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The McBrearty Tapes

category national | crime and justice | news report author Friday July 01, 2005 00:05author by Agent_X - Healthy Exposure to Lightauthor email gpro at iol dot ieauthor address Garda Police State HQ, Phoenix National Security Park

57minute DivX video document made from secret police interrogation footage and explosive documents

The Irish police (An Garda Shítonyá) stand exposed as riddled with institutionalised corruption from top to bottom.

In the McBrearty case these bent cops set up innocent people for imaginary murder - and this scandal is not the greatest of their crimes. The ongoing cover-up of this case has lasted 9 years, and is now being exposed.

This 57minute DivX video document made from secret police interrogation footage and explosive documentation introduces the whole story. 100MB download.
The 'Letterkenny Bedtime Story' - can cause unconsciousness!
The 'Letterkenny Bedtime Story' - can cause unconsciousness!

Tomorrow sees Frank McBrearty Jnr's Lawyers appear again in the High Court in Dublin before Judge Finnegan to advance his claim for the wrongful arrests, abuses, harassment and murder stitch-up he suffered at the hands of the corrupt Irish State, represented through its première Boot Boy Squad, An Garda Shítonyá, the police force of the Not-So-Free-State aka Republic of Ireland.

This 57-minute film contains all the recovered video footage unlawfully made in 1997 for the sadistic viewing pleasure of the corrupt cops then very busily engaged in framing-up innocent men for murder. This
secret material was only trawled to light after the Carty Investigation Team in 1999 raided a Garda officer's home, where these tapes (and who knows what other 'irrelevant' stuff?) were discovered in his 'Private Viewing Collection'. It only became known through the Morris Tribunal in late 2004.

It documents the abusive arrest, interrogation and detention conditions of McBrearty Jnr. in early 1997, his second arrest as part of the elaborate set-up being woven by, in that department, so very diligent Gardaí.

The film, which has been annotated to fill in some major holes punched in the narrative by the Garda 'Video Destruction Unit', also presents a fine specimen of the combined handiwork of the 'Special Confessions Unit' sent up from Garda HQ and Superintendent John McGinley & Co. of Letterkenny Garda Station, who respectively manufactured and then signed the "Murder Confession" for McBrearty Jnr. on 4 December 1996, the day he was first arrested and accused of murdering Richie Barron.

'Cover-Up' Conroy, the Garda Commissioner whose own leather-bound neck itches already from the premonition of noose-rash, this foreign agent whose dreams of converting Ireland into a 'National Security State' (where he and Injustice Minister McDowell would answer only to God, i.e. Geeziss Dubbelyew Bush) were until now making such good progress, has rather stupidly taken and poured a bucket of petrol he mistook for sand onto the blaze set by his minions, by himself donating more incriminating documentation -- his own lame-assed confession that for many years he has attempted to cover-up this gigantic scandal of corruption at all levels of An Garda Shítonyá and that he aided McDowell in hiding from Daíl Éireann and the public at large the fact that the Gardaí had decided long before the Morris Tribunal was ever set up that there had never been a murder in the first place!

You have to see this stuff to believe it - it's clear old 'Cover-Up' has truely lost his touch, or perhaps just his brain?

Anyway, one welcome side-effect of all this healthy exposure of the amazing victory of the McBrearty family, who have survived the onslaught of the whole force of the State for 9 years, is that many people throughout the
length and breadth of Ireland are now encouraged to come forward and publicly expose their own horror-stories of similar or even worse abuse at the hands of An Garda Shítonyá.

If you are the victim of such a case, please leave a sketch and some contact details here - it will be followed up and all go into the public documentary record needed to finally force a radical purging-out of the stinking corrupt rats-nest of An Garda Shítonyá, the Criminal Irish Injustice System and the official cover-up by judges and ministers still hoping to keep the whole stinking show on the road.

Tasty stuff indeed, but informed sources say that even saltier beef is yet to be (involuntarily) dished-up in the remaining 9 modules of the Morris Tribunal. Naturally enough, in the time-honoured fashion extra plates of brass are now being welded around guilty necks up in 'Hedgehog House' (the Garda HQ, Phoenix Park).

Mickey 'Batman' McDowell, meanwhile, in a desperate 'rearguard action' has had to have a Teflon skid-pan and expensive blast-proof seals installed inside his togs following a close encounter with the McBreartys up at Daíl Éireann on the 17th June past, during which Mickey's turtle took fierce alarm and tried to head-butt the old tweeds to bits -- but will even the last word in hermetic tailpipe technology now be enough to save the Minister's sorry ass? The gap seems to be narrowing (no, not the one between the turtle's head and ... Hmmn, well, maybe that one too) - so anyhow, watch this space for further embarrassing sights and sounds with every twirl and twist of the old truncheon!

Technical Info - The McBrearty Tapes

The video file is compressed in DivX .avi format using v.5.2.1 encoder, filesize=100MB, duration=57min, audio=good quality VBR MP3 mono

Video link: - right click and 'save target' to disk

As it's not streamed you need to download the whole thing first before it will play - please do not try this over a modem line unless you own at least 40% of Eircom!

If you have not already played a DivX film on your computer you need to install the decoder - this link is to the latest version - filesize=7.40MB -

- running that enables Windows Media Player to play the file, or you can use the DivX Player included, but the audio quality may be worse.

Anyone interested in the CD-Collector's or Broadcast Quality version of this film or all the very hot bits edited out of it by the 'Evidence Disposal Unit' is welcome to write to:

Noel 'Cover-Up' Conroy
C/O Hedgehog House
Phoenix National Security Park
Dublin, USS Ireland

... and don't forget to include a stamped, pre-signed blank confession in the envelope, to speed 'processing' - thanks!

PS: For the detailed Morris Report on this chunk of Garda Corruption see -

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