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What's wrong with the EU - New PDF pamphlet

category international | summit mobilisations | press release author Friday April 30, 2004 16:51author by WSM

A new pamphlet published in advance of the Dublin May Day EU summit protests brings together articles that critique the policies of the European Union. Published by the Workers Solidarity Movement whose members have been active in organising the protests.

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What's wrong with the European Union?
The EU is one of the motors of capitalist globalisation, the rule that all decisions should be made on the basis of profitability alone.

The neoliberal agenda at the heart of the EU
EU decisions are driven not by the needs of the people of Europe but by the wishes of the European based corporations. These corporations produce drafts that are later turned into EU policy

Fortress Europe
Increased integration of EU asylum and immigration policy. One of the first steps towards the creation of Fortress Europe was the Schengen Agreement which was originally signed in 1985 by five EU states

The EU, militarism and Ireland
The story of the European Union and militarism goes back as far as 1955 when the Western European Union (WEU) was formed. This was the main avenue for joint European security efforts and was closely tied to NATO

The libertarian alternative to the bosses Europe
For us, the libertarians, these struggles are not a means to conquer the power of others. For us, these struggles are a means to radically change society. Instead of power, we want freedom; instead of privilege, we want justice.

You can download and print out a PDF file from
Or read the articles online at

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