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Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child abuse ring

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Sunday December 08, 2002 23:10author by ***** ***probably the best war in the world

It was alledged in the book 'War of the Windsors', and the Sunday People newspaper pg17, that Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked to the Kincora boy's abuse network. Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was reknowned to be wildly promiscuous, bisexual and to enjoy a bit of 'rough' or the plesures of young working class boys or indeed peasant indian boys. In other words Lord Mountbatten enjoyed rogering the children of lower classes and peasants globally.

This is revealed in the book 'War of the Windsors', and may account for the non prosecution of Kincora clients and the relunctance of the authorities to act against those running the Kincora care home untill 1981, despite the vice ring being in operation since 1977, and the repeated allegations made against those pillars of society, upright citizens in charge of Kincora. The very Reverend William McGrath and co. Those operating the Kincora child vice ring were eventually prosecuted in 1981, but no charges were ever brought against the elite VIP clientelle of the Kincora child abuse vice ring, which included, prominent buisnessmen, hanging judges and government officials who were never prosecuted for their exploitation and sexual abuse of young working class boys. In court it was found that the so called pillars of society running the home, were guilty of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys in their care, whom they exploited and sold to their VIP clientelle. The authorities relunctance to act against the Kincora paedophiles also may have been because of the proven MI5/special branch interest in the VIP clientelle of the Kincora child vice network. These powerful authortarian figures would prove useful and supportive of any RUC actions in the future, given the MI5 files complied on the Kincora clientelle. Many of the VIP clientelle who sexually abused and degraded young working class boys are still prominent members of Ulster society, still highly respected pillars of society, some still High court judges, magistrates etc, some even have roles which give them direct access to children, some are now governors of schools, some are doctors etc. Their sordid grubby elite existence unaffected and unsoiled by their perverted behaviour and abuse of young working class children. These scumbags got off scot free from the Kincora child abuse scandal with their reputations and social status intact and unaffected, because the authorities chose not to prosecute them, afterall it was only young working class children they abused, and the working class are always expendable to the rich. In the world and exclusive social circles of these scumbags it is ok for rich perverts to sexuallly and physically abuse the children of the poor. The moral code of the filthy rich and powerful says this is clearly acceptable behaviour. Now we know why they're called the filthy rich.

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author by stand down basilpublication date Sun Dec 08, 2002 23:32author address author phone

say no more a certain Lagan college school governor, hint, hint.

author by nesta nugentpublication date Sun Dec 08, 2002 23:55author address author phone

It seems that rich/powerful pillars of society, such as priests, judges and those mentioned in the article above, have for too long now, got away with abusing the children of the poor and working class. Be it sexual abuse by priests, clergy or respected Judges/Magistrates and prominent members of the Ulster establishment, the names of these sadistic perverts should be revealed, and the information held on MI5/special branch files disclosed to the general public. Why should these perverts escape scot free just because of their Social status. The Kincora boys could not escape the abuse perpetrated on them, for them there was no escape then and no escape now. Many of those abused have commited suicide, many live shattered lives, in misery and despair, they have not escaped undamaged. While their affluent elite perverted abusers live their lives in luxury untarnished by Kincora, to attend coffee mornings, school board meetings, bible meetings, police board meetings etc.

author by cleo mcwilliamspublication date Mon Dec 09, 2002 00:06author address author phone

Those that paid for the services of the Kincora children, are still at large and free to cultivate their air of respectability and civic mindedness. I would like to know who they are, in case they are sitting on our childrens school boards, as school Governors etc. I for one would not like these vile perverts however rich, respectable and civic minded they seem, to have any contact with my children. We have recent revelations that some integrated Hazelwood school staff, were paedophiles, now there are real suspicions about a prominent member of ulster's judiciary, and an aggressive RUC defender, now a lagan school board governor. We have this man's links with Vincent mckenna, both shared a love of the RUC, both are prominent defenders of the RUC, indeed this pillar of society set up an RUC club at lagan college.

author by iosafpublication date Mon Dec 09, 2002 13:45author address author phone

There are others who know we have long past the time when we should be admiting the lack of protecting afforded children in all of Ireland from the monsters.
So one of the oldest allegations is made afresh, against a dead and thus judged admiral.
There are many alive.
Judge them.
Some of the most valuable contributions to ending sexual crime and the expliotation and slavery of children in contempoary society has been done by the naturally anonymous hacking communities.
These monsters moved on from instutionalised children [some "protected" from unsuitable parents] to travel the world. They congregate in fine hotels built on misery and evil in beautiful countries of South East Asia now.
Find them.
Name them.

author by jackpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 16:51author address author phone

Also, Was Jill Dando the 'good' journalist who knew too much?

