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Pickets to Continue Tomorrow

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | press release author Tuesday October 14, 2003 20:29author by Anti Bin Tax

Joint Statement - 14th October 2003
· Dublin City Campaign Against the Bin Charges· Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown Campaign Against Service Charges· South Dublin Campaign Against Refuse Charges· Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign
Pickets To Be Placed on Bin Depots Throughout greater Dublin Area Again Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Anti Bin Tax campaigners will place pickets on bin depots right throughout the greater Dublin area again tomorrow (Wednesday) with the aim of shutting down the Dublin bin service for a second consecutive day.

This action is being taken because 15 people are now in jail. These jailings represent the biggest attack on the right to protest seen in a generation. We warmly welcome the support shown by bin workers to today’s protest and we appeal to bin workers not to leave depots again tomorrow past peaceful picket lines or to be forced through peaceful picket lines.

Anti Bin Tax campaigners wish to express serious concern at the incident which led to the hospitalisation of campaign activist Joe Mooney today (Tuesday). We wish to express total opposition to Council threats against the Council workers such as the threat to hire private contractors or to temporarily lay off workers. We call on the leaders of SIPTU and IMPACT to give full backing to any workers who face disciplinary action during these peaceful protests.

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author by ecpublication date Tue Oct 14, 2003 21:08author address author phone

The footage of the incident where the guy was injured at the picket. The driver of the truck was either (i) a nutball or (ii) someone who had been told he could act with impunity. Unreal.

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