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Celebrities come to Tara

category national | environment | press release author Friday October 01, 2004 14:43author by Save Tara - Save Tara Skryne Valley Groupauthor email info at taraskryne dot org

‘Stuart Townsend Invites U2, Sinead, Marianne & Other Celebrities To
Hill of Tara Event – Sunday, 10 October’



1 October 2004

‘Stuart Townsend Invites U2, Sinead, Marianne & Other Celebrities To
Hill of Tara Event – Sunday, 10 October’

Stuart Townsend, who has formally become a spokesperson for the Save
Tara Skryne Valley Group, is inviting celebrities to the Hill of Tara
on Sunday 10th October, to oppose the planned M3 motorway which will
pass through the Tara archaeological complex.

Invited guests include all U2 members, Sinead O’Connor, Marianne
Faithful, Liam O’Maonlai, Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan and Lainey Keogh.
Ronan O Snodaigh of Kila has already agreed to attend.

National politicians, including the new Minister for the Environment,
Heritage and Local Government, Mr. Dick Roche, are also being invited,
as are local councillors and groups such as Meath Archaeological and
Historical Society. The public is welcome to attend.

The event, called Feis Tara Skryne, will begin at Skryne Abbey at 1.00
PM, on the Hill of Skryne, approximately a mile and a half from the
sister Hill of Tara. Leading Irish historians and archaeologists will
be on hand to give a guided tour of the historical sites.

The progamme will move from Skryne to the Hill of Tara at 3.00 PM,
where the historical/archaeological tour will continue. Speakers,
poets, religious leaders and musicians will address the crowd, and
everyone will have an opportunity to participate. It is hoped that
public outcries will lead to a change in the motorway plans.

Mr. Townsend, who will be filming in Germany during October, is flying
in on Friday 8th October to appear on the Late Late Show. He has
written a letter in support of the campaign to save the Hill of Tara
(attached). In it he writes:

“Someone really seems to have it in for our heritage. This is a matter
of national importance and I would urge as many people to attend as

Vincent Salafia, Public Relations Officer the group said:

“We are delighted that this issue is finally getting the attention it
deserves. This event will give the new Minister for the Environment,
Dick Roche, a chance to understand what is at stake here at Tara.

“Carrickmines Castle is still in the courts after two years, due to the
mismanagement of the former Minister, Mr Martin Cullen. We want to
avoid a repeat of that here, and make this a win-win situation.


Vincent Salafia 087-132-3365

22 September 2004


By Stuart Townsend

The history of Tara, and the Skryne valley goes beyond St Patrick,
beyond the high Kings of Ireland, even beyond the Druids and the Tuatha
De Dannan. And now we want to put a motorway through it. Barely anyone
has tried to stop what surely will be one of the greatest archeological
travesties of our time. Second only to the ancient artifacts stolen in
Iraq. But they had to start a war to get away with that one. We here in
Ireland seem to just be happy to let road builders dig up and tear
through the most ancient and sacred place that exists in our land.
Never mind the fact that in 50 years time there won't be any oil left
to fuel our motorway-cruising mobiles.

The development in Tara represents in microcosm what is happening in
the country as a whole. Another example is the proposed powerline route
from Carrick-On-Shannon to Sligo. The 220 kilovolt pylons will create a
sterile corridor through rural countryside and affect an area filled
with megalithic importance. Someone really seems to have it in for our

The ESB could technically put these cables underground but well...they
won't. Which has provoked the response "Bury the line, not the people".
So now not only the east coast is under threat, but the west coast
too. North and south anyone? But of course there are those who say"
it's just a hill", or" a bunch of old stones". These people have one
word for everything- Progress.

"More jobs will be created, a better standard of life, more things to
buy", the usual prosperity tag-lines get thrown about. To those I say;
take a look at our neighbours in England who have carved up their land
with motorways and pylons. We in Ireland are lucky because time is
still on our side. We have not devastated most of our rural beauty as
England has done, yet.

But in the name of progress- we will. And what standard of life will we
have then? And where's the Government in all this? Why is there no-one
protecting our most precious sites? Did we forget to hire a Minister
for the Environment? Or is he just taking a holiday at Crawford Ranch?

