

Other Related Links

Windmill Lane Graffiti
“Windmill Lane is the home of the world famous studio. This street will be completely redeveloped in the next few years into apartments, offices and new music studios. The graffiti will be gone, one of the things which give this street its character.”

What the Dublin City Business Association (DCBA) say about Street Art
“Over the years, DCBA members have been involved in sponsoring and installing street art in public places - notably the statues of James Joyce, the ladies with the shopping bags, the girl swinging from a lamppost and Molly Malone. All of these statues were a significant departure away from revolutionary, political and religious images to reflect a more people-friendly, peaceful democracy.”

The Community at Large - – Irish Graffiti Blog

Graffiti? Political Graffiti in Northern Ireland: Views & Photo’s

The Church of Ireland Gazzette reporting in 2001 on the Cre8tiv Youth graffiti group in Belfast.

author by numenoreanpublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 03:46author email numenoreans at eircom dot netauthor address author phone

I believe due to the international nature of this crack down on Grafitti it is just another ploy by the powers unknown to stop the transfer of information from person to person. Grafitti usually contains a different take on society, at least it does if it's any good.

Any view bar those handed out by government and mass media is the wrong view.

Thats what this is about. The Greens dont care about the reality of this, its just Problem/Reaction/Solution in microcosm.

We have a problem with Grafitti. The Problem

We need new Laws to deal with this. The Reaction

We get new Laws. The Solution

More control more new laws and more of your freedom to express yourself taken away.

Its happening everywhere you turn new laws to protect society.

Every time you hear about a new law cock your head and listen as it probably affects your liberty from here on in.

Are the Green party for real. They propose to expend how much energy on the clean up and enforcement of these laws that could see kids facing judges for writing their name on a wall.

Is this what they want?

Should Laws that are unenforceable be made law?

Related Link:
author by King Dumb - of Kerrypublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 14:52author address author phone

Noise Hacker said:
Below are some images of what’s currently happening on the streets of Kerry. Hope you like them!
I will leave you with this thought…..

Some Nice picture there , some interesting stuff going on around Kerry alright.

but just to point out as this is about 'Graffiti', most of those a not real Graffiti so to speak

the spirals and rebels etc. are offiicial shop signage , [ should these shop be shut down ?]
the old man is part of a state sponsered graffiti, [ ie your tax money was paid to someone to create this graffiti peice !!! ]
and the HBlock posters were put up all around the town, by a known political organisation, and as far as i am aware are liable for a fine of e100 per poster !!

so i suppose it depends on who is doing the graffiti !!!

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 17:54author address author phone

It has to be taken in the context of the creation, location and the author. I am conscious that when I post images under the term “graffiti”, it has a stereotypical image associated with it. The term is very narrow in its scope. According to the age old proverb “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A lot of the images I post are considered art by some and vandalism by others.

This is where the danger lies! Now the government (McDowell et al) may define in statue law what exactly constitutes graffiti, tagging, street art, art, act activism, etc, etc. It will be their interpretation that will shape any future criminal laws. In turn, it will also enable Judges to construe something as illegal or legal graffiti/street art. The artistic and creative implications this has for Irish street graffiti and art is wide.

In another context “Art” can be used to attack “Graffiti”.
Guerrilla Artists attack racist Graffiti in Limerick.

The image below of Stevie Wonder was taken in Tralee, Kerry. What if they interpret creations like this as “Griffiti” and introduce new laws to prohibit future creations like this one???

illegal or legal - how does one decide or define?
illegal or legal - how does one decide or define?

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 19:59author address author phone

The Art Crimes Graffiti Art Festival – Drogheda – Images & Info
"Bridge over Troubled Water" Artwork under the bridge of peace

Cork Graffiti – History and Images

Kilbarrack School Completion Programme, Dublin. – Graffiti
An insightful and informative page written by 2 young Dublin graffiti artists – discussion currently taken place about Polish Graffiti and Dublin Taggers. - “Spotting driving through Tallaght earlier, large scrawl on wall “FC Lechia G'Dansk” (with apostrophe!) Polish graffiti - blimey!” - Morryah from the PD’s

Images from Dublin Taggers – 2004, 2005, & 2006.


