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Rampant corruption

category national | crime and justice | other press author Wednesday October 26, 2005 12:17author by Vercingetorix (Ireland)author email vercingetorixireland at yahoo dot ie

Reports of rampant corruption in the Republic of Ireland legal system

"Too many people in this country have suffered enormous financial loss. They have suffered physically and mentally and have been totally destroyed. Their lives are a living hell," said Victims of the Legal Profession Society (VLPS) President Mary McDonnell.

"Large-scale perjury in the Courts by members of the legal profession, in many cases with the wholehearted support of the Judiciary."

"To this criminal element the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights is but a toe-rag and as far as a person's democratic rights are concerned..."

"The Mafia and Ku Klux Klan were never in it with this mob. I lived among them in New York, Chicago and Toronto and never witnessed the appalling conduct and fear that is now so prevalent throughout this country of ours (Republic of Ireland)".

"We have done the research, there is no need to fear. They are on the run; we have broken the veil of secrecy. The tactics used are as follows: Perjury, Forgery, Deception, Collusion, Concealment and every other low trick imaginable."


"The Victims of the Legal Profession Society is a rapidly growing organisation with more than 500 members. The Society was started by Mary McDonnell from Galway, John Gill from Clare and John O'Connor from Tipperary in early August 2001. The first meeting was held at the Hudson Bay Hotel, Athlone on August 17th, 2001."

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author by eeekkkkkpublication date Thu Oct 27, 2005 19:35author address author phone


author by Vercingetorix (Ireland)publication date Sat Oct 29, 2005 18:36author address author phone

Evidence of United States "Mr Libby" type corruption here, which, thanks very largely to the legal profession, is taking place in Ireland on a scale so massive that most people seem to think that nothing can ever be done about it, and which involves "the obstruction of justice" in both of Ireland's jurisdictions, can be found via the following Internet address:

author by Vercingetorixpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 14:57author address author phone

+++†† +++†† +++

Brian Hill and his new wife, Betty, decided to honeymoon over Christmas on mainland Europe in the quaint countryside of Transylvania.

Late last Monday evening, they went driving in a rented car along a deserted rural road, on what had started out as a typical rainy Transylvanian evening. An hour or so into the drive, it had turned into something much more than just a typical rainy night; it was at this stage raining cats and dogs - a virtual downpour. Lightening flashed, violent thunder shook the car, and the rain was coming down so hard, that Brian could barely see the front end of their rented car.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the car skidded out of control! Brian attempted to control the skid, but to no avail. The car slid and swerved again and again before smashing solidly into an extremely large oak tree.

Moments later, Brian was able to shake his head and begin to clear the foggy clouds which were swirling around in his mind. Still a bit dazed, he looked over at the passenger seat and saw his lovely new wife unconscious. Her head was slumped to one side, and blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.

Despite the thunder and lightening, and the rain and unfamiliar countryside, Brian knew he had to move quickly and carry Betty to the nearest phone. Yes, quickly!

So, Brian carefully picked up his precious cargo, his gorgeous wife of but a few days that he worshiped and adored, and began trudging awkwardly down the road. After a short while, he noticed a light flickering in the distance through the woods. Although he was already exhausted from the shock of the accident and the weight he was carrying, he headed towards the distant light nonetheless, and presently discovered that it was coming from an old and very large mansion.

On eventually reaching the main building, he approached the enormous door and rang the bell. A minute passed in silence, and he rang the bell again, then again. Finally, a small, hunched man opened the door, and Brian immediately blurted out: "Hello, my name is Brian Hill, and this is my wife, Betty. We've been in a terrible accident, and my wife has been seriously injured. Can I please use your phone??"

"I'm sorry," replied the hunchback, "we don't have a phone, but my master is a doctor. Do please come in and wait here while I†look for him."

Brian eagerly carried his wife inside for treatment.

Looking up, Brian saw an immaculately groomed and elegantly dressed man of very impressive appearance descending the huge curved stairway that led into the great hall. He had obviously come down to investigate the insistent doorbell ringing. Then the hunchback reappeared in the hall and positioned himself a little to one side and slightly behind his master.

"I couldnít help but overhear what my assistant said to you a little earlier, and I regret he may have unintentionally misled you." - the master graciously remarked. "He is new here, and though I am a doctor, I am not a medical doctor. I am a doctor of science. However, it is many miles to the nearest clinic, and I have had basic medical training. I will see what I can do. Igor, please take them to the downstairs laboratory."

With that, Igor picked Betty up and carried her downstairs, with Brian limply following close behind. Igor carefully placed Betty on a table in the lab. At that point Brian suddenly collapsed from exhaustion and his own injuries; so Igor placed him on an adjoining table. After a brief examination, Igor's master was unable to conceal his concern - the worried look on his face said it all.

"Things are very serious, Igor. Please prepare for blood transfusions." - the master said.

Igor and his master worked feverishly for a long while over both the Hills, but to no avail. Brian and Betty Hill steadily grew weaker and paler; and, try as they might, Igor and his master could not prevent the life from leaving both of the Hillsí bodies as they lay there on the tables.

