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SNN Watch: 03/08/05

category clare | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Wednesday August 03, 2005 16:18author by SNN Watch

the war continues and Ireland is still ''neutral'....

There's a war happening in Iraq

A majority of the US Troops in Iraq flew through Ireland's Shannon Airport.

The US Military that uses Ireland may also be used to attack Iran in the future

Bertie says Shannon is safe from Al-Qaeda

Here's today's texting reports from SNN Watch...

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author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:19author address author phone

just got word that
someone needing heavy security
is due in Shannon Airport shortly

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:19author address author phone

At SNN now. There's a Hercules, which is being
dwarfed by a C17 military transporter. An ATA troop
carrier at gate 42 and World 8090 on approach.
No news yet on VIP arrival

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:20author address author phone

Question: Which US warmonger went
to Saudi Arabia to meet the new king?

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:21author address author phone

Reach 972 inbound for runway 23 at SNN.
He's decending thru 24000ft

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:21author address author phone

Two plans approach. Reach 943 at 4000ft
and Reach 972 at 9000ft

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:21author address author phone

Another bandit on final approach. That will make
six USMIL on the ground at same time

author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:22author address author phone

Here's what's at SNN at the moment, two USAF
aircraft, two World Airways and two ATA.

Thats about a battalion of troops!

author by eeekkkkkpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:31author address author phone


author by Duinepublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:48author address author phone

Cathlán ann?
Cé mhéid é sin? míle?
Cá bhfios duit nach cannaí coke cola atá ann. Tá sé te san Iaráic.

author by Updatepublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:57author address author phone

In the past 24 hours, 14 U.S. marines killed in one incident in Iraq near Syrian border. 39 U.S. military personell killed in the last 2 weeks. 1820 have been killed since the invasion of Iraq commenced. Most of the those killed would have passed through Shannon Airport on their way to their deaths.

Check link

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author by SNN Watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 16:58author address author phone

There's a garda van outside
the SRS hangar. When the
hangar door was open earlier
we saw black vehicles.

author by snn. watchpublication date Wed Aug 03, 2005 17:47author address author phone

World Airways using call sign reach 807 will be heading to kuait shortly

author by redjadepublication date Thu Aug 04, 2005 13:12author address author phone

A View Of Iraq From A Soldier
- Speech to the "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus on July 19, 2005

By John Bruhns

I am a concerned veteran of the Iraq War. I am not an expert on the vast and wide range of issues throughout the political spectrum, but I can offer some first hand experience of the war in Iraq through the eyes of a soldier. My view of the situation in Iraq will differ from what the American People are being told by the Bush Administration. The purpose of this message is to voice my concern that we were misled into war and continue to be misled about the situation! in Iraq every day. My opinions on this matter come from what I witnessed in Iraq personally.


I was engaged actively in urban combat in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad. Many of the people who were attacking me were the poor people of Iraq. They were definitely not members of Al Qaeda, left over Baath Party members, and they were not former members of Saddam's regime. They were just your average Iraqi civilian who wanted us out of their country.

On October 31st, 2003, the people of Abu Ghraib organized a large uprising against us. They launched a massive assault on our compound in the area. We were attacked with AK-47 machine guns, RPGs and mortars. Thousands of people took to the streets to attack us. As the riot unfolded before my eyes, I realized these were just the people who lived there. There were men, women, and children participating. Some of the Iraqi protesters were even carrying pictures of Saddam Hussein. My battalion fought back with everything we had and eventually shut down the uprising.

So while President Bush speaks of freedom and liberation of the Iraqi people, I find his statements are not credible after witnessing events such as these. During the violence that day I felt so much fear throughout my entire body. I remember going home that night and praying to God, thanking him that I was still alive. A few months earlier President Bush made the statement, "Bring it on" when referring to the attacks on Americans by the insurgency. To me, that felt like a personal invitation to the insurgents to attack me and my friends who desperately wanted to make it home alive.

--- ---- ---

NOTE: While some Vets like John Bruhns vent their anger at Bush and this war to creativity and activism - others, sadly, feel they have no other options left for them.

2 Iraq veterans commit suicide near Fort Hood

FORT HOOD, Texas — Two Fort Hood soldiers who served in Iraq have killed themselves in separate incidents in Killeen.

Officials say 24-year-old Sgt. Robert Decouteaux of Rosedale, N.Y., died Saturday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

He'd been airlifted from his home to a Temple hospital for emergency surgery, but died while doctors tried to save his life.

On Monday, 22-year-old Spc. Robert Hunt of Houston was found dead in his apartment by Killeen police.

Officers were alerted after Hunt failed to report to work.

Police say Hunt's cause of death was listed as asphyxiation.

author by Duinepublication date Thu Aug 04, 2005 16:11author address author phone

Is oth liom gach marú.

Ach cogar, in aerphort na Sionna, cé mhéad eitleán atá ar a slí go dtí na Níséire nó na Súdáine lomlán le bia?.

Cé a iarradh ar rialtas na hÉireann a leithéid a chur ar fáil?

author by Edward Horganpublication date Fri Aug 05, 2005 01:06author address author phone

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