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Cearnóg na gCainteoirí/Speakers Square @ Temple Bar, Dublin 16/05/2004

category dublin | arts and media | news report author Monday May 17, 2004 16:20author by redjade

New Times: 2pm to 6pm every Sunday - ALL Welcome

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Ciaron O'Rielly
Ciaron O'Rielly


Poetry & Rap
Poetry & Rap

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author by redjadepublication date Mon May 17, 2004 16:22author address author phone


another poet
another poet

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher


an English Heckler
an English Heckler


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author by redjadepublication date Mon May 17, 2004 16:23author address author phone


Rossa debating about protecting the Irish language
Rossa debating about protecting the Irish language

Poetry to Hens
Poetry to Hens

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author by redjadepublication date Mon May 17, 2004 16:24author address author phone

Past Cearnóg na gCainteoirí/Speakers Square Happenings...
May 9th / April 25

Official Website:

Richard from Mullingar talks about the Irish Famine and its effects still today.

Bobby preaches against 'Lazy Brain' - a disease that seems infectious in society

Ciaron O'Reilly speaks about the power of non-violent resistance

Bobby asks, What is 'Terrorism'? Is it just a poor man's war? or is war a rich man's terror?

A christian speaks about the 'evils' of homosexuality

Poetry/Rap, Irish style:
- An Ejiit's Politics and just because you're on the dole, it doesn't mean you have to sell your soul. - Time is ticking - tick, tock, ...tick tock...
- Another poet's thoughts about life

Michael Gallagher (Independent Socialist candidate for Dublin City Council) says 'Cherish All Children' is all you need in any Constitution.

Rossa Ó Snodaigh debates the crowd about saving the Irish Language

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author by davidpublication date Mon May 17, 2004 16:49author address author phone

Is there always a police presence to 'defend free speach'?
And do they have cameras?

author by Curiouspublication date Mon May 17, 2004 17:32author address author phone

Is Ciaron O'Reilly at all of them as well?

author by PosterWatchpublication date Mon May 17, 2004 17:38author address author phone

The Christian is described as "ranting". Perhaps he was but surely there is a narrow line between debating and ranting.

One mans debate is anothers rant?

author by redjadepublication date Mon May 17, 2004 17:43author address author phone

ummm yeah, you're right - i changed that, thanks

author by Ciaron - Dublin Catholic Workerpublication date Mon May 17, 2004 18:28author address author phone 087 918 4552

I missed the second one couldn't get outta bed for a day and half after the long May daze march to police lines.

What the corner needs is 4 or 5 goups or individuals to make a 4-6 week commitment to be there/provide a speaker every week to give it a kickstart for it to take root. Hopefully groups organising around the referendum, Bush visit etc. will see it in their interest to use this forum to connect with folks in the streeet.

Probably needs 3-4 folks to guarantee that one of them will be there at kickoff time to get the boxes and signs out on time.

For the last few weeks it's relied on Rossa to be there on time to set up and I assume he will have gigs elsewhere at times & will be unavailable.

That there was three soapboxes going at once for a time on Sunday was a good sign.

Tourists are obviously interested (people are less uptight/ self-conscious/worried about being spotted by the neighbors when travelling). Meet intersesting foks had great chats with aan assylum seeker from Kurdistan (recently outta the war zone), Pakistani guy, A U.S. Vietnam Vet who did three tours and still believes it was the right thing to do after getting offa the box.

Dublin Catholic Worker crew are commited to be there weekly for the forseeable future.

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author by pcpublication date Thu May 20, 2004 01:43author address author phone


author by Ciaron - Dublin Catholic Workerpublication date Thu May 20, 2004 03:55author address author phone

Reaction to the "christian" was pretty much boredom and despair.

Unfortunately Hyde Park in London has become dominated by fundamentalists of every srtipe. But that is the fault of others abandoning the space.

Free speech - use it or lose it!

author by pcpublication date Sat May 22, 2004 19:24author address author phone

"democrrcy use it or lose it" .....whooops

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