[GO "View" -"Page Source" for the clue in the 'HTML source code' ]

author by roosterpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 17:47author address author phone

not much in the way of proof but never mind

author by pat cpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 19:15author address author phone

this piece was originally posted in 2002. dont know why jack posted on it. not much proof about mountbatten being a pedophile. i've heard it before.

uncle dicky (as he was known by the princes & princess) was certainly bisexual, maybe the rumours are fuelled by homophobia.

author by Kevin Manneringspublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 19:48author address author phone

Someone please point me to a single fact relating Mountbatten to Kincora. Same goes about the conspiracy relating to the Dando case. It is all speculation.

Can't see what this string has to do with homophobia. There is nothing wrong with opposing sexual abuse of children, regardless of whether it is hetero- or homosexual.

Interesting use of the word rogering in the original post, as in Roger Casement. He was indeed the victim of a conspiracy, proving it is not easy though.

author by pat cpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 19:59author address author phone

. "There is nothing wrong with opposing sexual abuse of children, regardless of whether it is hetero- or homosexua"

agree with you completely.l.

"Can't see what this string has to do with homophobia"

Mountbatten was bisexual, by linking him to pedophile conspiracies it can stir up homophobia. its commom enough among fascists such as the BNP to link being gay with pedophilia.

author by Jackpublication date Thu Jan 19, 2006 22:03author address author phone

I posted those links because I thought there might be a connection to the other allegations concerning abuse in children's homes. Shouldn't it at least be looked into, just in case? If the press and others attended the North Wales inquiry surely they know exactly whose names were mentioned.

Also, wasn't there a book published, about Mountbatten, in the late eighties, claiming that it was his encounters with boys that exposed him to the IRA?

author by Jannette Stevens - privatepublication date Wed Jan 23, 2013 04:57author address author phone

Isn't that interesting that poor NEIL MUIR was also murdered on exactly that same night as the supposed IRA bombing of Mountbattan...ALSO Neil Muir was with Peter Leslie Millhouse for that whole week before that monday night like he was being watched closely and set up for exactly the right date to be shockingly murdered/sacrificed. It was easy fro THEM to keep Neil watched until 'THE KILL" because poor Neil Muir was a dependant drug addict. THIS IS DISGUSTING. Please check out my facebook page 'Neil Muir Justice for Bringing Those Responsible to Justice'

author by what nonsensepublication date Wed Jan 23, 2013 09:56author address author phone

Mountbatten was bisexual, by linking him to pedophile conspiracies it can stir up homophobia. its commom enough among fascists such as the BNP to link being gay with pedophilia.

absolute nonsense - so pat c is saying that one cannot point the finger at supposedly bi/homo-sexual people because he think it might cause others to be prejudiced against homosexuals?

This is seriously warped thinking.

What then is supposed to happen if someone knows of a homosexual paedophile? Are we just supposed to shut up about it?

According tyes we are.

author by W. Finnertypublication date Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:24author address author phone

The excerpt in the section below is from the following www location:


'Allegedly, "Kincora was run as a virtual gay brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5 . Its clientele who preyed for years on vulnerable young boys... included loyalist paramilitary leaders, unionist politicians, judges and public figures. MI5... used it as a blackmailers lever." (Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)'


Related Link:
"Political legal and corporate corruption, crime, cover-ups, impunity, RUC, PSNI, Garda Siochana, Money Power Psychopaths, Mad Banker Disease, sex scandals, Human Rights Ireland, William Finnerty:

author by blastedpublication date Mon May 13, 2013 22:12author address author phone

