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US court deems that Abu Ghraib torture victims now have to pay their own torturers

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The victims of Abu Ghraib torture sued, in a US court, the private company, CACI, hired to do the torturing. They lost. Brazenly CACI counter sued the victims in the same court and WON.
The Abu Ghraib victims now have to pay their torturers 14,000 dollars in costs. Ridiculous!
one of many graphic images of torture at Abu Ghraib
one of many graphic images of torture at Abu Ghraib

Watch the video. Disgusting!!

No doubt the verdict went something like this perhaps:

"Yes....That'll be 10k for the actual torture plus an extra 3k extra surcharge for total humiliation. Oh and 1k for medical treatment for the guard who injured his fist on your face"

What do people think of the fact that these brazen private military contracting corporations were able to sue the victims of their torture on technicalities like this in a US court and WIN!! Is there no justice in this world?

Here is a link to some of the horrific Abu Ghraib torture photos:
The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos - by news

Interestingly, private torture contractor, CACI, also voted #1 war profiteer on Alternet
The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers | Alternet

Press TV have covered this too, (but it has sank like a stone in the MSM):
Abu ghraib victims sued by torturers - Press TV

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