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Public officials putting themselves above the law

category international | crime and justice | other press author Tuesday January 31, 2006 14:08author by W. Finnerty

"To me, it feels as though I am being put through years, and years, of mental torture - with no sign of a let up - because certain cliques of public officials are putting themselves above the law: and, far more importantly, that they being allowed to get away with it indefinitely - simply because there is nobody in the legal profession willing to challenge them."

The full text of January 31st 2006 e-mail to Robert McCartney QC MLA, an idea suggested by a UK social worker, and which includes the above piece of text, can be seen at:

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author by W.Finnertypublication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:48author address author phone

"I think this actually understates the problem. In my experience the legal profession are the ones covering up the problem, not simply standing by. It is not a matter of certain cliques putting themselves above the law, it seems that there are two laws, one for them and one for us. Government is using the law to prevent people gaining justice. Dave S. "

>>> Further information on this extremely important subject can be found in the e-mail reproduced below to Mr Liam Cashman (Environmental Directorate, The European Commission) dated February 1st 2006.

A "rich text" version of the e-mail below can be viewed at the following location:

Internet message identification and tracking information, and translation facilities, are also provided at the above address. >>>

William Finnerty wrote:

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 15:36:05 +0000 (GMT)
From: William Finnerty
Subject: "Non-implementation" of the Aarhus Convention Agreement by the Republic of Ireland
To: "Liam Cashman \(Environmental Directorate, The European Commission\)"
CC: Liam Aylward MEP ,Simon Covney MEP ,Brian Crowley MEP ,Proinsias De Rossa MEP ,Avril Doyle MEP ,Marian Harkin MEP ,Jim Higgins MEP ,Mary Lou McDonald MEP ,Mairead McGuinness MEP ,Gay Mitchell MEP ,"Sean O'Neachtain \(MEP\)" ,Eoin Ryan MEP ,Kathy Sinnott MEP ,James Nicholson MEP ,Mrs Bairbre de "Brún" MEP ,Jim Allister MEP ,Patrick Cullinane ,"Kofi Annan \(Secretary-General of the United Nations\)" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,Thomas Lohan ,"Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan \(New Inn, County Galway.\)" ,"Gerard J Madden \(Senior Psychiatric Social Worker\)" ,Robert McCartney QC MLA ,"Dick Marty \(PACE Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights\)" ,"Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe \(Alvaro Gil-Robles\)" ,"The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. \(Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05\)"

Dear Mr Cashman,

I have recently received reports via the Internet which indicate you are at present working on matters relating to the "non-implementation" of the Aarhus Convention Agreement by the Republic of Ireland, and that the Republic of Ireland can soon expect to be in receipt of a "final warning" letter from the European Commission regarding this particular issue.

Although I have long ago lost count of the number of times I have tried to raise the "Aarhus Convention Agreement" issue outlined below (regarding the "Kilconnell SuperDump" in County Galway) during recent years - with various people in the European Parliament, Commission, and Council - I can find no evidence in the reports I have recently received (relating to your work) that you are at all aware of the problem I have outlined in an Indymedia Newswire publication this morning - which is reproduced below, and which is self-explanatory I believe.

Indymedia Publication:

Best wishes
by W. Finnerty Wed Feb 01, 2006 09:29

This looks like a really good idea to me - particularly when it seems to be very much in keeping with the United Nations Aarhus Convention Agreement principles - which the Republic of Ireland signed in 1998. (Some basic information on this unusually important and socially benign international agreement can be found at )

In case The Irish Environmental Forum might not be fully aware of the situation, please note that outline information on some really dreadful wrongdoing by senior public officials - in the form of an application for Legal Aid dated November 3rd 2004 by a young law student (Ms Ann Marie Kelly), who is a neighbour of mine in County Galway, and which relates to a truly MASSIVE piece of undermining of the Aarhus Convention Agreement, can be viewed at the following location:

Some may also be interested to know that Ms Kelly's application for Legal Aid, to challenge the huge National Toll Roads / Greenstar rubbish dump in our community, was copied to Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD, Prime Minister Bertie Ahern TD, and Deputy Prime Minister Mary Harney TD - as can clearly be seen at the address immediately above.

