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International Parental Child Abduction and Irish State sponsored Kidnap

category international | crime and justice | press release author Thursday January 23, 2014 16:49author by Don MacThomais

Taoiseachs Constituency involved in Abduction of Irish Infant with the knowledge of the Taoiseach.

International Parental Child Abduction is not a new trend as globalization bring people into a social setting normally not experienced in previous years . Relationships develop of course and love ,children and break ups are also to be expected. The removal of an Irish infant from Ireland is a crime under International law and the Non Fatal Offences Against the person Act under the Irish Statute book. There is also an international agreement called the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Parental Child Abduction which the Irish State signed in 1980.

The issue surrounding this legal instrument outside of the EU is vague with countries such as the USA providing little or no support to victims of this cruel crime and Irish Department of Foreign Affairs complete reluctance to challenge the USA whom citizens are responsible for the abduction of Irish infants born in Ireland.

International Parental Child Abduction is a crime on the rise and is a difficult international legal issue which the Irish government are negligent and show no concern to prevent. The recent abduction of a Mayo child from her home by her American mother really highlights the dark and institutional agencies still at work in the West of Ireland and how the Clan law attitudes of the authorities there are clearly evident.

In Feb 2012 an Irish infant was abducted by her mother and her family from Co Mayo with the full knowledge of the Garda and HSE whom deny any knowledge of the incident,despite the father presenting evidence which exposes the Mayo authorities and the Taoiseachs reluctance to get involved as the issue of trade missions to North America were more important that an anquished parent and his Irish born infant .

The father suspecting his child was at peril of abduction reported his concerns to Mayo Garda whom told him he was over exaggerating and that only the Garda could issue his daughter with a passport and he would have to be contacted as the childs legal guardian. The father explained that his partner was an American citizen and that she could apply for travel documents through the US Consulate in Dublin. The Garda dismissed this as not being possible and the father left feeling that there were no abduction prevention policy in Ireland particularly among the Garda whom receive 2 days training at Templemore training college on the prevention of child abduction.

The child was abducted from Ireland after a Senator Carl Levin authorized travel documents to the mother despite the US Consulate advising the mother not to abduct the child and warned her of the ramifications of the Hague Convention. The child was removed via Dublin airport on a Delta airlines flight and not one person in authority questioned the action. The father filed a Hague application for the return of his child to the dignity of the Irish courts.

The process dragged on for 6 months in the USA well beyond the 6 week time limit for the return of a child to the courts of their country of birth which is guaranteed under the Hague Convention. The Taoiseach was petitioned to intervene and he passed the book to Minister Fitzgerald in the new Dept for Children whom never replied to the mans concerns. The Dept of Foreign Affairs were contacted also however were on trade missions to the USA at the time and had no interest in raising the subject with the US Dept of State as it may "rock the boat".

The father then travelled to the USA in June 2012 to attend a Hague hearing in Michigan s Eastern District court . The destination, Levins courthouse which was named after the Senator Levins uncle whom was a judge in the city of Detroit in the last century. The hearing was before a judge whom happened to be a long term friend of Senator Levin and indeed was appointed a federal judge on the recomendation of the Senator under the Clinton administration in 1997.

The US state dept are supposed to assist parents whom are seeking return of children abducted to Ireland as it is a compliance requirement of the Hague Convention. The US however provide no legal assistance to applicants of incoming cases and indeed is the only country in the Hague Convention whom do not provide legal assistance to parents . The man was detained by immigration and placed in detention for three months. He was travelling to the Hague hearing and was certainly not immigrating however the militia men that pass for US immigration enforcement were not bothered about that and he was placed in a county jail.

The man contacted the Irish Consulate after two weeks from immigration detention as he was not allowed a phone with an outside line. He protested about this as it is international law and was placed in solitary confinement for 4 days. He was eventually allowed to attend the Hague hearing from detention and given a voluntary departure from the USA. The man was brought into the civil court proceeding where he was the plaintiff ,in a prison uniform shackled by his legs and his wrists shackled to a chain at his waist.

The man again protested that he was not charged with anything as he had been given a voluntary departure and that he was the person bringing the civil case to have his child returned to Ireland. The judge was even shocked at this form of comportment and ordered his chains removed. The mans attorney withdrew from the case at this stage and the man had to conduct the hearing himself.

The Hague Convention file which proofed his guardianship of his daughter never reached the courthouse as the law firm representing did not provide it for the court. The Dept of Foreign Affairs Chicago contacted the law firm to request the file be brought to the court . This request was denied despite the fact it contained official Irish documents.

The could only therefore discover the circumstances of the childs illegal removal from Ireland. On cross examining the witness s and based on sworn testimony before the federal court of which there are transcripts ,two witness confirmed that the Garda and HSE were aware of the childs unlawful removal from the Irish Republic. The Garda and HSE have attempted to deny all knowledge of this childs removal. There are also supporting documentation to confirm that the Garda were aware abd in fact the kidnappers requested they write reports for Carl Levin a Israeli /US citizen with the view of abducting an Irish infant.

Levin is on the Homeland Security Select Commitee and seems to have pulled every string to prevent this man presenting his findings to the federal court as the issuance travel documents by Sen Levin was wholly illegal and facilitated the abduction of an Irish infant from her home. Sen Levin is now retiring.

The man made his findings known to the relevant Ombudsmen on his return to Ireland . He was told by the Garda Ombudsman that the time limits for a complaint were up and that they would not investigate despite the evidence presented to them. The HSE likewise denied all knowledge and are now re considering their position. The Convention of Disappeared Persons which the Irish State signed in March 2007 states clearly that there is no statute of limitations on disappeared persons. This mans child has not been seen since Feb 2012 and he is still no closer to getting justice despite the overwhelming evidence.

The abductors claimed domestic violence as the issue ,however the couple were only together for a year where they lived at first with the womans father in the USA. The man a native of Mayo returned to avoid visa overstays and brought his pregnant bride with him. They opted for a natural homebirth as the forced inducement ,forcep delivery, caesarean section culture and un-hygenic conditions of US hospitals were however deciding factors. The woman was appointed a midwife and Doula (birthing coach) whom she seen twice a week while living with the man. Medical records showed that the woman was in excellent health and she was counselled weekly as is the norm with Home/Natural birthing in Ireland.

The medical and counselling records showed that this woman was not in a hostile relationship in fact she elected her husband as birthing coach which showed a trust between the couple,. The tired defence of domestic issues could not be used here and yet ,this man remains the victim of this crime with his Irish infant kidnapped with full knowledge of authorities and nobody raised the alarm.

The father of this child had to represent the dignity of the Irish courts and all the people whom place their hopes and plans in justice ,the father of this child also has to take on the corrupt authorities whom seem to be conducting an "Irish infant for jobs campaign" with the US zionists of Sen Carl Levin s cabinet.

Of course Levin will retire,the Garda Ombudsman will review complaints time limits, the HSE will find a diffrent posting for their corrupt staff,no one will ever be charged and this man may never see his child again. All of this because the abduction of a child from Ireland has been the norm since the breaking of the Treaty of Limerick which seen over 100,000 Irish people taken in slavery out of their homeland to the Americas.

What has changed? This white cargo still leaves our shore however there are men like this man in Mayo whom still place value in the green above the red and although the ambitions of the British Benjamin Disraeli and Irish Chaim Hezrogs zionists have broken on that particular phalanx of Irish manhood, the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act does not apply to the security people of the country. George Bush Snr might have assasinated Kennedy however his Patriot Act is still harming Irish people in the form of this atrocious attack on the citizen of a nuetral country and his child by foreign security agents of zionist origins and their lackeys at Homeland security.

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