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The legacy of Fianna Fail 's incompetence government will be inherited by future generations

category national | bin tax / household tax / water tax | opinion/analysis author Saturday March 06, 2004 18:04author by John McDermott - Remove Fianna Fail Partyauthor address Ashtown.Dublin

We are drowning in rubbish -above and underground-its official.!

Todays 'Irish Independent carries some more of the horrendous facts relating to the jailing of decent T.D.'s and working people while the gangsters in and out of government carry on business as usual.

The shocking- if excellent- article in the Irish Independent(saturday/6th) by Treacy Hogan,entitled’the gangster waste operators who are dumping on our future’,- highlighting the widespread illegal dumping of domestic and toxic industrial waste throughout the country in places as far apart as Wicklow and Cavan,is yet another indicator of just how busy the elected councillors and T.D.’s of the present government have been in recent years.
Preoccupied with lining their pockets ; rezoning lands for their cronies;and sanctioning ‘one off houses’ in every beauty spot in the land ,-It has passed their notice that a vast organized Mafiosi/waste industry exists in all their backyards.
While they are now busy trying to screw both industry and householder alike for ‘rubbish’ revenues/stealth taxes etc. for purposes completely unconnected with waste disposal and to keep to keep their prodigiously wasteful ship afloat in government;-their intended victims in the industrial waste business are circumventing the charges and flouting the law with total impunity.
Ordinary citizens however, have less latitude in their options to avoid payment, and spend time in Mountjoy Jail, for peacefully protesting against the whole charade..
Your journalist clearly outlines a dismal legacy for our children’s children- courtesy of the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’, so called, now ensconced in Leinster House;
Wealthy Fianna Fail supporters , landowners and farmers alike, grown fat from polluting both the landscape with ‘one off rural houses;-and the very soil and water underneath such properties- with toxic waste.!
I can only say that the good people of this Island deserve the government they re-elect –and all the consequences of their greed and self serving policies-if they triumph at the polls next June.

Furthermore I say that any citizen who ,despairing of the widespread corruption and environmental despoliation of their native land, refrains from casting a vote,- deserves to be disenfranchised.!

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