Sadly, and as some readers will already know, all of the senior public officials concerned appear to have completely ignored Ms Kelly's requests - with the result that the huge National Toll Roads / Greenstar rubbish dump in Kilconnell - or "The Kilconnell SuperDump" as it is normally referred to locally - opened for business a few weeks ago.

More recently, and as can be seen at the address provided immediately below, the matter of Ms Kelly's application for Legal Aid has been mentioned in connection with the European Court of Human Rights Case Number 25077/05 - under "Item 9)" in the e-mail sent yesterday to senior lawyer Robert McCartney QC MLA:

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The above article was published this morning at the following Indymedia Newswire location:

You may also wish to be informed that I wrote to lawyer Gearoid Geraghty (Ballinasloe, County Galway) on December 21st 2004 with a request to take legal action (on my behalf) against public officials (in the Republic of Ireland) regarding the way they were ignoring the Aarhus Convention Agreement. A copy of the letter text in question, together with a copy of the associated Post Office "Registered Delivery" receipt can be seen at the following address:

For reasons which I trust you (and others) will easily understand, it seems very important to me that I never received any reply of any kind from Mr Geraghty to the letter reproduced at the address immediately above - which, as can also be seen at the same address, was copied to Margot Wallstrom (Vice President of EU Commission), Stavros Dimas (EU Commissioner for Environment & Social Affairs), and Jose Manuel Barroso (President of EU Commission).

With the European Court of Human Rights Case Number 25077/05 in mind (referred to above), it would be much appreciated if you could take very careful note of the information I am providing you with in this e-mail, which I hope you will be able to let me have an acknowledgement of receipt for as soon as you reasonably can please.

For future reference purposes a copy of this e-mail will be placed at the following address later today:

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2006 20:04author address author phone

An effort was made yesterday to provide a selection of senior public officials with irrefutable evidence that leading politicians are breaking the law (in very major ways) with impunity - thanks entirely to all the ongoing protection and support they are receiving from the leaders of the legal profession.

For anyone interested, full details can be found at:

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author by W.Finnertypublication date Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:04author address author phone

Extract from e-mail dated February 15th 2006:

"With due regard for the fact that Republic of Ireland Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD, and Northern Ireland Minister for Justice David Hanson MP, continue to be completely ignoring your letters (and Dr McCavert's) to them, I am copying this e-mail to both (for future reference purposes). Copies of the two letters in question can be seen at: and "

Full e-mail text at:


Extract from e-mail dated February 18th 2006:

" ... at one point he actually told that he knew of very similar problems to mine taking place in India (e.g. important heritage sites being threatened/destroyed as a result of very strident World Trade Organisation/G8 type ideation etc. etc.), he seemed to me to be entirely convinced in his own mind that the Health Service (i.e. the UK Health Service) can only help people to COPE with the kind of legal difficulties I am battling with; and, that consequently he and his doctor colleagues cannot help me to actually SOLVE the problem by looking for legal help on my behalf.

Full e-mail text at:

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author by Vercingetorix - Celtic Partypublication date Wed Feb 22, 2006 15:31author address author phone

"Basically, World Trade Organisation/G8 & Company appear to be bullying and forcing people such as Prime Minister Ahern TD, Prime Minister Blair MP, EU Commission President Barroso, etc., etc., (i.e. political leaders from all parts of the world) to unlawfully override national sovereignty, including of course the legal systems of the sovereign states in question - and even of groups of states, such as the members of the European Community for example. (Anyone who seriously doubts this, might do well to carefully study the contents of the e-mail to Lt Col. Richard Finnerty, US Air Force ret., at the Internet address above, which includes a link to a UK national daily newspaper article dated February 13th 2006.)"

"Please note though that, for all I know, any number of the political leaders in question might not need to be forced or bullied into breaking the law: in other words, they may be very willing partners (and indeed lawless bullies themselves) regarding the outrageous legal and social abuse WTO/G8 & Co appear to be indulging themselves in - and getting away with completely (at the present time).

"Of course it seems to be of no use whatsoever (at the present time) reporting crimes of the type in question to the national police forces - as they obviously appear to believe that the senior public officials colluding with each other to commit such crimes - which include extremely serious crimes directly relating to mental torture - are unquestionably and entirely above the law: and, that the victims of such crimes deserve no consideration at all from the lawyers and politicians responsible."

