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Thursday January 01 1970

Chilean Solidarity Night!

category dublin | anti-capitalism | event notice author Saturday October 08, 2005 17:15author by grassrootsdissenter - variousauthor email dissentireland at yahoo dot co dot uk

Lower Deck, Portobello

In Solidarity with our comrades in Chile and specifically with a comrade who was seriously injured when struck by a water cannon during rioting to commemorate 32 years since the Coup demanding justice for all Chilean people.

All proceeds will go to help our comrade with his hospital bills.

Anyone interested in helping out or donating please get in touch.

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author by grassrootsdissenter - Grassroots Dissentpublication date Sat Oct 08, 2005 17:18author address author phone

Bands so far confirmed are..

(ska punk from the blanch)
(hiphop crew)

crushed against railings
crushed against railings

author by grassrootsdissenter - variouspublication date Thu Oct 13, 2005 19:14author address author phone

To commemorate 32 years since the military coup d'tat, over 300 students actively took part in a popular protest demanding justice for the thousands of missing, murdered and tortured political prisoners. Besides demonstrating their strength, they were demanding, as conscious students, some answers for the millions of poor who in these 32 years of neo liberal dictatorship have watched as the "elite" has trampled upon their dignity.

During this legitimate commemoration, the Chilean State and its repressive aparatus attacked the crowd with inhuman violence, leaving seven people injured in varying degrees of seriousness. The violence consisted in shooting of tear gas canisters at body height and mass use of water cannons. Of the seven injured, the most serious was the result of a cowardly multiple violation which took place at about 1.00pm, the work of the driver of armoured truck number LA002.

Comrade Francisco San Martín Soto, from the Villa Alemana area, who is studying for a Baccalaureate at the University of Valparáso and is a libertarian militant in the popular struggles, was left with multiple fractures to the pelvis and the lower limbs after he was crushed against a metal fence on the North side of the UPLA by a water-cannon truck. At present he is being treated at the Pena Blanca Hospital. He is conscious and is resolved in his intention to obtain justice for this assault and to continue in the fight.

A night of Hip Hop - Punk - Films and solidarity!


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author by Joepublication date Mon Oct 17, 2005 18:02author address author phone

How much is it in

author by Wpublication date Mon Oct 17, 2005 18:44author address author phone

Quite clearly written on the flier in the upper right corner - 6euro.

If you're broke then let us know and we'll take whatever donation you can make. (so long as you're not seen propping up the bar all night!)

author by mepublication date Wed Oct 19, 2005 02:26author address author phone

under 18s get in grand?
talking 17year olds..

author by jimmypublication date Thu Oct 20, 2005 16:44author address author phone

its a licensed premises so no

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