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The Socialist Party, Joan Collins and the Bin Tax Battle

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | feature author Thursday April 22, 2004 21:42author by Dermot Connollyauthor address 30 ring st, Inchicore, D8

An analysis by Dermot Connolly (Ex Secretary of the Socialist Party)


An article submitted by user Dermot Connolly lays out an insiders perspective on the Anti-Bin Tax Campaign and the part played in it by the Socialist Party. Dermot Connolly was one of the central organisers of the Dublin City Campaign for the Socialist Party as was his partner Joan Collins. His piece explains why neither of them are members of the Socialist Party any more and why Joan Collins is standing as an independent Bin Tax candidate. This article is one of the longest and most detailed perspectives published to date on this pivotal struggle against the imposition of privatisation by stealth - a privatisation agenda driven by the unspoken neo-liberal creed being pursued by the FF/PD Government. The article has caused a significant degree of controversy as the comments below it reveal and has led directly to attacks on the site by persons unknown aimed at making the article unreadable.

Extract: "Some problems in a campaign of this type could be expected when the pressures came on. What was needed was a leadership who understood the need for maximum unity in action, and were prepared to compromise on secondary issues to achieve that. In reality what opened up was a struggle by different political groups to try and grab the leadership of the struggle."

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