"If it was just one or two senior public officials breaking the law, I consider it likely the police might well intervene. However, when there are dozens of senior public officials (and perhaps hundreds or thousands even) all colluding together to break the law, that somehow apparently makes it all okay in the eyes of the national and international police forces? - at the present time, at least. A similar situation appears to exist with the main-stream national and international media organisations, and with the national and international medical and social service organisations."

The above texts have been copied from an e-mail dated February 22nd 2006 to Mr Brendan Kelly, Woodlawn, County Galway, Republic of Ireland. The full text of the e-mail, which has also been copied to United States President George W. Bush can be viewed at:

Some may be interested to know that the Whitehouse has acknowledged receipt of the e-mail now on view at the Internet address immediately above.

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Fri Feb 24, 2006 13:11author address author phone

Extracts from letter to Lt. Col. Richard Finnerty (US Air Force ret.):

"I can't help wondering if all this madness of yours is possibly fuelled by the fact that more and more people around the world (and indeed inside the United States as well) are seeing through all the mountains of lies and deceptions of the present US administration - and their totally bogus "democracy" - which in reality is a nothing more, or less, than a very heavily corrupted plutocracy that is doing everything it possibly can to unlawfully force all of its vast array of rottenness and stench onto every nation on earth: to the point where thousands and thousands more people every day are beginning to see, talk, and write of the present the US administration as the "real terrorists": and who are also being seen - more and more, by more people - as many, many times more dangerous and destructive (in global terms) than Al-Qaeda are ever likely to be.

"Then there is the matter of the unknown and growing numbers of people throughout the world who privately, silently, and secretly thank God (every day) for the fact the Al-Qaeda appear to be keeping some kind of check on the corrupt global network of compliant regimes and senior public officials now headquartered in Washington DC: at a time when there appears to be no other really significant source of opposition to it coming from anywhere else in the world."

The full text of the e-mail containing the above texts can be viewed at:

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author by W. Finnertypublication date Fri Apr 07, 2006 15:14author address author phone

"In connection with the European Court of Human Rights 'Application 25077/05' material included below, and the closely associated extant warrant for my arrest (in the Republic of Ireland), some recipients of this e-mail may wish to note that:

a) Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD (and several other senior public officials) were made aware of the "Article 6 (European Convention on Human Rights)" type difficulties relating to my particular case as far back as September 21st 2002, as can be seen at the following address:


b) That according to the senior social worker who is helping me (Mr Gerard Madden, Northern Ireland), who I met the day before yesterday, it appears to be the case that Justice Michael McDowell TD is still completely ignoring the letter Mr Madden sent to him on November 7th 2005, the contents of which can be viewed at:

For future reference purposes, and with thoughts in my mind of the old saying "justice delayed, is justice denied", a copy of this e-mail (showing the full list of recipients and Internet tracking information) will later today be placed at the following address: "

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author by W. Finnerty.publication date Fri Apr 21, 2006 09:30author address author phone

A formal application for a pre-planning meeting was made yesterday to Roscommon County Council (regarding a 30 acre site near the town centre), and the difficulty with Minister McDowell's failure to reply to Mr Gerard Madden (Northern Ireland senior social worker) has been pointed out to them.

A copy of the registered letter sent yesterday to Roscommon County Council can be seen at:

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author by W. Finnerty.publication date Tue May 16, 2006 22:21author address author phone

The factual link - supported by the view of a medical doctor - between Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), and bullying by public officials, has been mentioned in a recent e-mail to a number of people and bodies who, it is thought, might be able to influence things in a way which seriously challenges this particular form of adult abuse, and its very wide-ranging and destructive social consequences.

Whether they ever actually do so or not, remains to be seen of course?

For anyone interested, a copy of the e-mail in question can be seen at:

author by W. Finnertypublication date Fri May 19, 2006 09:10author address author phone

A group of well known human-rights organisations and lawyers were informed yesterday regarding the direct relationship between bullying, harassment, and abuse at the hands of public officials, and the set of extremely serious psychological injuries associated with C-PTSD.

