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Bank of Ireland - Recycling

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | press release author Thursday March 04, 2004 16:46author by Mark G

[recently published internal memorandum]

Bank of Ireland have achieved their target to recycle 80% of all waste generated in their Head Office in Baggot Street.

They began recycling waste in June 2003 and for the past 8 months they have recycled :-

* 62 tonnes of cardboard - the equivalent of 992 trees.
* 83.33 tonnes of paper.
* Saved 1,720 cubic metres of landfill.

They now plan to improve waste segregation at source to improve things further and cut the costs of recycling.

There are NO under-desk rubbish bins in any of the three buildings; staff have no choice but to recycle all waste.

Here's hoping other organisations follow suit.

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author by Stampspublication date Thu Mar 04, 2004 17:37author address author phone

How about recycling all that waste in the vaults ?

author by conor (wsm personal capacity)publication date Thu Mar 04, 2004 17:51author address author phone

how about some profit recycling for the rest of us
(from their half year to sept 2003 of their web page)
Profit on ordinary activities before exceptional items

642 million

Total assets 98,703 89,631 Total

author by Davepublication date Fri Mar 05, 2004 10:22author address author phone

Surely those profits indicate a good job is being done by the board?

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