Informative BBC Audio Documentary about Graffiti

Taggerz - is an animated drama which follows the lives of the “Ruffneck Crew”, a cluster of graffiti artists.

author by Graffitimanpublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 23:53author address author phone

I don't care seeing graffiti on walls as long as it is not politically motivated or has any threatening/abusive nature to it. Infact, graffiti along the railway tracks is a normal european thing to see nowadays and we've got to give the graffiti artists at least some praise for actually paying for the spray paint itself. Afterall, it don't come cheap. Its a fiver for just 1 tin of spray paint in Dublin and imagine how much it would have cost to do all of the walls along the railway lines?

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 00:15author address author phone

A new Irish Graffiti film has been released entitled 'The Bridge Fire'. It’s produced by Cork man Ned. Taking 18 months to produce, the 53 minute film was shot in Drogheda, Co. Louth, between July 31st and August 2nd 2004. “The film does not employ any formal narration in order to explain itself, but instead allows the combination of music and images to tell the story.”

Watch the video trailer here

“Sorry, we’ve never heard of it” The Irish Times!!

For further information

I believe this to be the first Irish graffiti video project of its kind (I am open to correction on this) and hopefully the start of many more! Although one has to purchase it on DVD (low cost) to view it, it has all the hallmarks of a D.I.Y. project and therefore should be supported.
Another Related Link

Drogheda - The Bridge Graffiti Jam - Images
“The Bridge jam is about young people from all walks of life, cultures, creeds and colour coming together with their common bond of graffiti and hip hop culture and using their energy in a positive way producing breathtaking murals, for young people by young people.”

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 00:39author address author phone

Dozens of images and information. Worth checking out!

** Belfast** - New web site showcasing Belfast’s finest graffiti artists -
** Belfast** - New web site showcasing Belfast’s finest graffiti artists -

author by Allyatespublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 17:02author address author phone

Graffiti? Theres the facisimo's of West Britain Aiding human rights abuses and the greens worry about Graffiti.

And they wonder why they are not in government?

Crap like this reminds me why Ireland is an island if Lilliputians. Or Pixies.

I guess we will have to wait until a Democrat becomes president in the US to blow the wind the other way and suddenly we will become the 'charitable' people again.

And CJ Haughey did not create this economy. The EU built our roads and third level collages. Its easy for monkey's to follow instructions. Its only because we could afford to cut corporate tax rates that we did. The EU paid for the difference and then some. Hey Presto in a decade we get roads then collages then companies then and economy, then we tell immigrants they cant have a decent wage. Haughey was in the pay of a couple of minor rich people and in return he let them create Ansbacher accounts.

What gratitude, how charitable of the Pixie nation.

CJ Haughey had an account with Saddams bank, not hard to figure who he did pay for all that beef. CJ and the man who was the first to use chemical weapons since WW1 in bed together, how typical of Lilliputians to give such a man a state funeral. I bet Gerry Adams and Stakeknife will get one too.

I guess that great Marxist James Connelly and his Irish Citizen Army should not have bothered to create the IRA and liberate this country. If the fruit of his labours was the crimes of CJ and Bertie and a Green party worrying about graffiti then he wasted his time. Give the Pixies back to the Queen, at least she put them to good work in her armies.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 17:06author address author phone

Links to Northern Ireland Graffiti & Murals

The Troubles > Gallery
“Mural art often expresses the political feeling of the day in a very immediate way.”

Introduction to the Northern Ireland Directory of Murals - Very comprehensive site

Murals in Northern Ireland - Images

Northern Ireland Photo Gallery
Murals, Graffiti, Marches, and Protests


LeClub Visits Dublin – Graffiti Images

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 18:05author address author phone


Question 14: What is your ethnic or cultural background?
Question 14: What is your ethnic or cultural background?

author by pat cpublication date Sun Jun 18, 2006 20:14author address author phone

whatever about beautifying gormleys office (he'd probably press for prosecution if anyone was caught) a picket might not be out of order. gormley is no different from any other politician. at least those radicals living in Dublin SE and who vote, now know the true measure of gormley. he doesnt deserve a 10th preference.

there are members of the GP (even TDs) who are genuine, maybe they will speak out against this law n order hack.

author by CGpublication date Mon Jun 19, 2006 21:06author address author phone

Allyates, what do you mean? Britain and the US have used chemical weapons several times since WWI. Britain was the first to use them against civilians. The Italians used them against Abysinnia, and I'm sure there are several other instances.

