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Limerick City Manager to abolish Waiver system for bins

category limerick | bin tax / household tax / water tax | news report author Thursday November 25, 2004 13:19author by Anti-Bin Tax Activist

On the order of the Attorney General

More signs of Fianna Fails new brand of Socialism?

Sorry folks - the only link I can find on this is from Morning Ireland this morning.
The City Manager has said that on legal advice from the Attorney General, once a service has been privatised, by law a council can not continue with it's wavier system.
Local councillor says this will impact on 4,000 unemployed, low paid and pensioners.

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author by Terrypublication date Thu Nov 25, 2004 20:01author address author phone

Well spotted. This is exactly what all of the campaigns have been predicting for ages.

My own guess is that the waiver system 'interferes' with competition.

On a seperate note, if they manage to privatise Dublin Bus, I think we can be fairly sure, the free bus pass for OAPs could eventually disappear too.

One other thing that is being predicted by the Anti Bin Tax Campaigns is that charges will be introduced for recycling. That's right, they will either starting charging a flat fee or a tag system for the Green Bins too.

It will be much easier for them once they have everyone paying for the Grey Bin service. Apparently in the parts of Fingal where there are Green and Grey bins collected the tags are 5 euro, but only 3 euro in the areas with no Green bins. This is indication alone.

author by Dominic Haugh - Socialist Partypublication date Thu Nov 25, 2004 22:25author address author phone

This information surfaced in Limerick yesterday morning. It is estimated that over 4,000 people, in receipt of a full or partial wavier, in the Limerick City Council area will be effected (A substantial part of the city is in the Limerick County Council area). The cost of the wavier scheme is estimated at almost 700,000 for Limerick City Council. Terry is right, the legal advice received by the City manager is that it is in breach of competition law. It is expected that a proposal to abolish the wavier scheme will be put to the annual estimates meeting of the council in the next couple of weeks.

But those who will lose out on the wavier will be penalised on the double. Tax payers are able to claim the cost of the bin tax against income tax. Unfortunately those in receipt of waviers are the unemployed, pensioners etc. who are not paying tax. So the poorest sections of the community will actually be paying more than everyone else.

Local community activists have already begun discussion to launch a campaign to oppose this threat and the Socialist Party in Limerick will be actively participating and supporting this campaign.

author by Terrypublication date Fri Nov 26, 2004 17:40author address author phone

UP TO 2,000 elderly citizens in Limerick will be forced to pay for their refuse collection for the first time next year following the axing of a waiver system.

See link to story at related link

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author by Terrypublication date Sat Nov 27, 2004 01:21author address author phone

I mis-read the report on the link given above and hadn't noticed the figure in the original report.

It is 4,000 to loose the waiver and 2,000 of these are elderly.

It is almost certain this will now apply to ALL councils!

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