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Give Bertie an earful today - not Friday.

category dublin | bin tax / household tax / water tax | press release author Thursday July 10, 2003 11:22author by Still Not Paying - North Inner City Anti-Bin Tax Campaign

Bertie and Royston have decided to come a day early to reopen our park. So anti-bin tax protesters are meeting up today (Thursday) at 1.30pm - corner of Gardiner Street and Sean McDermott Street.

Bertie Ahern, and sidekick Royston Brady (the new Lord Mayor), will be opening the redeveloped park on the corner of Gardiner Street and Sean McDermot Street on Thursday 10th.

This is the same Bertie whose pals have just passed a law allowing Councils to stop collecting rubbish from the 70% in Dublin who are boycotting the double tax.

If he thinks he'll get away with it, he can think again. Plans are already being put together for peaceful but effective direct action to ensure that they have to pick up all our bins.

If they need more cash let them go after their millionaire stud farm friends - instead of trying to make ordinary people pay twice for the same service.

Protesters are gathering at 1.30pm. Come along and give Bertie an earful.

More information: Michael Gallagher 086-4048249

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