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Death of Ballymun community activist Sean O Cionnaith

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Monday February 17, 2003 14:14author by John Jefferies - The Workers' Party

Leading Workers' Party member dies suddenly aged 63

Dublin North West Workers' Party representative Seán Ó Cionnaith died suddenly at his Ballymun home aged 63. Seán had taken part in the huge Dublin anti-war demonstration only hours earlier.

The Workers’ Party representative in Dublin North West, Ballymun community activist
Seán Ó Cionnaith has died suddenly at his home.

A former Dublin City Councillor, Mr. Ó Cionnaith (63) had been a leading member of the Workers’ Party since the late 1950s and was a member of a large number of community, campaigning and political organisations in the Ballymun and Finglas areas and nationally.

A native of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway Seán had lived in Dublin for many years.

Seán served as General Secretary of (Official) Sinn Féin during the 1970s and has been a member of the Ard Chomhairle for over 30 years. He played a leading role in a number of campaigning organisations during the 1960s organising demonstrations on issues such as housing, public right to fish on inland waterways, Irish speakers rights and many other campaigns.

Among the organisations that Seán Ó Cionnaith played an important role are the following:

National Association of Tenant’s Organisations (National PRO)
National Waterways Restoration Campaign (founding member)
Dublin Housing Action Committee (founding member)
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement
The Peace Train Organisation (founding member)
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association
Ballymun Drugs Taskforce
Ballymun Neighbourhood Watch
Ballymun Better Lifts Campaign

Seán’s last political act was to walk in the huge anti-war demonstration in Dublin on Saturday.

Workers’ Party President Seán Garland, a close political and personal friend of Sean’s since the 1950s paid warm tribute to his comrade this morning. “The sudden and tragic death of Seán Ó Cionnaith has stunned and shocked thousands of people in Ballymun and throughout Ireland. His many friends in the United States, Britain, Asia and Europe will also mourn him. For decades Seán played a significant role in Solidarity movements for Cuba, Korea and Vietnam. We salute his life and his memory”, said Mr. Garland.

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