For details please see:

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author by W. Finnerty.publication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 14:21author address author phone

The Bush administration faces the collapse of its present detention regime in the "war on terror" - now that the Pentagon has said for the first time that prisoners at Guantánamo and elsewhere in US military custody around the world would be granted the protections of the Geneva Convention Agreement.

In his memo of yesterday, Gordon England, the Pentagon's second in command, has asked the Bush administration for a prompt review of all relevant directives, regulations, policies, practices and procedures, so that they are brought in line with protections under Article 3 of the United Nations Geneva Convention.

Article 3 of the Geneva Convention outlaws torture and humiliating and degrading treatment, and says prisoners are entitled to a hearing by a regularly constituted court. Yesterday's memo was a direct result of last month's supreme court decision which ruled that the Bush administration's military tribunals for the detainees were illegal.

Further information relating to yesterday's events available via following locations:,,1818406,0....html

Information on the United Nations Geneva Convention Agreement (1949) is available via:

Related Link:
author by Confusedpublication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 17:15author address author phone

I have read so many words by Mr Finnerty in so many places, including his own website, and have not a clue what the issue is. I mean this sincerely, and accept all the beaurocratic nightmare as fact - but what is the initial, underlying issue that lead to all this mountain of grievances?

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 17:38author address author phone

To Confused (please see above):

If you wish to learn more about the issues involved in my particular case, you may find the information provided below to be useful:

Short version of issues:

Long version:

author by Damienpublication date Sun Dec 03, 2006 00:54author address author phone


Would this issue not be resolved if you presented yourself for arrest, attended court and either

a) Accept a telling off from the judge, as the offence would warrant no more

b) The judge would dismiss the case, and find the facts proven.

Why can you not do this? Why do you need to mount such a strong defence to what would be a trivial charge ?

author by Confusedpublication date Sun Dec 03, 2006 11:44author address author phone

The issue is a waste outfall? Has it been fixed, rerouted, cleaned up? What do you require now in order to resolve this problem? I see such a snowball of issue upon issue that I can't see any answer, and I doubt anyone else can see what justice you are seeking.

I am interested because I am involved in an issue in which the apparatus of the state has involved itself out of all proportion to the original problem (which remains unresolved after a number of years). I have considered withdrawing in disgust, but have not thrown myself further into conflict.

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Mon Dec 04, 2006 15:03author address author phone

"Still Confused" (please see above),

"Waste outfall" - in the form of plans to locate two HUGE rubbish dumps within a mile or so of my home, which literally sits on what is possibly the world's oldest and most historic road (the Esker Riada) is just part of the problem.

Another part of the problem relates to my concern regarding the thousands and thousands of reports of corruption connected with the fact that - correctly or otherwise - I have been led to believe that many of the judges in the so called "Courts of Justice" are Freemasons.

This is one of the main reasons I am afraid to appear in court at the present time regarding what I believe is a completely shameless and outrageous attempt to corruptly criminalise me - which is ongoing, and which is being powerfully sustained in what I see as the most arrogant manner imaginable by those responsible: in spite of the fact that a number of the most senior public officials I know of (working in several different jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere) have by now all been thoroughly well informed about my amazing "legal" situation.

Some specific information relating to my particular legal dilemma, which involves Freemasonry and Bunreacht na hEireann (the constitution of the Republic of Ireland jurisdiction), can be found at the following location:

More general information relating to alleged corruption (on a truly MASSIVE scale) in other secretive societies such as the The Bilderberg Group, The Bohemian Grove Club, the Trilateral Commission, and so on, can be found at:

author by Confusedpublication date Mon Dec 04, 2006 18:53author address author phone

Each time I look at your pages, I see another issue - just in this thread you have waste outfalls, rubbish dumps, the protection of heritage, corruption, Freemasons....

If you are unable to condense your issue into something comprehensible then how can your readers do so? It seems like you have decided to personally shoulder the burden for a corrupt society, and every time you open the newspaper you are going to validate your growing sense of injustice. Can you not form a short description of what, for you, would represent a resolution of your grievance?

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 19:29author address author phone

To "Even more confused" (please see above),

Under Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 (Republic of Ireland) it is very clearly stated that citizens have a "Right to an effective remedy".

