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Demo this saturday against WTO in belfast

category antrim | anti-capitalism | press release author Thursday September 11, 2003 17:58author by GRBelfast - Globalise Resistanceauthor email grbelfast at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor phone n/a



In the last few hours Lee Kyung-hae, a South Korean farmer and activist, has killed himself at the fences in Cancun behind which the WTO are meeting. His suicide was designed to highlight the plight that farmers across the world are facing thanks to the policies of the WTO and against their illegitimate meeting in Cancun.
Already tens of thousands of other farmers, Workers, students and peasants have been converging on the city to oppose the policies of the WTO. Globalise Resistance have called a demonstration outside City Hall in Solidarity with those demonstrating and we are encouraging as many people as possible to join us against the organisation which puts profit before the needs of people across the world. People should bring down placards, pots and pans, flags, banners… basically anything to make a lively demo.
These people aren’t only demonstrating for their own livelihoods, they are also demonstrating against the water charges we face here at home, the bin charges down south and against the sell off of our schools and hospitals.

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author by Ruairipublication date Thu Sep 11, 2003 18:30author address author phone

I feel that this man's death is nothing to be capitalised on. We must resist, demonstrate and propose alternatives but this death is a sad tragedy. Let's not lose compassion in our politics.

author by Belfasterpublication date Thu Sep 11, 2003 19:20author address author phone

So people should keep quiet about it as we should have done after the murder in Genoa or the 100,s thousands more their polices have murdered. The WTO as good as murdered this man. Speak out against the Bastards.

author by Ruairipublication date Fri Sep 12, 2003 10:56author address author phone

Nope - not saying Don't speak out or resign yourself to prayer. I am simply exercising a word of caution to some (and there are some) who will use this as the opportunity that it is to expose the WTO - rightly so, but we should remember the individual in question and not hijack his memory. I witnessed many 'God Save Carlo' people use his memory for promoting their own politics without giving 2 shits for the guy in question. Anyways, back to the boil!

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