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Election Crisis Protest at Dail Today

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Thursday September 23, 2004 11:40author by Vincent Salafia - Save Tara Skryne Valley groupauthor email uatuathal at yahoo dot comauthor phone 087-132-3365

Come and join artist Jim Fitzpatrick and Vincent Salafia from 4 to 6 PM

Political paties have conspired to take away your constitutional right to vote in a presidential election...because it would cost too much! What price for democracy in Ireland? What price in Iraq?
Jim Fitzpatrick's famous portrait of Che
Jim Fitzpatrick's famous portrait of Che



23 September 2004

‘Artist Jim Fitzpatrick Joins Vincent Salafia Outside Dail Today To Protest Presidential Election Crisis’

Artist Jim Fitzpatrick, famous for his portrait of Che Guevara, will join Vincent Salafia between 4.00 and 6.00 PM outside the Dail today to protest the denial of a Presidential election. Members of the public are being invited to join them in demanding that there be an election.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has put his full support behind Mr. Salafia as a candidate for Presidential election, and has joined the campaign to prevent the M3 motorway passing through the Tara Skryne Valley. Mr. Salafia is running on a heritage protection ticket.

Another artist to endorse the Tara campaign is Irish-born actor Stuart Townsend, who is engaged to academy award winner Charlize Theron, though he has yet to be contacted regarding the Presidential election.

Speaking yesterday on the matter Mr. Fitzpatrick said:

“I like President MacAleese, and I support Dana’s right to contest the election, but I will be giving Mr. Salafia my vote.”

“It is a tragedy for democracy in Ireland that the political parties have conspired to prevent an election.”

Mr. Salafia will be taking further legal advice today on the constitutionality of the actions of the main political parties in relation to the election.

He said:

“The constitution guarantees that there be a Presidential election, and guarantees everybody the right to vote in it. Now we have a Fianna Fail President, whose job is the guardian of the constitution, making a deal with Fine Gael in order to prevent an election. No matter how nice she is, she simply does not have that right.”

“How much does democracy cost in Ireland? How much in Iraq? Do the math.”


Vincent Salafia 087-132-3365

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