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Bullying by public officials and bodies

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Monday May 29, 2006 11:06author by W.Finnerty Report this post to the editors

"I wish as many people as possible to know" - about BULLYING BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND BODIES.

For future reference purposes, a copy of the e-mail to several well known leaders reproduced below has now been placed at the following address:

Some may be interested to know that the version at the above address shows Yahoo message identification and tracking information.


William Finnerty wrote:

Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 14:11:47 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty
Subject: Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD and the Director for Public Prosecutions Mr James Hamilton
To: "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. \(Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05\)" ,"Dick Marty \(PACE Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights\)" ,"Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe \(Thomas Hammarberg\)" ,"Venice Commission \(Council of Europe\)" ,"Liam Cashman \(Environmental Directorate, The European Commission\)" ,"Jose Manuel Barroso \(President of EU Commission\)" ,"Josep Borrell Fontelles \(President of the European Parliament\)" ,"Ursula Plassnik \(President of the Council of the EU\)" ,Northern Ireland Criminal Justice Minister David Hanson MP ,"Caroline Nolan \(Solicitor, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission\)" ,"Michael Farrell \(Solicitor, Irish Human Rights Commissioner\)" ,Prime Minister Tony Blair MP ,"David Cameron MP \(Leader of UK Opposition Party\)" ,Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP ,"Dr John Kirby \(Bishop of Clonfert\)" ,Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor ,Prime Minister Bertie Ahern ,Deputy Prime Minister Mary Harney ,"Minister for Justice \(Michael McDowell TD\)" ,,,,,"Gearoid Geraghty \(Lawyer, Fair Murtagh, Ballinasloe\)" ,"Ciara Macklin \(Lawyer, Fair-Murtagh\)" ,"Martin Egan \(Principal Lawyer, Fair-Murtagh Law Firm\)" ,Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde OBE ,"Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy \(Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland\)" ,,,"Anne Scott \(Northern Ireland Ombudsman's Office\)" ,,,"Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan \(New Inn, County Galway.\)" ,"Mr Greg Nolan \(Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co., Ballinalsloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.\)" ,"Pat Hughes \(Roscommon Auctioneer\)" ,Thomas Lohan ,,"UTV \(Newsroom\)" ,,,Sir Anthony O'Reilly ,"Guardian of Republic of Ireland Constitution \(President Mary McAleese\)" ,"Kofi Annan \(Secretary-General of the United Nations\)" ,"President George W. Bush"
CC: "Mr James Hamilton \(Director of Public Prosecutions, Republic of Ireland\)" ,
"Marie Murray \(Psychologist and Irish Times Columnist\)" ,
"Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker, Omagh, Northern Ireland\)"

I wish as many people as possible to know that Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD, together with the Director for Public Prosecutions, Mr James Hamilton, are playing the lead roles in the ongoing human rights abuse and bulling referred to in last Tuesday's e-mail text, reproduced below, to the BullyOnLine Yahoo Group (which has been copied to the European Court of Human Rights); and, that despite numerous attempts by senior social worker Mr Gerard Madden (based in Northern Ireland) to get a response from him, Minister McDowell continues to completely ignore the letter sent to him at the following address (dated November 7th 2005):

Put simply, it appears that neither Minister for Justice McDowell TD, nor the Director for Public Prosecutions Mr James Hamilton, have any regard whatsoever for human rights law as far as my particular case is concerned; and, that they are still being allowed to blatantly and unlawfully carry on violating human rights law in my particular case even though the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg have been informed about my situation on several occasions during the past few years.


William Finnerty wrote:

To: Bullyonline Yahoo Group
CC: "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. \(Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05\)" , "Dick Marty \(PACE Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights\)" , "Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe \(Thomas Hammarberg\)" , "Venice Commission \(Council of Europe\)" , "Royal Mail \(UK\)" , "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan \(New Inn, County Galway.\)" , "Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker\)"
From: William Finnerty
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 12:12:39 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [bullyonline] "We need a major case to test Human Rights and Bullying"

Dear BullOnLine Members,

I very much agree with the following recent statement from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon:

"We need a major case to test Human Rights and Bullying" (BullyOnLine Message 62429, of May 23rd 2006).

I believe I actually have just such a case, which is well documented, and which involves a long string of very serious "human rights law" and bullying type abuses; and, I have actually sent a formal application to the European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe) through the registered post on March 25th 2006 in connection with this case.

However, and to my great and growing dismay, I have received no reply of any kind at all from the Registrar at the European Court of Human Rights (to date) regarding his/her receipt of the set of application documents in question.

I have also sent an e-mail reminder to the Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights on April 28th 2006, plus a printed and signed copy of the e-mail in question through the normal post using the UK Royal Mail "Airsure" service (which I also sent on April 28th 2006).

Though the Royal Mail "Track and Trace" Internet service clearly indicates that my "reminder" Airsure letter was successfully "delivered in FRANCE before 10:22 on May 9th 2006" (as anyone can verify by entering the particular Royal Mail Airsure letter reference number LY225605312GB at ), I have still heard nothing at all in return from the Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights regarding the safe receipt of my "March 25th 2006 Application".

Needless to say, I am now growing very, very concerned regarding the mysterious and disturbing "wall of silence" I am being deliberately presented with (apparently?) by European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe regarding my March 25th 2006 Application - particularly when it is the case that I can very easily be contacted by e-mail (at the address I am using for this e-mail).

Detailed information relating to the application I made to the European Court of Human Rights on March 26th 2006, including a scanned copy of the Royal Mail "Priority Handling and Registered Delivery" receipt I used on that date, can be viewed at the following address:

Please note that the "Application Documents" on view at the address just above involve very severe psychological bullying over a period of several years - at the hands of public officials and bodies - and that they contain written evidence from my GP (Dr McCavert), and from a senior social worker (Mr Gerard Madden), which supports this claim. One of the "To Whom It May Concern" letters I have submitted from my GP, for example, very clearly points out that I have ended up with "PTSD Complex": as a direct result of all the trauma and abuse I have been subjected to (since around 1998). A scanned copy of this particular letter can be viewed at:

I am now wondering if anyone at the "BullyOnLine" Yahoo site might have any suggestions as to where I should try to go from here - with regard to my particular case (i.e. European Court of Human Rights "Application Number: 25077/05" now on display at the address two paragraphs up) ???

I feel completely stuck at the present time.

Please note that the legal abuse I am being subjected to is so severe that I cannot even find a lawyer who is willing to advise me, let alone take on my case.


William Finnerty.

BullyOnLine Yahoo Group Member at


Copies of the above information have now been sent to several media organisations, as can be seen at:

Copies have also been sent to a group of human-rights organisations and lawyers, as can be seen at:

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