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Tomorrow the campaign moves into the areas of most support and the gardai may act on threats of arrest.

Fingal Anti-Bin Tax Campaign Leaflet
Stand firm against non-collection
Don't Be Bullied - Don't Pay!
BERTIE AHERN has attacked the communities who are fighting against the bin tax. What he said this week confirmed everything our Campaign has being saying - that if the bin tax is imposed, water charges will follow.

This is not about 3 euro or 5 euro a week. Their agenda is about smashing the opposition in order to get a charge established and then increase it every year. Other charges will be imposed and soon you will be paying up to a thousand euro a year in local taxation! Like elsewhere, they are preparing the ground for privatisation.

And look at what the government and Council are willing to do to impose double taxation and privatisation. They are causing a potential health risk by refusing to collect bins and then when people protest we are being intimidated and threatened with arrest and imprisonment.

Santry residents show way to victory

They are making a big mistake - people will not be cowed. Their High Court injunction will not stop the movement against the bin tax. The determination of the residents in Royal Oak in Santry is an inspiration. They have blockaded a bin truck since last Thursday and are determined that it will not be released until the council gives the commitment to collect all bins.

So far, the action of the Campaign and residents has been very successful. As we are in dispute with the way the Council is implementing the bin service that we have paid for through the central taxation system, we have no choice but to disrupt the service until a commitment is given to collect all bins.

Residents may be wondering if we can defeat the council, the government and the unjust laws that are being used against us. The answer is yes and that belief is based on our own experience. We faced all of these obstacles during the battle against the water charges but we still forced the abolition of that tax in 1996.

People power can beat bin tax!

The battle against the bin tax is at a crucial stage. We are fighting a government, some local Councillors and a Council management that are dishonest and have little credibility. They have very little base of support. We represent the vast majority of PAYE workers who are opposed to this tax. We are appealing to all residents to get active over the next days and weeks. A huge amount is at stake. If we get mobilised, with united and determined action we will win!

Don't believe government lies - The truth about the bin tax

This is not about 3 euro or 5 euro. Bin charges start off at a certain level but then increase massively. In Sligo they are now 10 euro a week or 520 euro a year; Leitrim and Longford - 400 euro a year; Limerick - 350 euro a year; Waterford 7.50 euro a week or 390 euro a year; Wexford - 350 euro and Westmeath 416 euro a year respectively.

Households produce only 2% of all waste in this country. The bulk is produced by big agriculture and big business. Instead of penalising the real polluters, in the last two years they reduced Corporation Tax to the ridiculous level of 12.5%. Tax cuts to big business over the last two budgets have amounted to 1.5 billion euro. That money could have been used to abolish all local taxation nationally and for investment in other essential services. Regardless of the so-called tax reform of the last years, PAYE workers still pay over 80% of all tax in this country.

The Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign follows on from the anti water charges movement of 1994 - 97. It is important to remember that all residents benefitted from the battle that was waged by that campaign. It has saved each household in Fingal thousands of euros over the last years, because it forced the abolition of that tax. Like now that tax had been imposed in most areas of the country but the battle in Dublin proved decisive. It's the same today.

Tell the Politicians: "Scrap Non-Collection"


What You Must do to Help Defeat the Bin Tax

1) Some residents who are opposed to the tax didn't present the bin for collection. It is very important that you leave out your bin as normal. If you are opposed to the bin tax and have not purchased tags don't do so now under threat from the council. In order to show your opposition to the bin tax it is essential to present your bin untagged.

2) When the bin truck arrives in your estate, come out and ask for your bin to be emptied. The bin workers must be treated with the upmost courtesy. Fingal Management have put them in a very difficult position.

3) If there is a protest taking place in your estate or in a neighbouring estate it is very important that you join in.

4) To help the Fingal Campaign, contact Dublin West 8116174 - Dublin North 8408059.