Haughey is/was not the only criminal in this country. How about Liam Cosgrave, who in 1970 used information given to him by MI5 to threaten the government, and decided later that the Irish citizens blown up in the Dublin Monaghan bombings (possibly organised by said foreign intelligence agency) were unpeople and not worthy of consideration.

The only thing to do about the abuse of our rights by the Mad Mullahs of this world is to take a stand for our constitutional rights. The implementation of Connolly's vision would be very nice, but we have to start with what we have.

author by number 6 - legalize freedom campaignpublication date Mon Jun 19, 2006 22:26author address author phone

The problem ,reaction, solution method that 'Numenorean' mentions is quite real. It is know as 'the triange of control and deceit'. This is the method the pro- new world order orwellian lackies get restrictive unconstitutional laws in place. This attempt stinks of the Dubiln City Council's attempt to ban Public Notices from the uninformed general Public a short time ago , but failed. Are you [john] in bed with the d.c.c.? Is the 'green 'party in bed with other such hidden handers?Or. Is the green party a front for the obvious?
If the green party is a green party,it would serve the Public better if the party busied themselves with the removal, for example of the poison called fluoride from the people's water supply, or telling your party members not to lie about having large shares in oil companies and rubber johnny factories as your member ciaran cuffe?
Or. does the green party wear a ..'blueshirt'?

Related Link:
author by numenoreanpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 00:27author address author phone

Fight the new world order people.
Everything else is insignificant in comparisson to what the future holds.

Bertie Ahern is A FABIAN Socialist.

He has done much to advance the NWO in our Country.

There is no RIGHT and LEFT.

Socialism is a as evil as capitalism. Karl MARX was a SATANIST not an Athiest.

We have no real choice just the Illusion of choice.

You already know this as it acts like a splinter in your mind.

Fight this legislation and all new legislation.

It is not for your benefit it only benefits those who wish to control your opinion and actions..

Fight for the Truth of 911.

author by numenoreanpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 00:38author address author phone

The govt has new proposal for people to have a few weeks training and act as police officers.

Wake up people.

This is the New World Order in Action.

Soon they will want us handing each other in for political activism. Think of the freaks that will apply to be one of these people police. Anyone who wants to do this type of thing should not be allowed. Think of the trouble a person policeman could cause for people he doesnt like.

People spying on people is what we are being encouraged to do.

David Rockerfeller admits to his instigation of NWO policies in his Autobiography.

His own words are that "if your accusations are that I am in favour of a NWO the I am GUILTY".

Find out for yourself people. Its coming and it's coming for me and you. It's only a matter of time.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 02:21author address author phone


All images are COPYLEFT - Only on!
All images are COPYLEFT - Only on!

Progessive Democrats
Progessive Democrats


The Green Party
The Green Party

Fianna Fail
Fianna Fail

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 02:25author address author phone


Fine Gael
Fine Gael

Sinn Fein
Sinn Fein

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 03:15author address author phone

New Web Site for – The Way Up – Comic
Another new creative web site using Dublin street graffiti in a very artistic way. Great downloads available.
“This Way Up is a collaborative comic based in Dublin. Following several characters in their journeys around the city, portions of the original script are given to painters, illustrators, designers, and interested souls who don’t even consider themselves ‘artists’ to respond with their own interpretation.”

Graffiti - Irish style - Wednesday, January 25, 2006
A personal viewpoint on Irish Graffiti – worth reading!

Galway 2005-06

Graffiti, Dominick Street Canal – Image and words

Galway - Voice - Graffiti installation – an image

News Report – Galway Advertiser
Council must crack down on graffiti 'hooligans' says O'Flaherty
“It's everywhere you look," says PD Cllr O'Flaherty. "I was in City Hall recently and as I looked out the window I could see graffiti everywhere."

author by Ryano - Green Partypublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 18:22author address author phone

This is a few weeks old and I feel a bit of context would be helpful. Last year John Gormley was contacted by constituents about Nazi graffiti, consisting of swastikas etc, on people's houses in the Portobello area. Some of his constituents in Irishtown have also had their houses badly defaced by graffiti, which had no artistic merit. It was sheer vandalism. Since then he has pursued the issue. He is not opposed to street art and in fact one of the proposals in his speech was to make wall space available for street artists.

author by pat cpublication date Wed Jun 21, 2006 18:40author address author phone

I am a bit sceptical about Gormley. I remember in 1995 when some of us were organising a welcome for Prince Charles of Saxe-Gothburg und Battenberg, Gormley reffered to us as riff-raff. When it was ponted out to him that the opposition to Charlie included the Releatives of the Dublin/Monaghan Bombing Victims he backed down.

