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Pictures of the Shell to Sea demonstration at Leinster House last Thursday

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Visit of delegation from Royal Dutch Shell's social responsibility committee

Protesters gathered at Leinster House to meet a delegation from Shell including former Dutch Premier Wim Kok when they met with Mayo TD's last week, including Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny.

A delegation from Royal Dutch Shell's social responsibility committee visited Leinster House on Thursday to meet with TD's from Mayo including opposition leader Enda Kenny. These meetings were completely outside the agreed mediation process, and Shell had othing new to offer in terms of solutions to the crisis they have caused in Ireland since they revealed their crazy plan to install a dangerous, experimental pipeline linking the corrib gas field to a giant refinery they seek to build in the north Mayo Gaeltacht.

The Irish people will gain nothing from this multi-million euro scheme, which will carry significant health and safety risks for the local community.

A large group of Shell to Sea protesters gathered at the gates of Leinster House to meet the delegation, which included former Dutch Premier Wim Kok. However the group form Shell crept around the back and sneaked in without passing the protest.

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