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Protest at Congress Betrayal

category national | bin tax / household tax / water tax | opinion/analysis author Thursday September 25, 2003 14:51author by pat c

David Beggs, General Secretary of ICTU has stabbed the Anti Bin Charges Campaign in the back. Instead of opposing double taxation, Beggs has supported the bin charges.

He condemns campaigners for breaking the law! If Larkin and Connolly had obeyed the law where would the Trade Union movement be today?

Show him that he doesnt represent you. Contact Beggs and demand that ICTU support the Campaign and the release of Joe and Clare.



phone: 889 7777

fax: 887 2012

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author by Ciaranpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 15:03author address Dublin 15author phone

Unions are a joke these days.
Most of the people involved these days seem to be in it for themselves and not for the "people".

author by anti-reformistpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 15:16author address author phone

Its the only protest the unions will listen to

author by .publication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 15:19author address author phone

See comment on this at:

author by Angry SIPTU member / Crumlin Anti Bin Tax Campaignpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 16:18author address author phone

Below is a link to the disgraceful statement issued by Congress - it basically echoes the sentiments expressed by DB on Morning Ireland this morning. How dare he accuse us of being mislead, how dare he claim to speak for 700,000 people - you only had to look around at the union banners (not that there were too many) on Monday outside Mountjoy to know that he does not and can not speak for the membership on this issue. The DCTU, BATU, ATGWU and the TEEU are all backing this campaign - who does Begg speak for?

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author by TCpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 17:06author address author phone

This man has no credibility as a trade unionist. He represents nobody other than a cabal of out of touch, overpaid lackeys who have assumed the leadership of the trade union movement. He is simply a professional leech.

author by bbbpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 17:13author address author phone


author by Timpublication date Thu Sep 25, 2003 18:27author address author phone

so why the hell would ICTU be in favour of a bin tax, which is the first step to privatising waste collection?

My dad worked for Limerick city corpo collecting bins. Now it's privatised in Limerick, and those jobs are gone.

If the bin-tax is resisted, then it will not be viable to privatise the collection.

If the bin-tax is not defeated then people will have to accept paying for waste twice.
This lucrative situation will of course see private operators coming in, and plenty of redundancies.

It's not in the interest of Dublin bin collectors to support an unfair tax that endangers their own jobs.

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