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Donegal politicians urged to 'Save Tara'

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Local pressure gearing up...

Below is a press release sent to 10 local media outlets, covering Donegal's 130,000+ population. The Tara issue, the Corrib gas field and many other assaults on Irish life continue to be ignored by the national media.

Local media is usually quite stale but very open to alternative news, so long as it has a local slant. Politicians are great users of local media but activists are often to busy lambasting Fox news to notice. You can localise easily by (a) keeping it simple (b) making it easy on the journo (email it etc) and vitally (c) puttting a local slant on it.... / this applies of all issues - war, environment etc. And remember, local elections around the corner - they don't like their names in the paper!


‘Save Tara/Skryne Valley’ Campaign (Donegal)


March 05, 2004

Donegal politicians urged to ‘Save Tara

Donegal based supporters of the ‘Save Tara/Skryne Valley’ campaign are urging the county’s politicians to do all the can to save one of the world’s most famous archaeological and spiritual sites from being destroyed.

In August 2003 An Bord Pleanála granted planning permission for a 50-km, €680 million motorway scheme through the valley between the Hill of Tara and the Hill of Skryne, in Co Meath. This valley is "chock-a-block" with monuments, many of which predate the Egyptian pyramids. The 12th-century Skryne Castle is also located in the valley.

The proposed Motorway, which is receiving strong Government backing, will split the valley in two and forever destroy one of Ireland’s most important religious and historical centres. Furthermore it will have a devastating impact upon the trees, animals and nature of the famed Boyne Valley.

The campaign to save the valley is heating up with a letter of protest from leading International academics appearing in editions of the Irish Independent and the Irish Times last week and a broad based network of campaigners vowing to stop the planned Motorway.

Alternatives to the Motorway include expanding the existing N3 in addition to reopening the Navan to Dublin railway line or simply relocating the proposed Motorway.

However Environment Minister Martin Cullen, and other leading Fianna Fail TDs appear to be resolved to making the Motorway happen.

Tara merits International conservation measures, such as gaining UNESCO world heritage status, and not this short-sighted vandalism in the name of progress.

Donegal based campaigners will be stepping up the pressure on minister Mary Coughlan and local TDs, Senators and MEPs by pressing them to act towards the immediate preservation of Tara.

They will be promoting the Save Tara website throughout the county and asking local people to become active and vocal in this issue of international importance.


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