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The Certain Death Vegan Cafe to open its doors!

category dublin | miscellaneous | press release author Sunday January 30, 2005 14:32author by Certain Deathauthor email certaindeath at dublin dot ieauthor address Strandville Ave., North Strand, Dublin

Vegan Cafe! Serving super veggie grub and Zapatista Coffee! Opens the 20th of Feburary!

The Certain Death Vegan Cafe!
EVERY SUNDAY 5:30-8:30
In the UnaWarehouse

What is the Certain Death Cafe?

The Certian Death is for alternative leisure and social spaces. Its for super vegan grub and brainpoppin Zapatista coffee.Its for dropping in of a Sunday to an autonomous space. Its for DIY events every week. Its against paying to be social. Its for you to fuck up or keep running..
It shares its space with the BAD BOOKS and FOrgotten Zine Libraries.

Where is the unawarehouse?

It has a big gate and is at the bottom of Strandville Ave. which is a right turn at Costello Doors on North Strand. North Strand is in Dublin.

Zapatista Coffee?
Go Here!


Feburary 20th

The elusive noise madsers Apostles play a very special set for the grand opening.

Feburary 27th
DISSENT ANTI G8 Planning and Discussion Evening

The Certian Death hosts DISSENT, the planning group for this years g8 in Scotland, who are organising a local Dublin group to go to Edinborough and
be bold. If you have ideas or want to get involved coem to this. Starts at six.

March 6th

We need people to put on events or gigs (must be acoustic or fairly quiet)
If your interested email

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author by geographypublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 15:54author address author phone

where exactly is north strand in relation to the centre of town? how long does it talk to walk/cycle there?

author by .publication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 15:59author address author phone

5 minutes north thru summerhill (if you're brave enuff)

turn right at the railway and look for the curtains

summerhill is nice

shane cullen did the best piece of public art in ireland ever there

it was a comm sent out of the h-blocks when bobby sands (not a criminal) died in huge letters on the gable end of a block of flats

he got permission from every flat in the building to do it

i don't think people in summerhill think bobby sands was a criminal

people in big houses with big fecking walls around them do think he was a criminal



author by pcpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 16:53author address author phone

you know connelly station don't ya, well just keep walking down the road north its only about 10mins walk, you can get the 31s and the 29 if you're really lazy just look for the big yellow costello doors sign

author by pozpublication date Mon Jan 31, 2005 00:38author address author phone

nice name.

author by John Carmody - Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)publication date Mon Oct 16, 2006 21:58author email arancampaigns at eircom dot netauthor address ARAN, Po Box 722, Kildare, Irelandauthor phone 087-6275579

Well done on the opening of this awesome restaurant! We're telling all our members and volunteers to go and eat there!!!

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