Lord Mountbatten is mentioned in this horrific testimony

Related Link:
author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 15, 2013 20:12author address author phone

[Former?] IndyMedia Editor and Child Porn collector Pat Corcoran, seen above in this thread trying to claim that allegations against suspected pedophiles, such as himself and Lord Louis Mountbatten, are really nothing more than right-wing homophobia, showed up in court recently to face sentencing for his Child Porn addiction

Pat Corcoran, [probably just finished doing-you-know-what while viewing pics and videos of naked kiddes] said:

No wonder Pat Corcoran wanted to smear anyone mentioning Mountbatten and his alleged pedophilia, since clearly Pat Corcoran shared an interest with Mountbatten in little naked children, eh Pat?

Well done Pat Corcoran - almost had everyone fooled there.

At the time Pat Corcoran posted the above, I immediately questioned the now-convicted Child Porn collector on the wisdom and honesty of his smearing-attempts to claim that allegations of pedophilia were nothing but Right-wing homophobia.

Pat Corcoran of course immediately deleted/censored my comment, so I persisted, and was quickly banned by the now-convicted Child Porn addict and ex-Indymedia editor.

I complained and it was of course ignored, just as nearly all complaints about Pat Corcoran, and his behaviour, have been ignored in the past

And somehow Pat Corcoran, the convicted Child Porn collector, manages to avoid getting anything more than a slap on the wrist

Nice to be able to put a face on this scumbag though.

Pat Corcoran (53) leaving Dublin Circuit Criminal Court  - Photo: Collins Courts.
Pat Corcoran (53) leaving Dublin Circuit Criminal Court - Photo: Collins Courts.

author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 15, 2013 20:50author address author phone

A statement from the editorial board confirming that Pat Corcoran is now an EX-editor would be welcome.

Also Some explanation is needed regarding how he managed to worm his way onto that editorial board - neither are expected though, given the way the Indymedia editorial board have behaved in the past regarding complaints about Pat Corcoran's behaviour. -

Indeed I will be surprised if this post or the one above actually survive longer than a few hours, given past behaviour by the people that censor here. "Off topic" or "Editorial comment" would be the usual lame excuses used to censor inconvenient commentary in my experience -

Clearly the comment above this one is VERY MUCH ON-TOPIC given the subject matter and Corcoran's previous comments in this very thread and attempts to smear other commenters here.

Pat Corcoran and his behaviour is in fact one of the reasons I, and I presume many others, rarely comment here anymore - essentially the man helped destroy this site's credibility, and little if anything ever seemed to be done to reign him in.

author by 1 of Indymediapublication date Fri Nov 15, 2013 22:05author address author phone

The IMC will release a statement tomorrow.

However to address the questions raised in the meantime here are some answers.

1) Pat is no longer a member of Indymedia and does not have any login access
2) Pat joined the collective in Feb 2009 and joined via the normal process outlined here:
3) Anyone may join the collective using this same process and people are encouraged to do so.

author by Eagle Eyepublication date Fri Nov 15, 2013 23:02author address author phone

At the beginning of the 'news' item I read the key phrase that "Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked" to the infamous Kincora House pedophile scandal. Really, is that all you've got on him with regard to Kincora? It has long been known that Mountbatten enjoyed the intimate companionship of young men, and he wouldn't be the first famous historical figure to have had such a colourful 'side' to his social life.

Everything else in the story is about MI5 and conspiracy coverups and worse. Unless real facts and not unsupported rumours come forth into the limelight the author of the piece might be better employed writing pulp fiction sensational novels.

Indymedia Ireland has hosted many useful causes and will continue to do so. Unfortunately this kind of news item only serves to tarnish its reputation. I won't allege that an agent provocateur of a foreign intelligence agency planted the story as I don't have any facts on the matter. So let's all stick to facts then. Leave fiction writing to paperback writers.

author by wageslavepublication date Tue Nov 19, 2013 18:32author address author phone


for what it's worth, in light of recent events, I've reviewed your comment previously hidden by P.C. and unhidden it.

Wageslave (mod)

author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 14:32author address author phone

looks like I got all my dates wrong when recalling the incident.