That is the "short description" of what I believe would represent a "just resolution" for me, and I have asked Minister for Justice McDowell TD for this in my letter to him dated August 4th 2006. Unfortunately, I have not received any reply from him - even though the Post Office have confirmed the registered letter in question was delivered a few days after I sent it. All information relating to the letter in question can be found at:

In the absence of any reply from Minister McDowell, and allowing for the fact that there is an extant warrant for my arrest in the Republic of Ireland, I have also tried to make progress regarding my legal "right to an effective remedy" by writing to Chief Commissioner of Police Noel Conroy. All information relating to the letter I sent to him on November 9th 2006 can be found via the following link:

So far I have not received any reply from Commissioner Conroy either.

It appears to me, and I hope I'm wrong of course, that neither Minister McDowell nor Commissioner Conroy wish me to have an "effective remedy". As far as I know they have no valid authority to deprive citizens of their legal rights, and when they do so it is entirely a function of corruption. In fact, I believe they are both acting unlawfully, and in the process both committing very serious crime against me.

Related Link:
author by number 6 - legalise freedom acampaignpublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 21:12author address author phone

W.Finnerty. Why not enter the ' neutral ' grounds of the High Court and enter an Article 40 inquiry?

author by Confusedpublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 22:04author address author phone

This demonstrates the point exactly - you can not establish what the issue is, therefore you can not outline any effective resolution to it. If you had your day in court you would supply the judge with a list of links.

Can you not specify in a couple of hundred words what your grievance is? Nobody is going to care about arrest warrants, proofs of receipt or what court you want, they need the issue that caused your conflict with the legal system.

author by Damienpublication date Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:52author address author phone

It is pretty hard to figure out exactly what has happened, but it would appear:

-mr finnerty objected to a waste drain
-mr finnerty had an altercation with someone in the council
-mr finnerty was arrested and charged with assault
-mr finnerty decided the date for his trial was a matter for him to decide, not the judiciary
-mr finnerty did not appear in court on the date indicated on his summons
-a bench warrant was issued
-mr finnerty has removed himself from the juristiction to avoid execution of the warrant.

It would appear he thinks that he can mount a defence against an assault charge by showing that he has been harrased by council - he is wrong, you can't just go round assaulting people. He also seems to think that the governement can intervene in his court case.... he is also wrong in this assumption - there are very good reasons for preventing this.

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Wed Dec 06, 2006 21:08author address author phone

To Number 6,

I would be very grateful if you could please let me have more information regarding your suggestion that I "enter the ' neutral ' grounds of the High Court and enter an Article 40 inquiry". I'm not sure what this involves exactly. Please note that I cannot find a lawyer who is willing to discuss my case with me - though I can find any amount of them of course who are happy to arrogantly lecture me, and to insist (in effect) that the ONLY possible solution is for me to appear in court for the purpose of kowtowing and apologising profusely to the perpetrators of the legal abuse I'm being subjected to. A further difficulty for me please note is that I cannot enter the Republic of Ireland without running the risk of being arrested and bullied into appearing before a judge in circumstances which violate my legal rights under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

To Confused,

My grievance is that major violations of Bunreacht na hEireann and human rights law are taking place on an ongoing basis as a result of rampant political, legal, and corporate corruption - which senior public officials and senior members of the legal profession are perpetrating and sustaining in a systemic manner.

To Damien,

I regard your attempt to summarise my case as unnecessary - as I have already done this myself in connection with the application I made to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg last March.

My summary has been listed under points 1 to 16 in the e-mail reproduced at the following address:

With regard to any future summaries of my case which you might decide to make, it would be much appreciated if you would please take careful note of the fact that my summary (at the above address) is very different to the one you have made.

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author by Confusedpublication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 00:31author address author phone

My grievance is that major violations of Bunreacht na hEireann and human rights law are taking place on an ongoing basis as a result of rampant political, legal, and corporate corruption - which senior public officials and senior members of the legal profession are perpetrating and sustaining in a systemic manner.