The Hills' deaths appeared to trigger some kind of unspeakable sorrow in Igor's master. Wearily, gaze cast downwards as though searching down into the fathomless depths of his soul, and without uttering a single word, he slowly walked out of the laboratory, and very gently closed the door behind him.

Then Igorís master climbed the steps to his conservatory, which housed a great cathedral pipe organ. It was there that he always found solace in times of trial and sorrow. Mournfully he began to play.

To begin with, the music was slow, and sad, and so quiet that it was almost impossible to hear from anywhere outside of the room. Gradually though it grew more vigorous, and soon a deeply stirring, haunting melody swelled out around the whole area surrounding the room which housed the pipe organ, so that everything began to resonate with its immensely powerful energy.

Meanwhile, Igor was still down in the lab tidying up. As the awesome music filled the halls, weaving its soulful sounds into the laboratory, Igor detected the tiniest of movements out the corner of his eye. Adjusting his head a little, he noticed the fingers on Betty's hand were twitching slightly, in spasms. Stunned, he watched, and the next thing one of Brian's arms began to rise! Then he was really taken aback when Betty suddenly sat straight up!

Almost unable to contain himself with all the excitement which was by now surging up inside him, Igor dashed for the stairs. The metal studs in his boots drew fire from the stone steps as he galloped upwards towards the conservatory as fast as his two legs could carry him.

On reaching the conservatory, he directly applied all of his considerable strength to wrench open the heavy doors, and bounded into the room.

Then, at the very top of his voice, Igor shouted:

†††††††††††††"Master! Master! The Hills are alive with the sound of music!"

+++†† +++†† +++

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author by W. Finnerty.publication date Sat Oct 28, 2006 13:54author address author phone

A selection of leaders were informed yesterday regarding reports of wholesale corruption in the European Union, together with outrageous bullying which involves the sacking of one-time "Chief Accountant" Marta Andreasen for "whistle blowing" it seems; and, not only is the corruption and associated bullying ongoing apparently, but it also seems to be the case that it is completely unstoppable on account of the wholly inadequate auditing procedures which are at present very firmly in place at the EU.

Yesterday's e-mail to "senior public officials" was sent in an attempt to try and prevent the leaders concerned from saying later on that they did not know anything about the problem, and that consequently they could do nothing about it. The full list of those informed yesterday can be seen at the following location:

A few hours later, the e-mail reproduced at the above address was "forwarded" to a selection of international media organisations, for the same basic reason: which is that, assuming they ignore this extremely serious EU corruption information (i.e. keep in hidden from the general public by failing to report it in their various publications and other outlets such as TV broadcasting for example), they will find it that much more difficult to claim publicly later on that they knew nothing about it. The list of media organisations informed yesterday can be seen at the following address:

Both copies of the e-mails at the above addresses contain the official Yahoo e-mail message identification and tracking information: which is intended to further add to the difficulties of those who might try later on to falsely claim that they "knew nothing".

Anyone who would like to read a "straight from the horse's mouth" version of the basic (but massive) corruption problem in the European Union, which as stated above is at present "roaring away" in a completely out-of-control fashion apparently, can probably do no better than to go to the following page address belonging to Mr Ashley Mote MEP:

The basic problem with large amounts of bullying and corruption of the kinds referred to above (as I see it), is that everything most people in society seem to think is good and useful from the viewpoint of personal and family security and happiness, things such as genuine democracy, social justice, honesty, personal integrity, fair-play, human rights law, and so on, all get severely pushed to one side in practice by rampant corruption: in spite of the fact that "verbal", and sometimes written, fairytale versions of these very desirable political and social qualities continue to be hypocritically talked and written about by the cunning and self-centred perpetrators of the corruption and bullying in question, and by their supporters who presumably benefit in the short term at least - or imagine that they benefit maybe?

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of rampant corruption though is its proven ability to "feed off itself" at high speed, once it has crossed some "invisible line" in its often slow and normally well hidden build-up: so that given the opportunity, it can quickly turn into an enormous and malignant "social tumour" of sorts.

As it happens, there are numerous serious reports on the Internet at the present time which claim that some members - at least - of the elitist and highly influential "Bilderberg Group" want to get rid of 85% or so of the world's present human population. In other words, it appears that they believe around 5 billion human beings (5,000,000,000) should be killed off,†in order to make room for the "New World Order" they are apparently planning to put into practice?

Without wishing to alarm anyone, but with the next general election in mind nonetheless, it might (?) perhaps prove useful if as many people as possible could keep it in mind that Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD appears to have attended at least one of the formal "Annual Bilderberg Conferences", which in addition to being HIGHLY secretive, are also highly exclusive it seems. As in several other similar cases apparently, including Prime Minister Tony Blair MP, Ex-President Bill Clinton, and Ex-President of the European Parliament Pat Cox, for example, it seems to be also the case that Mr McDowell's political career was significantly advanced as a result of his attending a Bilderberg Conference.

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