Seems this was a much older thread than I realised, and that Corocrans despicable attempt to equate identifying Homosexual paedophile predators dated from well before I commented.

However it does give us some indication that his paedophilic tendencies probably dated from long before 2006

His "I was depressed" defence rings a little hollow when one sees what he was up to here, as a mere commenter, as long ago as 2006

Who wouldn't be depressed when they spend their spare-time masturbating to images of child abuse?

Imagine the waves of complete self-loathing that would wash over one, after the initial orgasmic-dopamine-high had worn off. - very very Catholic, that.

some say if you hate enough, eventually you'll become what you hate - Pat certainly was a hateful as yer average paedophile priest - and every bit as despicably hypocritical - the man missed a real opportunity by not joining the priesthood, eh?

author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 14:55author address author phone

Corocrans despicable attempt to equate identifying Homosexual paedophile predators

should read

Corocrans despicable attempt to equate identifying Homosexual paedophile predators with Right-wing Homophobia

author by Hugh Murphy - Sackedbymyunionpublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 15:40author address author phone


I see that the above postings have opened your eyes, however not before you took on the mantle [on indymedia] of PPCorcoran.


Hugh Murphy

author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 15:54author address author phone

While I despise the likes of corcoran and paedophile priests, I also note that as wageslave says elsewhere, Paedophilia has become a fine substitute for Orwell's "Two Minute Hate"

Any asshole, now matter how despicable themselves, can always make themselves look good and even gather a deranged mob for themselves by screaming about peadophiles.

It's like when murders and rapists in prison team-p to target paedophiles. I makes them fell better about themselves and their own crimes - "I may be a rapist, I may have battered and even murdered that woman after I raped her, but at least I raped a grown women, not likkle iddy-biddy defenceless children!!!!!!!!! Paedos are Sick Fuckers -lets go kill em all!!!"

author by Hugh Murphy - Sackedbymyunionpublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 16:24author address author phone

You are very sick

author by OhDearyMepublication date Fri Nov 22, 2013 16:44author address author phone

Fuck off Hugh and go stir yer shit somewhere else, ta..

You're only interested in making yourself look good in relation to corcoran

author by Hugh Murphy - Sacked by Union and Belfast Employerspublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 15:30author address author phone


Birds of a flock flock together - and if you are not part of Corcoran's flock you are doing a very good job of pretending.
Drop the pretence of using the non de plumes, because what you say is obviously a defence of Wageslave - and it is even more obvious that you and Wageslave are the same very disturbed person.
Have the courage to put your own name to what you think - that is if you really think it - and are not suffering from a severe multi-personally disorder. If you do suffer from MPD - and are not just a sanctimonious gutless coward and blow-hard - I appeal to one of the nice people in your dysfunctional head - to come to the fore and appeal to the others, to get you back on your medication before all ten of you run out of names and start believing what the evil one is saying.

With best regards

Hugh Murphy - my real name.

author by OhDearyMepublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 16:08author address author phone

Hugh, on this subject, you've seriously lost the plot entirely

author by wageslave - (personal capacity)publication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 20:19author address author phone

Hugh, now you are being a complete asshole.
I am NOT using, nor have I ever used the name OhDearyMe to comment on this site. That is just a complete lie. I have expressed my views on this and the other thread under the moniker wageslave. I have no need nor wish to invoke a sock puppet in this instance unlike some others. And resorting to this in the current context in the light of P.C.'s behaviour would be counter productive.

And I have quite a decent and functioning moral compass and my eyes are very wide open thanks very much without any need for patronising posts from people like yourself.

And furthermore, I demand that you retract your scurrilous statements regarding my mental health and your baseless innuendo that I support paedophilia, as you rightly demanded we redress the balance on your asbestos thread when Cantwell called into question your own mental balance, and which we promptly did in response to your request. (how very ironic!)

Hugh, I've taken your part in keeping your potentially libellous thread left up to help inform the public about your cause on this free website run by unpaid volunteers such as myself. Others disagreed with this course of action. And you show your "gratitude" by insinuating that I support paedophilia and that I am seriously disturbed.

