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Public Inquiry
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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Pirate Radio Raids!

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Tuesday May 20, 2003 16:01author by Free Radio - Pirate radio Report this post to the editors

Comreg the new radio regulator (was OTDR) enforced the corrupt former minister for communications Ray Burke's 1998 broadcast law...

Comreg the new radio regulator (was OTDR) enforced the corrupt former minister for communications Ray Burke's 1998 broadcast law today by raiding 4 Dublin based pirate radio stations in Dublin at 13:00 hrs GMT. One kitted out Volkswagen van and a garda jeep with 5-6 gardai were used in the raid. The ESB were also used to back up the operation by terminating the offenders power supply. The operation took 2 and a half hours. The cost to the tax payer for these raids is unknown. Along with the diversion of Garda recourses. The Ghost of Ray Burke lives on. More to follow.

author by neilpublication date Sun Jul 03, 2005 15:30Report this post to the editors

Phantom broadcast on the internet aswell as FM. I take it the Gardaí are allowed confiscate equipment used to broadcast illegally by radio. However, are they allowed take equipment used for Phantom's Web-based broadcast (as this is perfectly legal)? Could Phantom claim all of their equipment is used for Webcasts and not FM broadcast?

author by Mic Dpublication date Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:42Report this post to the editors

Conor Maguire the head of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland was also Bertie Aherns Senior Counsel at the recent tribunals. Coincidence? I dont think so. Pirate radio stations threaten the advertising revenue of commercial stations, most of which are FF owned or FF friendly, and threats or even potential threats to their pockets wont be tolerated.

author by Kevin Walkerpublication date Tue Jun 29, 2004 15:42author email walkerk at eucon dot ieReport this post to the editors

It would be a tragedy if Jazz FM went off the air as in my opinion it's the best radio station in Dublin. What harm are they doing?

author by Piercepublication date Mon Jun 16, 2003 02:30author email Pierce at McDonnell dot orgReport this post to the editors

Well they got avisit again Sunday of all days overtime I guess. Here is the news from Radiowaves. For those that dont read Radiowaves.fm its the only site for radio in Ireland a must read....
Thanks to John Flemming for this great site!!!

DUBLIN: I.C.E. FM receive visit
I.C.E. FM Dublin received another visit from ComReg today. The regulators came onto the station's land without a warrant but they took nothing. This led to I.C.E. FM Dublin ceasing broadcasts for the day but station manager Joe Doyle, who believes that he had an agreement with the government to be allowed broadcast this weekend, remains defiant. "It was my intention to close the station at 9pm this evening, but given that the government seem to have gone back on their word, we'll stay on," he told Radiowaves News tonight.
I.C.E. FM were using Easy 105FM's studios and link transmitter for the day.

Related Link: http://www.radiowaves.fm/news/index.shtml
author by Fiona Connorpublication date Sun May 25, 2003 20:54author email fifi_670 at hotmail dot comauthor phone 0861560302Report this post to the editors

Why are phantom fm being turned on again, there one of the best pirate stations in ireland and their the oonly rock station in ireland. They get emails form Anmerica even, they are good and they have been going with the laws of the radio world , please let phantom fm broadcast and get a lisence , im sure there will be protests for phantom if they dont get back on air

Related Link: http://www.phantomfm.com
author by hannahpublication date Wed May 21, 2003 16:52author email ginger_nymph at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors

so what's going to happen to phantom now?

author by Paul Kinsella - Variouspublication date Tue May 20, 2003 23:22author email paulkinsella53 at yahoo dot comauthor address 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9, Eireauthor phone 087-9748511Report this post to the editors

Useful link: http://www.radiowaves.fm/news/index.shtml

author by Noonepublication date Tue May 20, 2003 22:39Report this post to the editors

something is going to have to be done about this, but I doubt a letter to Bertie is going to do anything. Is someone organiseing a protest?

author by Pirate radiopublication date Tue May 20, 2003 22:27Report this post to the editors

I think there will be a more co-ordinated effort soon..on air as well as on the ground stay tuned on FM and here at IM.

author by Piercepublication date Tue May 20, 2003 22:06author email Pierce at McDonnell dot orgReport this post to the editors

Now we need to tell the goverment that we had enough. Yes they are Illegal stations some very good like Phantom fm. Dont just sit their crying write to your TD Dail Rep asking him to bring back or even give them a chanceto get a license. You can phone the Dail @Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas, Leinster House, Dublin 2, Ireland
Oifig Thithe an Oireachtais, Teach Laighean, Baile Átha Cliath 2, Éire
Telephone: + 353 (0) 1 618 3000, Fax: + 353 (0) 1 618 4118
© Houses of the Oireachtas - www.oireachtas.ie
For further information: info@oireachtas.ie
For queries about Parliamentary Debates: debatesinfo@oireachtas.ie
I got this off their website .

Please Show them that you care.....

author by Paul Kinsella - Variouspublication date Tue May 20, 2003 21:39author email paulkinsella53 at yahoo dot comauthor address 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9, Eireauthor phone 087-9748511Report this post to the editors

On Tuesdays between 9PM-11PM on Phantom 91.6FM :-(
2FM are being cute. As write this at 9:37PM 2FM are playing London's Calling by The Clash! When was the last time 2FM even acknowledged that The Clash existed, let alone played them?

author by Davepublication date Tue May 20, 2003 21:20Report this post to the editors

Phantom is the only station I listen to. This is joke.

author by Pirate Radiopublication date Tue May 20, 2003 20:51Report this post to the editors

Some of the above pirate stations will be back on air within days / hours. There will be protests and demos at selected intervals and locations. We are all in communication with each other to counteract this suppression of free music and speech. Must strike whilst the iron is hot. Any further news on how and when this takes place will be posted here on IndyMedia. Thanks lads.

author by Lone gunmanpublication date Tue May 20, 2003 20:07Report this post to the editors

COMREG has also been hitting security companies,taxi companies,and intrestingly enough spy shops that sell covert electronic equipment.Funnily enough COMREG claimed on the last that some" radio surveillance devices" were used in the peace camps and by anti war activists in shannon to jam or interfere with aircraft radio comms.Comments?

author by Paul Kinsella - Variouspublication date Tue May 20, 2003 19:54author email paulkinsella53 at yahoo dot comauthor address 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9, Eireauthor phone 087-9748511Report this post to the editors

Sun 101.2FM (Specialising in 1980's music) is also off the air presumably also as a result of these raids, as is another station (Name eludes me for the moment) that also specialises in pre-1990's music broadcasting on 92.5FM. The cute hoors typically picked a day to raid all the pirates when most people would have assumed that the silence on the airwaves was caused by the bad weather conditions (Lightning, torrential rain and high winds - All of which we suffered from in Dublin today). Thats what I thought was the problem myself till I logged on to IndyMedia Ireland a few minutes ago and saw this story. Another first for IMC Ireland. Well done! PS. JAZZ FM (89.8FM) is still on the air, or was at least till 1/2 an hour ago.

author by Mark Pearsonpublication date Tue May 20, 2003 17:06Report this post to the editors

Jazz FM should be OK as it only broadcasts at the weekends.

I really hope so....

author by Pirate radiopublication date Tue May 20, 2003 16:14Report this post to the editors

Phantom, Hot, Ministry and a few others. all of which affects the 15_30 age group listeners. More info later.

author by Simpson eh?publication date Tue May 20, 2003 16:06Report this post to the editors

on which stations were raided?

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