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Special Anarchist Boat Squadron (S.A.B.S.) Shannon protestors in court this morning

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court proceedings of the hearingsof Ed Hoprgan,Arron Baker,Eibhlin Ni hir (S.A.B.S.)

Judge: Mangen.
Defendant’s solicitor: Pat Daly.

Ed Horgan, Aaron Baker, Eibhlin Ni Hir (S.A.B.S.), were charged initially under section 8 of the public order act for their "sea assault" in defiance of the recent visit of George Bush jr to Ireland at Shannon airport. They were ordained to appear in court in Ennis, County Clare this morning where they were charged with a second "offence" as follows:
Contrary to section 4 6(1) of the Harbors acts 1996. On the 25/06/2004 at Inishcullen pt. Clare said district court area of Shannon, did enter a temporary exclusion zone between Mellon point and Beaves Rock lighthouse established between the hours of 1200 on the 24th of June and 1800 hours on the 26th of June 2004 by the harbor master of Shannon estuary. Signed Mr. Alan Coughlan.

After these additional charges were imposed on the defendants Judge Mangan had a two minute adjournment as he had forgotten his official stamps!
Initially the court swore in the arresting officer (Sgt. Mark G A Mc Keon) of the three to confirm the additional charge placed upon them today and their noted replies to this charge. According to this guard’s notes Ed Horgans reply was: "I believe I was unlawfully arrested at 2pm on the 26/05/04 (?) And will be challenging the legality for that."
A Gary Doyle order was requested this morning and he (the garda) recommended remand of the three until September.

Defendant’s solicitor: Pat Daly requested copies of the Garda helicopter video footage for all three. Copies of the C70 order for all three. A request for a copy of the order which enabled possible monitoring of Mr Horgans communications was sought if such an order was indeed to be found.

Inspector Kennedy “I am not aware that such an order exists”

Pat Daly “we would like a copy of it, if such an order exists”

Inspector Kennedy “We will comply, if it exists.” and “would like the hearing to be put back until the 1st of September for mention”

Pat Daly “we would like a hearing date and counsel will be present”

Judge Mangan “Thursday 16th September for a possible hearing?”

Sergeant Mark G A Mc Keon (still in the stand) “I will be on holiday then, can we do it in October?”

Judge Mangan ”Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th,Monday 11th,Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st of October?”

Pat Daly “we wish to continue bail until the 3rd of September 2004 to fix a trial date.” Also requests legal aid for Eibhlin Ni Hir, which is granted.” in relation to Aaron Baker and Eibhlin Ni Hir’s bail terms not to go within 20 miles of Shannon during the 23rd of june, we would like these to be dropped now. In relation to Mr. Horgan’s bail restriction not to be within less than 5 miles of Shannon during the period between the 23rd to the 26th of June, we would request that this also be dropped”

Judge Mangan “Dispense with bail condition no 4?” “It is just a straight bail condition, is that right?”(In reference to Eibhlin)

Inspector Kennedy” Yes, there is other conditions, the standard one which consists that she attend”

Judge Mangan” so that’s it?”

Pat Daly “yes sir”

Court will sit for the three once again on the third of September 2004 to set a trial date…..

SPECIAL ANARCHIST BOAT SQAUDRON ACTION HISTORY and ruminations from a friendly "seal"

The original boat trip up the Shannon Estuary was undertaken and intended as a peaceful unarmed protest to exercise their rights under Article 40 of the Constitution. The three individuals were not aware of any exclusion zone on the waters or the Shannon Estuary and they later discovered that this alleged exclusion zone was only notified to within the Shannon Foynes Harbour Port Company, its staff and pilots, to two local Yacht Clubs, and to Valentia Marine Radio service, but was not notified to the general public in any way and was not demarcated in any way on the water and was not patrolled or protected in any effective way to warn or prevent small boats from entering this alleged exclusion zone. The three mariners were charged with loitering in a public place, in an exclusion zone, which seems a bit of a contradiction.
About 150,000 US heavily armed troops have passed through Shannon Airport, an exclusion zone under international law for foreign troops on their way to
War, thousands of whom have been seen loitering with intent around Shannon
Airport Terminal Building, over the past fifteen months, yet not one of
Them have been arrested or charged.
On 25 and 26 June 2004, one Mr George Bush, suspected war criminal, was
Seen loitering around Shannon Airport and the grounds of Dromoland Castle,
In his underclothes, yet this suspected war criminal was not arrested in spite
Of the presence of up to 10,000 members of the Irish Security Forces. Yet
Three peace activists who attempted to alert the Irish Government, the Irish
People and the security forces were themselves arrested, for blowing their
Whistles too loudly! At one point during their arrest a minor emergency
Was declared when suspicious objects were discovered in their possession.
On further investigation these items were found to be whistles or hooters,
Dangerous weapons of mass destruction.
These peace activists have done nothing more that seek to speak and expose
The truth, and for this they have been arrested, detained, and charged. The truth in this case is terrible. Ireland has knowingly and willingly participated in the killing of over 20,000 innocent people in Iraq.
These three, and all other peace activists at Shannon will continue to speak the truth at every opportunity, and will do so fearlessly and faithfully.Harrassment, prosecution and imprisonment by the government, the Gardai, and the judicial system will not silence them.


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