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Strabane Ógra Shinn Féin Members Harassed by Political Detectives

category tyrone | miscellaneous | news report author Saturday May 20, 2006 22:41author by Ógra B - Ógra Shinn Féinauthor email osf6county at yahoo dot com Report this post to the editors

The PSNI in Strabane have been accused of harrassing members of Ógra Shinn Féin on Friday the 19th of May.

The Republican Youth organisation has claimed that plain-clothed members of the PSNI harassed two well known members.

The two Ógra members were sitting in the middle of the town when an unmarked vehicle approached them from behind.

Speaking of the harassment, one of the Ógra members involved said,
'Four men where in the car, all wearing suits. The front window of the car was rolled down and I was asked my name. I refused to give my name until identification was shown. When I made the request, the four men exited the vehicle immediately. My friend and I were then separated, with two suited 'detectives' to each of us.'

'While we were separated we went under various jibes and remarks about our appearance, clothes, religion, and political allegiances. We were searched and questioned about various family members and our movements on that day. We were threatened with arrest, and my friend was accused of disorderly behavior, and myself of obstructing the 'police'.

Barry McColgan, spokesperson for Ógra Shinn Féin slammed the activites of the PSNI, saying,
'Throughout the harassment these 'political detectives' were continually verbally abusive to the two members. It was clear from the attitude of these unreformed bigots that they were trying to provoke the men into a reaction, a reaction they did not get.'

'This continuous campaign of politically motivated harrassment, intimidation, detentions and arrests of Ógra members is directed to surpress our political ideals but infact, makes us more resilient, cohesive and stronger, safe in the knowledge 'that we are right!

'We will continue in our campaign to 'Smash Political Policing', and in our campaign to secure community based and community led policing, that is truly accountable and has no links to the securocrats, the 'political detectives' and bigots of the past, where accountability is held by all the people of Ireland!'

Related Link: http://www.osf.pro.ie
author by Saerpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 12:51Report this post to the editors

Perhaps these youngsters would be better off challenging their adult masters, Provisional Sinn Féin, who are preparing their membership to join the RUC/PSNI, rather than muddying up this site with their seemingly empty-hearted cries. I think it's safe to say that no one outside of Ógra Shinn Féin believes you or your claims.

If you're sincerely interested in Republicanism, than you should contact:

Na Fianna Éireann
PO BOX 10149

author by Colleen - Ógra Shinn Féin Supporterpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 16:33Report this post to the editors

Ógra Shinn Féin are the youth wing of the republican movement today - they are the true inheritants of Na Fiann's proud legacy, and are actively continuing on the struggle for independence and socialism - ensuring our fallen patriots dreams become a reality!
Ógra Shinn Féin are very actively opposing Sinn Féins acceptance of policing on a partitionist basis and argued strongly at this years Ard Fheis - they continue on that campaign very strongly!
Now would you be a member of the RSF (Really Shite Fighters) or 32CSM (Cant Shoot Movement) youth club masquerading as Na Fianna? What the hell do yous do, what is your role, do you have a strategy?
Word of advice - Join Ógra shinn Féin!

Related Link: http://www.osf.pro.ie
author by SIN feinpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 17:09Report this post to the editors

it is just great to see comments telling OSF that they are not so important and wonderful despite their endless boring articles about how great they are and all the very important work they do.

author by Interestedpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 17:49Report this post to the editors

using socialist propaganda does not make you a socialist i am afraid. Although it does give you the credentials to fool people into believing that you are. If you were real socialists would you not be present in boh working class communities rather sitting on one side?

It also seems ironic to hear an OSF member accuse the police of being bigoted! Three words pot-kettle-black! on numerous occasions i have seen and heard OSF members shouting sectarian and extremely offensive remarks.

Death to sectarianism and all sectarians.

author by Egalitarian Observer - Amnestypublication date Sun May 21, 2006 18:38Report this post to the editors

I can't believe some of the comments on here, are you's people seriously condoning the attack of civil liberties and democracy of thes two young men, regardless of political ties, are you people really accepting of what the PSNi have done? I find it disgraceful, a long list of harassment which to me should be a thing of the past!

author by Seaicilínpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 20:38Report this post to the editors

Political policing should be always highlighted and harassment of any kind of political activists utterly condemned. It's a totally contemptible police practise and the lowest form of so-called policing. Anyone involved in this practise should be condemned utterly! Please continue your work in highlighting such cases. I think it would best serve all republicans (regardless of party affiliation) if we could be together on at least this issue and refrain from providing the political police with a source of comical entertainment!

Go n-éirí leat!

author by jk killian - nonepublication date Mon May 22, 2006 18:19Report this post to the editors

"think it would best serve all republicans (regardless of party affiliation) if we could be together ..."

1. The provos engage in political policing against Republicans.

2. They will be joining their friends in the RUC/PSNI very shortly.

3. provos arent Republican. At all. Any prior involvment in The RM does not count today.

4. You are really underestimating the growing level of disgust and contempt held towards the provisionals arent you?

author by Seaicilín - Mé Féinpublication date Mon May 22, 2006 21:04Report this post to the editors

JK Killian,

To make myself crystal clear I am against all harassment of all political activists in the four provinces and against all those who participate in this dispicable practise from whatever organisation. You too should highlight any incidents that you have come across. If the Provisionals have any more "friends" in the RUC/PSNI that you are aware of, then it would be helpful to let us all know who they are too.

Slán anois!

author by seánpublication date Mon May 22, 2006 22:39Report this post to the editors

If they were, they would at least try to use proper grammar when giving themselves a name, but I suppose that sort of thing doesn't matter to them.

If "Ógra" are part of, or belong to, Sinn Féin, then it should be "Ógra Sinn Féin".

"Ógra Shinn Féin" means a Sinn-Féin-type "Ógra", not neceassarily belonging to Sinn Féin.

Using correct Irish may not matter much to them, but it certainly would show how much they cared one way or the other.

author by Sinéadpublication date Mon May 22, 2006 22:50Report this post to the editors

Dead right!

Have you seen the half-hearted attempts at a "cúpla focal" on their website? If you enter through "As Gaeilge" you find that less than a quarter is in Irish. Most of that is bad translation, with outrageously bad spelling as well.

author by Barrypublication date Mon May 22, 2006 23:03Report this post to the editors

Their harassment by this British force must be condemned by all republicans regardless of the position the sinn fein leadership has taken and will continue to take as regrds British rule in Ireland . No British force has a right to treat Irish political activists in this manner - they are illegitimate and always will be they . They are an arm of the colonial forces which uphold illegitimate British rule. Hopefully their experience at their hands will remind them when the time comes of the purpose of a British police force in Ireland and theyll reject any call by politicians for them to become members of it . Dont be condemning this British force now only to find yourself doing the same thing to other republicans for their political beliefs .

author by Ede - Ógra shinnféinpublication date Sat May 27, 2006 16:18author email eiresaoirse32 at yahoo dot comauthor address Monaghanauthor phone 5676576Report this post to the editors

(P)ure (S), ectarian (N),ot (I)nterested

Disband all loyalist orders and Mé féiners
Disband all loyalist orders and Mé féiners

Related Link: http://www.sinnfein.ie
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