That is not a personal grievance, that is a political statement - it is society's grievance, it is the reason tribunals entertain and disgust in equal measure.

author by Damienpublication date Thu Dec 07, 2006 15:07author address author phone


How you can suggest that my summary is unnecessary is beyond me, when a readers have commented that they cannot understand what your issue is. You may feel that posting the same link over and over again explains the issue, but others do not.

Can you claify exactly what happened on the day that the alleged assault took place?

What is your version of events?

What is the Gardas version of events?

These very important details are missing from your website.

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:25author address author phone

What happened on the day of the "event" (May 1st 2002) is stated at the following location:

I feel I should stress that I shouted at Mr Hoey in anger immediately after he refused to look at the unlawful sewage discharge from the primary school near my home, and that there was absolutely no physical contact of any kind between myself and Mr Hoey at any time.

Incidentally, and allowing for the fact that Mr Hoey is an "enforcement officer" employed by Galway County Council (as far as I recall that is what he told me on the day), I have always believed that Mr Hoey was himself acting unlawfully by refusing to look at the unlawful sewage discharge which was just yards away from where he was standing at the time: and that was why I suddenly got angry with him. I was genuinely shocked, and found his refusal beyond belief in fact - particularly when it was the case that a number of local people had already experienced health problems by that time which could easily have been connected with types of e-coli found in sewage. Further information on this point can be found at:

Related Link:
author by Damienpublication date Sat Dec 09, 2006 19:51author address author phone


What is the Gardas version of events?

I presume the Garda's version of events differs from yours?

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Sat Dec 09, 2006 22:08author address author phone

There were no garda (police) present at the time of the incident.

They garda appeared at the scene the following day and asked me if I wished to make a statement - to which I politely said no, because I felt they were being completely ridiculous. (Though I did not ask them, I assume that Mr Hoey had been in contact with them earlier.)

I cannot speak for the garda, and I genuinely do not know what their version of events is.

If it helps you, please note that I have no objection to you (or anyone else) asking the garda for their version of events. I myself would be very interested to know the exact truth of the matter in fact, but I have not asked the garda because I do not believe I would get a truthful answer from them - and this is one of the reasons I am asking for an Article 13 (ECHR) type remedy, which is my legal right of course, and which Minister for Justice McDowell and his colleagues are unlawfully denying me - in spite of the fact they have been given a letter from my GP (Dr Michael McCavert) which clearly states I am suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of the legal abuse they are subjecting me to. (For details, please see: )

The local garda (Mr Tom Kenny), who was NOT one of the two garda who came to see me the day after the "event" please note, did at one point around early December 2004 remark to me that the whole business was what he described as "a bottle of smoke" - which left me wondering why, if that was the case, he and his colleagues remained so determined - some 18 months later - to start up a second round of trying to bully me into appearing before a court of law in a manner which violated my legal rights under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Personally, I have always believed the garda (acting on behalf of the government) were trying to do this for the purpose of corruptly criminalising me - because the government wished to discredit me in connection with, among other things, the Bord Pleanala appeal I had made at the following location:

This brings me to the main reason I am requesting the European Court of Human Rights Article 13 "Right to an effective remedy" type solution: which is to bring out into the open the government's involvement in trying to corruptly criminalise me, in response to my efforts to expose the way they are knowingly violating Bunreacht na hEireann in a whole range of ways - and all with the help of President Mary McAleese, the so called "guardian of the constitution".

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author by Damienpublication date Sun Dec 10, 2006 01:11author address author phone


It looks like we are finally coaxing the story from you.

1) Do you accept that you assaulted Mr Hoey ? Bear in mind that assalt does not mean that you struck Mr Hoey - if you lead Mr Hoey to fear that you may strike him that would also be regarded as assault. A court could also consider that shouting at Mr Hoey is assault, as it would come under the remit of the sub section covering the application of excessive noise to another person.

2) What evidence is in your house that could possibly form part of a defence to this charge? Even if you did produce clear evidence that Mr Hoey was not doing his job, this would not represent a defence. Even if you could prove beyond question that the state was colluding against you, this would not be a defence to a charge of assault. There are very few valid defences to assault chages.

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:44author address author phone


It looks to me as though you are finally showing us all who you really are deep down (whatever your true name and identity might be).