This isnt about Gormley acting against nazi graffiti, hes just playing to a middle class gallery.

author by leetpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 12:57author address author phone

Wow the Klkenny advertiser has good taste, nice piece.

A grafitti clean up day is being organised in Bayside by Micahel B on June 24th, go along and help improve the place however you see fit.

author by King Dumb [of Kerry]publication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 16:30author address author phone

here are a few more images that high-light the rich heritage of Folk Art and weird tings on walls we have here in Kerry.
Most of them are pretty resent but a few come from the vaults.

Kerry Gay bar
Kerry Gay bar

many tanks, boom boom
many tanks, boom boom

bin man
bin man

oh Happy door, Dingle
oh Happy door, Dingle

ogham ??
ogham ??

author by King Dumbpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 16:39author address author phone

more photos from Kerry

new dogs
new dogs


bin tag
bin tag

red hed
red hed


author by King Dumbpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 16:45author address author phone

thats it for now ....

night shadow [see next photo]
night shadow [see next photo]

day shadow
day shadow

park tag
park tag


road sign sticker
road sign sticker

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 20:46author address author phone

(Many thanks for posting those images King Dumb).

If anyone is interested in graffiti or street art please post photos of what’s going on in your area. You would be amazed just how much fun “graffiti spotting” can be!

(Some photos recently taken outside Ireland).




author by Mark Cpublication date Thu Jun 22, 2006 21:13author address author phone


The Zapatistas arrive in Portlaoise.
The Zapatistas arrive in Portlaoise.

author by Sphinx - SCAPpublication date Wed Jun 28, 2006 03:49author address Sudbury Canadaauthor phone

Isn't it odd that this repression has gone global? I was arrested in Sudbury Ont. in 2004 for opposing a police presentation on grafitti, where they were equating grafitti with ultra violence. For example, the Reichstag fire was preceded by grafitti, and homeless peoples' deaths have been in high grafittied areas. What kind of propaganda this??? 1st off, Sudbury hasn't enough grafitti to notice, and the corporate backdrop of the Inco stack is industrialization HELL on earth, but the bombs need to be manufactured at stockholders profit. I am a 50 year old woman, 4 police grabbed me, headlocked me, threw me in jail, and I had to PLEA bargain, even tho the police destroyed a Laurentian University's research tape, and I've never "committed" grafitti in my life. What was being pandered to the chamber of commerce crowd, was so nutty, they dared not tell the public what was said. Grafitti does NOT carry on to violence, nor homelessness but does express the exclusion of an unpropertied class of working people whom the capitalist have decided, they WILL NOT hear their message that disparity can only lead down the same old path. Vive le revolution!

author by cardzpublication date Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:56author address author phone

I'm sure if Coke was spray painting advertisements all over buildings without planning permission everyoneone would give you shit. So why should communities have to put up with this sort of crap.

author by King Dumbpublication date Wed Jun 28, 2006 13:52author address author phone

cardz said - I'm sure if Coke was spray painting advertisements all over buildings without planning permission everyoneone would give you shit.

i dont know about that, i have seen big companys using the power of street art to sell there products destroying cities with sticker and stencil campaigns, a few years back i even seen stencils ads for new nike shoe sprayed on the pavement and walls out side of schools in berlin, directly targeting young kids.
IBM even used these tactics in SF a few years back and a big rum company was at it last year in london.

the difference is that as far as i can see these corporation get away with it, or if they do get hauled up for it the merely face a slap on the wrist, as in the IBM case, where as us joe soap could face big fines, harasment and criminal records.

As for how to tackle the PROBLEM, Bristol city council seem to be more on the ball here [ maybe the greens might take a leaf from there book ] they are asking the people of bristol whether this new work on there property by banksy is art or vandalsim, and whether it should be removed or kept ?

have you say here:

art or vandalism
art or vandalism

Related Link:
author by Badmanpublication date Wed Jun 28, 2006 13:55author address author phone

I'm sure if Coke was spray painting advertisements all over buildings without planning permission everyoneone would give you shit. So why should communities have to put up with this sort of crap.