5) If you are not from the Fingal area but want to get active in your local campaign, contact the All-Dublin Campaign on 087 283 7989

Put the Council and the politicians and parties that brought in the bin tax under pressure. Demand that non-collection be scrapped. Remind the politicians that the local elections will be held in ten months time. Ring your local councillors but also ring the party headquaters:

Fianna Fail - Tel (01) 6761551

Progressive Democrats - Tel (01) 6794399

Fingal County Council - Tel 8905000


Protest at the High Court Case
Fingal County Council vs Anti Bin Tax Residents

Show your solidarity and help fight these injunctions, join the protest

WED 17 SEPTEMBER, 10am outside the Four Courts

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author by no bin tax - sppublication date Sun Sep 14, 2003 14:37author address author phone

as I am listening to RTE radio one now. a representative of the council is saying the water charges should never have been stopped and should be brought back.

the whole theme of the interview seems to be poor officials trying to do there jobs while idiot residents who just don't understand get in the way.

There was no rep from our side!

Just makes me more angry!

author by Precision Manpublication date Sun Sep 14, 2003 14:52author address author phone

Yes, I heard that. He also questioned whether people would also want the tv licence abolished.

As a politician would say: "I'm glad you asked me that". Since he has put that idea into my head maybe he has a point. Maybe we should ask ourselves: "Does RTE measure up to being 'The National Broadcasting Station'?" It certainly does not present a balanced view of what goes on in Ireland.

Maybe we *should* be calling for the abolition of the tv licence?

author by the waypublication date Sun Sep 14, 2003 16:18author address author phone

you're right. but be more precise. it's not just TV license, do you pay for BBC?
TV is toxic.
stop TV. punto.

author by mepublication date Sun Sep 14, 2003 18:48author address author phone


author by Precision Manpublication date Sun Sep 14, 2003 22:20author address author phone

"by the way" asked about the BBC. There was a time when we got the beeb for free, that was when everyone had aerials on their chimneys. Nowadays most of us either have cable, or satelite, and when we pay the cable company etc. I presume they pass some of it on to the stations they carry.
Incidently, if these cable or satelite companies are carrying RTE, I would assume that RTE get something for it. so are we paying twice for our TV programs? as well as for our bin collections.
Or maybe we are paying three times, since we are buying the products advertised on RTE?
At least the BBC don't carry advertising, but I'm sure the news is just as distorted as on RTE, or any other "National Broadcaster", (i.e. State Broadcaster)

author by Joepublication date Mon Sep 15, 2003 13:53author address author phone


Anti-waste charge protesters held a demonstration outside the Dublin City Council depot in Rathmines this morning, causing bin lorries there to be delayed by about an hour.

From today, the Council says it will not collect rubbish from householders who have not paid their charges in the Dublin 4, Dublin 6 and Dublin 6 west areas.

Meanwhile, a Fingal County Council bin lorry has been prevented from leaving a housing estate in Santry for a fifth consecutive day....

author by charlie nolan - anti bin tax movementpublication date Mon Sep 15, 2003 21:02author email pinocio at eircom dot netauthor address 73 windmill rd crumlinauthor phone 0863635418

How we link up the struggle against the bin s bycharges with all workers is by saying that the abolition of bin charges in Dublin will end ALL bin charges nationally and therefore all workers.

Also the mobilisation of working class communities against the most unpopular goverment for years will moblise masses of people

All parties on the left who are only giving token support will be forced to give active support because what the people are saying is LET THE RICH PAY

author by pat cpublication date Tue Sep 16, 2003 11:07author address author phone

why not? would anyone suggest that there should be a newspaper license, that it would be illegal to buy papers unless you had bought a license/ and all the money raised would go to the state newspaper?!

public broadcasting should be defended, but it should be provided for from general taxation.

public broadcasting should not encompass making millionaires of joe duffy, gerry ryan, pat kenny etc.

author by .publication date Tue Sep 16, 2003 16:20author address author phone

don't mentioned that bearded bastard joe duffy, the most hateful figure to fraternise the airways...... ever.

Stupid, stupid small minded aul wan, gobshite, fat headed fool.

go way yeah, can't believe its not butter, go way yeah,


author by From ballyer manpublication date Tue Sep 23, 2003 00:45author address author phone

We had a huge turn out for our bin tax meeting and over 600 - 700 and the same number for the march organised by the local campaign and an hour blockade of the local bin route so theeerrre
Its not our fault that sliueveen little ponce is from our area he forgets where he comes from his mam was a cleaner in the local tyre factory and a very decent woman.

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