You have picked one tiny fragment of my overall case, relating to the fact I shouted at Mr Hoey, and you obviously wish to focus on that particular fragment (which you have very conveniently cherry-picked to for yourself to suit your own purposes) to the exclusion of all the several other issues and facts involved in my case: all of which, in my view, are far more important and serious than the shouting incident. Please consider the range of issues referred to above, directly and indirectly, apart from the shouting incident. You appear to have no time for any of them - except the one.

Though you do not appear to be aware of it (or perhaps you are?), the kind of fragmentation you are indulging yourself in is the very essence of corruption. In fact, and as many will already know I suspect, the word "corruption" actually comes from the Latin word "corrumpere" - which literally means "to ruin by breaking into pieces".

You take the overall truth, smash it into bits, and then select a few small pieces for the purpose of developing any number of false, imbalanced, and misleading arguments that distract attention from the really important issues. "No dice, buddy" - you're on your own with this ploy as far as I'm concerned.

Correctly or otherwise, you appear to me to be writing in a way which suggests you are a keen supporter of corruption, which in turn strongly suggests (to me at least) that you yourself are corrupt in all probability. Maybe you are being paid of course, to be doing what you are doing here - that's another possibility?

All things considered, I have no wish to continue any further with the debate you have initiated here: particularly when you appear to be too cowardly to let us all know your full name and true identity. In addition, you appear to be expressing all sorts of strong legal opinions, when it far from clear as to whether or not you have any legal qualifications.

For the purpose of trying to further clarify things (from my viewpoint), please note that I am seeking people of integrity who might be able to help me to find justice for myself, and I am entirely happy to try and answer (as best I can) any reasonable questions relating to my case which such people might wish to ask me.

At the same time though, the very last thing I need just now is people who apparently want to use me (and my situation) to support and promote the very types of corruption and injustice I am attempting to defend and protect myself against.

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author by Damienpublication date Sun Dec 10, 2006 22:39author address author phone


Why is it that you are afraid to give these very important details? These are the very details which you would have given in public court, and are central to almost all your incredible claims. Perhaps people would take your claims that a new world order is preparing to take over the world if you could explain the simple things, like why you are on the run from the Irish legal system.

Have you ever considered that perhaps Mr Hoey deserves justice, and that he deserves to see you punished for assaulting him? Have you ever considered Mr Hoeys human rights?


author by W. Finnerty.publication date Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:09author address author phone

A further request - this time to Prime Minister Ahern TD - has been sent by e-mail today asking that Article 13 ("Right to an effective remedy") of the Republic of Ireland's "European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003" be used as a means of resolving the growing set of difficulties connected with my case.

The full text of today's e-mail to Mr Ahern, which has been copied to the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ireland (Mr John L. Murray), can be viewed at the following location:

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According to yesterday's Irish Times "the vast majority of the more than 40 judges of the Supreme Court and High Court did not attend" the traditional King's Inns Christmas reception the Minister for Justice in the Republic of Ireland normally lays on at this time of year.

Though the Irish Times makes no mention of it, I wonder if this "distancing" by the judiciary from Minister for Justice McDowell TD might have anything to do with the fact that Chief Justice John L. Murray was sent irrefutable evidence through the registered post on December 12th last which shows that Minister McDowell is indulging himself in, among other things, unlawful activities which involve the "obstruction of justice", and "perverting the course of justice" - both of which are very serious crimes?

A copy of the December 12th letter referred to above, together with the Post Office registration information relating to Chief Justice John L. Murray, can now be viewed at the following location:

More recently, on the actual morning of the King's Inns reception of December 21st (which is closely associated with the ancient "Saturnalia" tradition), Chief Justice John L. Murray was also included among the selection of world leaders and observers in an e-mail which provided some very basic information relating to the plans and ambitions, for 2007, of the Victims of the Legal Profession Society (VLPS) in the Republic of Ireland. Please see:

" In English or Irish law, perversion of the course of justice is a criminal offence in which someone acts in a manner that in some way prevents justice being served on either themselves or on a third party. Perverting the course of justice is an offence at common law. It carries a theoretical maximum sentence of life imprisonment, although no sentence of more than 10 years has been handed down in the past one hundred years." (This quote has been taken from the following Wikipedia location: )

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