They don't have to use spray paint - they pollute the visual and audio environment with posters, tv ads, radio ads, etc. etc which nobody wants to see or hear.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Wed Jun 28, 2006 15:17author address author phone

Coca Cola are paying business owners money to display their products. Below are some images that are currently on the walls in Temple Bar, Dublin. They have also been sponsoring graffiti events around Ireland. It is likely that Ireland will see an increase in corporate graffiti.

It is also likely that marketing and advertising departments of major companies are using the images posted on Indymedia Ireland to research what is cool and current in Irish graffiti! From this research, marketing and advertising strategies will be developed and implemented to ‘jump on the band wagon’ in an effort to sell their products. However, an anti-corporate graffiti movement will evolve to counter act this!

Coca Cola Corporate Graffiti in Dublin
Coca Cola Corporate Graffiti in Dublin



Anti Corporate Graffiti in Ringsend, Dublin.
Anti Corporate Graffiti in Ringsend, Dublin.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 11:51author address author phone

More examples of corporate graffiti used to promote products.......






author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 11:52author address author phone




author by King Dumbpublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 19:34author address author phone

the mc dowell stencil imag was printed in the independant today, with a article about the new grafiti plans

author by d'otherpublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 19:52author address author phone

Did it credit Indymedia with responsibility for this particular article's artistic temperment? Not so long ago I noticed the Independet's weekend supplement used Eric Drooker's famous censorship image as an illustration alongside some article. In a moment of randomness I emailed Drooker notifying him of this, about a month later I got a reply saying it was the first he heard. Either someone in the layout personal has an eye for generic left wing aesthetics or the Independent are tea leafing bastards.

author by Sindopublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 20:14author address author phone

'Street artists' take aim at minister's clean-up bid

author by Phuq Heddpublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 20:31author address author phone

Post it up with a proper copyright attribution here.

author by Sindopublication date Sat Jul 01, 2006 20:45author address author phone

'Street artists' take aim at minister's clean-up bid.
By journalist Anne-Marie Walsh, 1st July 2006.

Click on the image to read articule
Click on the image to read articule

author by undergroundelement - -publication date Thu Jul 06, 2006 17:32author address author phone

Graffiti is not the problem, its the people who dont know how to do it which is the problem... personally what i think (of my opinion you will not care) that if more people did fraffiti and did it well there would be:
1. less people focusing on getting drunk or doing drugs
2. (not a good reason but) graffiti cleaners would be out of a job
3. It gives the place a feeling of colour and life...
I am only representing an opinion of a younger generation, of course all you old people wont agree cuz you like things plain, we dont...

Depends on what you think...
Depends on what you think...

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Sun Jul 09, 2006 19:22author address author phone

Irish Hip Hop – Discussion Forum about McDowell’s Anti-Graffiti Campaign,133920

Graffiti in Waterford - Discussion

Photo update of Art Activism Caravan 2006


author by blackangelpublication date Fri Jul 14, 2006 15:10author address author phone

For god's sake. There is much worse crime than graffiti going on. This is nothing more than a petty, pathetic attempt to be seen as effective and tough on crime. The Greens would do better to stop farting around (I used to be a youth member and while they were a very nice bunch of people they really were very lackadaisical and frankly quite useless), get their act together and start tackling some serious issues.

Instead of ridiculously harsh measures, how about doing something constructive such as designating specific walls where graffiti is legal? Or get involved with something like an art course for young people which includes graffiti. An artist in Skibbereen actually did this and it was a great success. If he can get off his arse and do something constructive so can the Green Party.

author by Jane Doepublication date Mon Jul 17, 2006 20:32author address author phone

With all of Irelands problems, such as the stressed out health system, over - population, pollution, rising road deaths, drug use, and alcoholism etc etc, here we have a politician focusing on..........graffiti??

Is having Gardi specifically asigned the job of catching people who write their name on the occansional wall really going to help in the grand scheme of things? Or will it just boost arrest records for the Government to show off in their annual report?

please Mr. Gormley, find something worthwhile to do with your time.