The much-heralded "Celtic Tiger" is now ravaging the Irish countryside.
If you believe, like me, that without our rich past we have no future,
please save Tara and the Skryne Valley.

You can sign our petition or donate on the web site at

Stuart Townsend.

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author by chuckle chucklepublication date Fri Oct 01, 2004 15:11author address author phone

oh he is. great man, takes good photos, taller than Dana, can pronounce all the right names.

author by Freddypublication date Fri Oct 01, 2004 17:54author address author phone

Marianne Faithful is ok. She went to the top before any of these others were even heard of, but I really do not care for any of the rest of them.
Anyway, why do we need 'celebrities' to fight our battles for us. "The great are only great because we are on our knees"

author by Jerrypublication date Fri Oct 01, 2004 23:25author address author phone

Whats happened to the real carrickminders?

author by joe bloggspublication date Fri Oct 01, 2004 23:34author address author phone

Hey Jerry didn't you hear that Mr. Salafia is running for President .....

The real carrickminders were just little people who helped him up a rung or two .... now he's going for the glittering prizes so he want to rub shoulders with the STARS .....

author by Pooka McFee - Nameless Faery Hordepublication date Sat Oct 02, 2004 20:22author address author phone

Never mind all that bitching. Fair play to those who are doing anything to protect our landcape heritage and environment. Just cos we don't agree with tactics or personalities let's not be dissing each other but give each other space to act in the way we deem good. Down here in Cork we're facing incinerators and super-dumps to name two and we're doing what we can to face 'em down. So, repect and solidarity to you Tara defenders. We are all fighting the same struggle for the same things. Be nice to see some eco-direct action up there too

author by Navanmanpublication date Mon Oct 04, 2004 12:16author address author phone

Who are these pople?
Do these blow ins think that the people of meath cant fight for themselves?
Who appointed these lot to be spokespersons for US?

BTW I was born and reared at Tara, still live there and so have my people for generations.

Vincent Who?

Piss off and jump on someone elses bandwagon!!!!!

author by cynicalpublication date Mon Oct 04, 2004 15:20author address author phone

god maybe mr townsend will speak at the ISF with the carrickminers wouldnt that be a treat for us all!

author by ex stickpublication date Thu Oct 07, 2004 14:34author address author phone

Surely putting the cables underground will cause more damage to the archaeology of Sligo than running them across the landscape on pylons?

Is this gig going ahead on Sunday?

author by Sharon O'Farrellpublication date Sun Oct 10, 2004 13:42author address author phone

For God's sake, what's all the bitching about...surely the point is that people should be getting out there and doing something instead of pontificating from their armchairs. Where are all the so called 'spiritual' people who love tara and get so much from spending a half hour up there. In typical Irish fashion, we bitch moan and begrudge without actually doing something constructive to change things - usually leaving it up to everyone else to do it and then crying when it's too late to do anything at all. So, come on, put all the opinions about personalities aside for once. It has nothing to do with the object of the campaign at the end of the day. So what if there are celebrities involved? They're only people who happen to be well-known for what they do. Great! It will help to highlight the travesty. It won't stop at a road, next thing to happen will be warehousing, large industrial estates on the road. Look at the M50! Peace and tranquility will be a thing of the past with noise pollution from the traffic. Besides, the M50 is still the biggest carpark in Ireland and it hasn't helped reduce traffic all that much. I personally don't object to the road...I do objext to the location and the planners can move the route a few more kilometres. That's all. As a footnote - Why do people hide behind fake usernames? For example, the Tara native 'Navanman'..who are you? You could be anyone from anywhere.Have the courage of your convictions for f**k sake. Cowards.

author by EBpublication date Wed Oct 13, 2004 20:03author address author phone

I'm currently in Mexico where a Walmart is being constructed less than a kilometre from the ancient and sacred site of Teotihuacan an hour outside Mexico city. The construction site is actually on the old city surrounding the central site.
Like Tara, it has a special significance for the history of the country. It is one of the most important archeological sites in Mesoamerica and has religious signifcance to this day for many Mexicans.
I met several Shamen who had been on hunger strike for eight days. They were in bad shape but seemed determined to continue.
On the same day that protesters gathered at Tara, a large protest was held at Teotihuacan.
Construction continues.

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