That says a lot about you.

author by wageslavepublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 20:51author address author phone


Perhaps you might be one of the few that might appreciate these clips from the black and savage animated series "monkey dust" in light of your comments:

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

author by OhDearyMepublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 21:20author address author phone

I saw you mention it earlier, and immediately thought "BINGO!"

I was even contemplating posting something from it again - but decided against cos Hugh is already deranged enough.

But it fits Hugh and several others to a "T".

Monkey Dust was a real classic of the genre.

Hugh and those like him, with their hysteria calls for Paedo witch-hunts lead directly to things like this:

Disabled Man accused of being paedophile and murdered for photographing garden vandals -

author by OhDearyMepublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 21:25author address author phone

Imagine if some middle-aged single male, unfortunate enough to have the same name as Pat Corcoran, moved into Hugh Murphy's street?

author by OhDearyMepublication date Sat Nov 23, 2013 21:31author address author phone

Talking Nonce-Sense

Caption: Chris Morris - Brass Eye clip from 2001 Paedo Special

author by JoeMcpublication date Mon Nov 25, 2013 14:13author address author phone

A WSWS article by Julie Hyland today on the clampdown on the internet recently authorised by the British government .(see link ) Under the guise of a fight against child pornography, which is currently being promoted by the right wing Daily Mail newspaper , David Cameron joined with Google and Microsoft last week to trumpet new Google algorithms purportedly designed “ to block searches that could pertain to child abuse” .Google CEO Eric Schmidt says that using these algorithms Google would target 100,000 search terms that “might be related to the sexual abuse of kids.”

Hyland's article warns that ,once such algorithms have been developed and employed, the terms to be blocked using the algorithms can be extended — providing endless possibilities for internet censorship. The article points out that , “child pornography is rarely accessed through Google and other main search bars—so the measure will have little or no effect in this regards”.

author by Hugh Murphy - Sackedbymyunionpublication date Mon Nov 25, 2013 15:56author address author phone

Wageslave, what else am I to think when it's so obvious that you - whoever you are and the other person who could be your alter ego - are obviously singing of the same hymn sheet.
The reason I was intent on exposing the person who runs Attic is because - down the years the people who covered up for ITGWU/SIPTU were largely behind the scenes. Except in a few case like Norman Shannon the human rights lawyer who sat on my case until it became Statute Barred. This fact and a lot more are on and on Twitter - so you've no worries about being sued.

Best regards


author by wageslave - (personal capacity)publication date Mon Nov 25, 2013 16:06author address author phone

Still waiting on that retraction and my apology......

Regarding my anonymity, It should be quite clear by now to all who are reading this thread and other recent ones exactly why I have chosen to remain somewhat anonymous in order to protect myself somewhat from some of the screwy posters who come on here, while trying to do my job as a volunteer. The other volunteers know who I am and that is sufficient. Other volunteers in the past have paid a high price for electing to use their real names on this site. Real life harassment from trolls and nutcases at work and at home etc.

Just because I happen to agree with someone on something they said on a thread or vice versa does not automatically mean we are the same people.

I also agreed with some things you said. Does that mean we are the same person? Far from it.

Now I don't wish to have any more personalised two and fro on threads on this site with you any more. Please desist from this from here on in and get back to your topic. Don't make me any sorrier I supported all your posts being left up.

author by Hugh Murphy - Sackedbymyunionpublication date Mon Nov 25, 2013 16:16author address author phone


Just saw your post, if someone with the name Pat Corcoran moved into my street I'd first ascertain that he hadn't just moved from Spencer Dock.
The only people I'm concerned about are the one's who abuse children. I wrote a play about this in 1998 - probably before you were born and have been trying to post the article but can't.
I've had it reduced to A4 size but can't get it posted but will get help over the next few days to do so. You and your sarcastic remarks don't detract one iota from the need to protect children and not just pay lip service to it.
I repeat what I have said before - there is no such thing as an ex child abuser and by you not taking on board the words from the mother of an abused child in relation to how the abuse progressed - from cutting out page three girls by the young girl - to horrific real life pictures and then the eventual act - you are either being very blind or very stupid.

Hugh Murphy My real name.

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