Jane Doe, 16

author by Another Randomerpublication date Sat Aug 19, 2006 23:05author address author phone

If graffiti is sooo much of a problem 2 the goverment or whoever deals with the removel of graffiti then why would shops an orginisations be aloud 2 destroy the city with their crap wheat pastes about concerts, whereas they could easily post their information on the internet as if their runnin an concert it would require a bit of money so im sure they could spare some 4 advertisment instead of puttin these leaflets an posters out. I would rather see a colourful tag on a green box than some teared up poster that u cant even read. While graffiit may get buffed over time these posters still remain on walls, lamposts and whatever else they can stick too. I think every1 will agree that the vogue wall is much more attractive than this advertisment balls. So to make a conclusion. Y dont you just let graffiti ffs. And by the way graffiti is not some stupid kid writin their name on a wall thats vandalism. Graffiti is a culturean is taking very seriously by many people.

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Mon Sep 25, 2006 04:32author address author phone

The famous Guinness Street Art. However, there is no doubt that the classic Guinness street art is very much part of Irish culture/history and a street image tourists can readily identify with.

Guinness Street Art
Guinness Street Art





author by Noise Hackerpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 13:32author address author phone

Street Art Ireland – Forthcoming new web site showcasing Irish street art.

Graffiti – Images from Dublin and Northern Ireland –

author by Michaelpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 14:27author address author phone

Is this a gallery here? Or what?

author by Ernst Udet 7th - Jasta 11publication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 14:28author address author phone

Yer man would do better to address the damage being done by the crap, ugly and oversized signs being ecected, legally ,by business concerns. Many of these yokes are far uglier that the street art he objects to. He might consider taken the authorities to task for leaving parks grass verges etc looking like scenes from Baghdad. Perhaps he could vent his outrage at fast food joints for leaving the pavements outside their premises looking kike a tip head.
But he won't ,because at the end of the day the Green Party are far right facists who would have us locked up for farting. Sorry I have to go now because nature calls and in any case I want to dump now before the Green's tax it.


author by curiouspublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 14:33author address author phone

Anyone who beleives that most graffitti is art obviously ignores most of it which is unsightly and often offensive. Where I live most of it consists of threats to named indiviudals, the monikers of local scum (Billser, Jed, One-Eye etc, etc), not to mention occassional racist and nazi (swaztika) stuff. And most of it is on wals belonging to peoples homes, or on local schools. Is that art?

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 17:32author address author phone

This one is on upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.

"Talk Talk" joining in on the fun!
"Talk Talk" joining in on the fun!

author by Noise Hackerpublication date Wed Oct 11, 2006 20:49author address author phone

Drawing the Line - Irish Graffiti Documentary Video Promo

So Hot Right Now – Video Promo

Graffiti from Dublin – Short video following a Tagger

3 Images from Dublin

Irish Times - Designated spots to stop spread of graffiti - Wed, Jul 05, 06

Rathcoole School Dublin – Virtual Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Works from "Ireland & Europe: International Visual Art Event" September 4th - October 16th 1997

- Northern Ireland -

Derry and North Coast – Mural Images

Mural Images from Northern Ireland

Mural Images from Belfast

“JOKER Does It” – Graffiti Belfast

author by Mikepublication date Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:12author address author phone

Advertisments for (Killer) Coke = "Corporate Propaganda"

Fair enough but........

Advertisments for (equally lethal) Guinness = "classic street art very much part of Irish culture/history"

WTF some of you guys seem to be suffering from over exposure to paint fumes ?

(Incidently what multinational corporation do you buy your paint from ?)

author by mr******publication date Sat Dec 30, 2006 02:27author email manicmetaller at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

Ireland needs more legal graffiti walls, say in parks ,abandond goverment buldings should be made legal ect.. It would greatly reduce the number of graffiti problems in ireland as some people do it as a form of art by using illaborate letters in "bubble writing". And detailed work.
Others use it as a form of illigal political vandalisim by spraying IRA and UDA ect.Or Bush out that kind of thing.. Of corce the legal walls would be for atually art peices and not petty vandalisim. some places have there walls in dumps legalized as afterwerds empty tins can be properly disposed of reducing the enviromental damage.

author by BBoypublication date Thu Jan 04, 2007 14:24author address author phone

Advertisments for (Killer) Coke = "Corporate Propaganda"

Fair enough but........

Advertisments for (equally lethal) Guinness = "classic street art very much part of Irish culture/history"

Oh good point! Because everyone knows that Guinness is deeply complicit in the murder of Colombian trade unionists, just like Coke.

author by the diggerpublication date Thu Jan 04, 2007 15:33author address author phone

>Of corce the legal walls would be for atually art peices and not petty vandalisim<

1. Who defines what is art v what is vandalism? The vast majority of the "street art" (ahem) is inane moronic scribbling.

