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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Community Protest to highlight inadequate Recycling facilties

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | event notice author Wednesday October 29, 2003 18:27author by Campaign activist - DL/R Campaign Against Refuse Charges

Abolish The Bin Tax

Assemble 2:30pm Saturday Nov 1
At the Council 'Bring Centre' at Dundrum Shopping Centre
This is located at the back, where the entrance from the Dundrum bypass is located.

Bring paper, bottles, plastics (bottles), batteries, organic waste, used oil, heavy cardboard, styrofoam etc -anything that the council should recycle, but does not provide adequate facilities for.

This protest is being called to highlight the inadequate recycling facilities. It is to show the council that people are more than willing to recycle, but the infrastructure is not being provided or in the case of bottle and can banks are not large enough to cope with demand. You will often notice that all around the city and indeed country, that the capacity is clearly not enough and these banks are overflowing.

It has also been noted that the used-oil recycling facilty at the council dump no longer exists. And batteries widely used in consumer products are not recycled either, even though these are quite toxic.

We especially encourage people to bring as many plastic bottles and containers as possible.

For more information contact:
Lisa Maher campagin secretary 4934696
Deirdre Cronin 087 6650442
Melissa Halpin 087 2250947

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