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Vulnerable punished yet again by government

category national | housing | opinion/analysis author Monday July 29, 2013 14:49author by nmn

Ireland's vulnerable, out of work and poor have again been punished by the government in its latest round of harsh cuts to social welfare rent supplements.

Those receiving rent supplement for privately rented accommodation are receiving letters from the social welfare department telling them that the maximum allowed rent has again been slashed and they must 'negotiate' a rent reduction with their landlords or face having to move to cheaper accommodation.

Fine, but the new rent allowances are ridiculously far below even the cheapest rental and in some places would not even be enough to pay monnthly storage costs, let alone pay for somewhere to live with working utilities.

Rent allowances had been savagely slashed ovet the past few years while the cost of living and rental costs have continued to increase.

The 'property tax' levied by this government on house owners means that private landlords will simply up their rental charges to cover the loss.

A single elderly man receiving a disability allowance and living in Limerick city is, acording to the new so called 'Department of Protection' rent supplement levels is entitled to a maximum monthly rent allowance of 375.

Rent supplement will not as a rule be paid where the rent exceeds 375. Have any of those setting these ridiculous limits tried finding furnished single accommodation fit to live in as home for under 375 per month in Limerick City, for one example?

Would it not be simpler for the 'Department of Protection' to send gas vans around and start gassing those it seems intent on either making homeless, or forcing to live in conditions no-one working at the 'Department of Protection' would ever consider occupying themselves?

List of new rent limits at link:

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