2. I hope you spell a little better when spray painting. Illiterate vandalism is worse than the normal rubbish.

author by emma - .....teenagerspublication date Fri Apr 06, 2007 14:11author address author phone

firstlt no matter what happens graffiti is not going 2 stop its onli startin 2 get big in ireland now. its going to be around for year to come so everybody should start getiing used to it. secondly graffiti is an art., yes i agree when people go out onto the streets and just write on walls is horrible but if your an artist and your making a wall colourful and alive without doing that in a shabby kind of way ..whats the problem? and thirdly if the government gave people more legall spots for artist to practise on maybe the streets of dublin wouldnt be 'destroyed'??? and did u no al most half the modern artists learned their trade by spraying..??

Related Link:
author by eoinpublication date Sun Jun 10, 2007 17:21author email eoin2bar at yahoo dot ieauthor address author phone

wat the f*#k is wrong with you people?? giving out cause someone tagged your wall saying its not artistic howd do you think people learn!!! you think Bansky just picked up a pen one day and was a genious and if you haven heard of Bansky type him in on google then your view on graffiti may change!!!

author by elbenitopublication date Mon Mar 10, 2008 15:30author address author phone

The solution to graffiti problems is simple. The problem is that much of it is unsightly and unartistic. This is solved with practise. But still, of course nobody wants them tagging on the streets...
Still don't see the solution? LEGAL spots, people...
Places where writers can go to paint without the fear of arrest. Much more time to get to grips with your art, therefore one gets better quicker. Windmill Lane just south of the Liffey is currently the only "chill" spot for graffiti. It isn't a legal spot though. Arrests have been made... The ONLY solution tho this problem is to set aside legal spots and many of them as inexperienced writers do not want to have to paint over more skilled work. This takes the art off the streets, and makes it more acceptable to society.
Over time this will create an appreciation of graffiti as the art form it is and maybe then, just maybe people will no longer object to it being on the streets. In particular, legal spots shoud be set aside overlooking LUAS or DART tracks as "trackside" locations are the most desirable because of their high visibility.

author by denis - graffiti artistspublication date Thu May 22, 2008 23:44author address author phone

i can not get over the fact that the government is spending millions on geting rid of graffiti.......ther even spending money on a vandalism squad when half of irelands water suplies arent even half as good as a third world country ,the roads are some of the worst i have ever seen and a large number of schools are allmost falling down , why dont the spend ther money on sorting out real problems instead of geting rid of some paint on a wall

oh and the picture on the door is a bunch stooped people writing amy lvs tom and stooped stuff lik that.why dont u show pictures of the beautifull muralls that have been painted.

author by Mark C - Digital Graffiti Irelandpublication date Fri May 23, 2008 15:21author address author phone


The Writing's On The Wall - No To Lisbon
The Writing's On The Wall - No To Lisbon

author by another artist - i g kpublication date Mon Aug 11, 2008 13:46author address author phone

that stuf at the top of the page is the stupidist thing i ever heared! ur not goin to b able to stop artists wrightin on walls. it just going 2 make them want to do more. graffiti is like anyother art form, it evolvs if u try get rid of it the artists are just going 2 do more which costs the artist and goverment money. just leave it. let the art evolve!!!

author by Gadgeteerpublication date Wed Mar 13, 2013 00:27author address author phone

Ireland's underground art maverick - Noise Hacker - has been a dedicated photographer (documenter) of Ireland's Graffiti and Street Art Culture over the past decade. For the first time ever, the entire graffiti photo collection archive is available for download in one single zip file! Nearly 2600 images are exclusively available on The majority of the photos are from Ireland, then the UK and France. For those of you with a particular interest in the Murals of Northern Ireland, there are several hundred good quality images.

All the images are COPYLEFT (i.e. You are free to use them CREATIVELY and for NON-COMMERCIAL USE!). If you do use them, please credit

Visit this page for more information:

Download Graffiti Photo Archive > Zip File > 1.3GB

Indymedia Ireland is a media collective. We are independent volunteer citizen journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people. Indymedia Ireland is an open news project where anyone can post their own news, comment, videos or photos about Ireland or related matters.